How to get your money back if your holiday gets cancelled

Going on a holiday that involves more adventurous activities can involve more preparation and often more things to buy and pack. It’s all worth it, of course, to find that fresh air, beautiful scenery or just the adrenaline rush that you’ve been craving. However, when something goes wrong, it makes it all the more frustrating. Whether it be extreme weather or a failing travel company, delayed flights or canceled hotels or organized trips can ruin a holiday. But you should do your best to still live your best possible adventure. Click here for information on the steps you should take if anything like that happens.

Keep your motivation high, climb that mountain, visit that temple, or trek across that forest. Some of these opportunities reach us just once in a lifetime and you should not have to miss out. Companies are required to compensate you or find alternative methods to get you to your destination.

Perhaps your missed flight prevents you from starting a trek when you should. There are usually ways around this or alternatives you can take. On the other hand, if it is you who needs to cancel a trip due to an injury, bereavement, or illness, then you should be able to be compensated for this. If possible, rebook your trip as soon as you can. No one wants to delay living their best life but sometimes we have no choice. By rebooking your trip and committing yourself to the adventure, you will motivate yourself to do everything in your power to get well and get back to doing what you love.

The Reliable Royal Holiday Vacation Club Reviews Safety Measures

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Why does Royal Holiday Vacation Club stand out from all other services? There are several reasons as to why the club is a premium membership plan for most people. The club offers exclusive traveling and accommodation options to thousands of members. The club started in the mid-80s’ and has more than three decades of experience in traveling and touring industry. In all its years in services, the Royal Holiday Clubs has won numerous certificates and awards.

The Members of the Club – Benefits and Services

The club today has over 100,000 active members, and the number is increasing every day. The awards and accolades are testaments to the high standards of the club. There are options for different membership plans so everyone can join the club while not exceeding their budget. Some of the principal advantages that are for the members include having reductions in airfare, premium options for luxury cruises, and opportunities to avail different discounts on vacationing and supervised trips. As a top service provider with affiliations with the best hotels and resorts in over 52 countries, the services can provide the members with the option to stay at 5-star accommodation and get huge discounts.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Reviews Safety Measures

If you consider traveling an unsafe option, nothing can be farther from the truth. Some of the most prominent tourist destinations are also the safest regions for the vacationers to explore. If you prefer further validation, a membership with the Royal Holiday Vacation Club will do you wonders. Just recently the club won the safety award for being the most reliable and dependable service in traveling and hosting services.

As a traveler, you can head for the Bahamas, or you can have fun traveling and exploring San Juan and Acapulco. You have the option to head to Paris or enjoy the London nightlife. The club can be your guide to go to over 50 countries and spend your holidays in more than 150 destinations worldwide. You will be secure in the knowledge that all the trips are under the affirmation and approval of the Royal Holiday Vacation Club management.

The club has its presence in all its traveling options. They make sure the traveling plans are secure, and the tourists have no problem in any of the recommended places. All the hotels, resorts, and vacation destinations are in safe places with thousands of tourists visiting the region daily. You can check all the options to travel with the club.  In case of any doubts, the club is always willing to provide its members with more details and safety precautions tips during the trip.

Information on Membership Plans

Getting the Membership

The club has an active online presence, and you can check the official club website The online site includes all aspects of the membership opportunities, and you will often find some exclusive discounts deals for first time members. You will find the customer services friendly, knowledgeable, and available to answer all your queries. Even if you have any safety concerns regarding a destination, you are welcome to call the club and discuss your concerns. You can call the club at (81) 5980-1140.

You can read many raving reviews and testimonials of the club online. All members endorse the vacation plans and find traveling through the Royal Club fun, safe, and rewarding. So this year when you plan your holidays, make sure you check the Royal Club membership and cruise to your destination in style and luxury.

Things You Need to Carry While Traveling

Either when you are traveling abroad or you are traveling in your own country, there are a number of essential things which you have to carry with you. And it will make your travel experience even more delightful. As you do not have to search for the things you need when you have the utmost requirement for those things. Organizing your stuff, make your task even easier so that you can make your trip unforgettable and memorable. Always try to book your flight or bus or train or hotel rooms from any known travel websites so that you can avail offers like Makemytrip coupons at the time of booking. It’s a smart way to save your money by booking offers from travel websites.

When traveling on charter buses or the likes, you have to keep in mind plenty of things so to make your task easy, we have curated a list of things you need to carry while traveling.

Consolidate your stuff for traveling

When you have lots of different types of activities you plan to do, that means you have a good amount of stuff you need to pack into your suitcase. Keeping everything organized can be a challenge and you have to make it. One of the best things you can do when you’re packing for any trip is that you can use packing organizers. For that matter, your stuff will be equally divided into certain parts and you can easily get the stuff, you are looking for.

Choose your main luggage wisely

Always choose your luggage wisely that is handy, lightweight and big enough to hold all your essentials. The most important thing you have to keep it in your mind is buying a bag that is lightweight as there are multiple options are available for bags. Always take care of your luggage as traveling with a piece of luggage with a broken wheel, handle or a zipper will become a nightmare for you. Always opt for the brands that come with stand-up warranties build that promised durability into their gear.

Make your own toiletry bag for your personal stuff

Some basic things, you have to carry with yourself to maintain your personal hygiene as if toothpaste, shampoo, brush, hair comb, lotions, soaps, and a lot more. And you have to maintain another toiletry bag so that you can keep your personal hygiene belongings in an easy manner.

Keep a little pharmacy with you

Always keep a first aid kit with yourself along with some anti-allergy medicines, eye drops, laxative medicines, medicines for cold, pain relievers so that you do not make a search in case of need. You can add some additional hygiene belongings like hand sanitizer and wet wipes to your toiletry or medicine bag.

Organize your gadgets

Always prepare your personal item carry-on bag with gadgets you are going to want with you on the flight. It will always a great idea to make sure you have a pair of clothing and a few essential toiletries in your personal item just in case your luggage is lost. Always make it light so that you do not have to carry tons of luggage with you while traveling. Keep your mobile phone, charger, laptop, camera, headphones, memory card, adapter, and electrical converters in your carry-on bags to make your journey even more beautiful.

Assemble cash, cards, and other travel documents

Always start by collecting all of your important documents in a travel document organizer so that whenever you will need all this stuff, you are going to get in a glance. Your travel organizer should be such which can hold all your travel documents as if passport, ID, credit cards, coins, documents, a boarding pass, and diary, and a pen. By bringing all your important information together, this will help ensure you have everything you need to get from one place to the next.

Always follow such tips while traveling and make your travel experience more pleasant with your loved ones.

7 Tips for Traveling with a Parent on Dialysis

According to statistics, about 10% of the population is affected by chronic kidney disease, and a lot of them need dialysis to ensure their bodies function properly. Patients who rely on hemodialysis to help their kidneys along often feel like their traveling days are over, but this absolutely does not need to be the case. If your parents long to go to a well-deserved vacation and you’re intent on helping them, there are several ways you can be there for them and make sure they remain completely safe and healthy. If you want to plan a trip that’s going to be fun for both of you, here are some things that can help you out.

Gather all their medical info

You’ll need to ask the patient for their anamnesis and take all of the documents with you. Pack them safely at the bottom of a sturdy suitcase, and make sure to include the following: EKG, recent blood analysis results, the patient’s dialysis prescription and recent treatment records, dialysis access type and any special dialysis needs, a list of prescribed medications, a kidney ultrasound, and medical insurance info. You should also write down the name of the patient’s doctor, their home address and phone number, and their email.

Scan all of these documents and make sure you have them in electronic form that you can easily send by email.

Take them to pre-travel checkup

Advise your parent to go and see their doctor. There’s nothing like a checkup to reassure them they can handle the trip, and a doctor can point out any potential issues they might encounter or simply give them the green light to go ahead and enjoy their vacation. The physician can also do any necessary blood tests, order an X-ray, and advise you on any kind of documentation you might need when visiting another clinic.

Don’t try to bring equipment with you

Even if the patient is used to doing their hemodialysis at home, traveling away will make this extremely tricky. You’d have to bring all of the equipment with you, and not only is it very bulky, but it’s also sensitive and costly, and you really don’t want to damage it. You should rely on a good clinic for the duration of your travel, as this will ensure the patient’s safety.

Find a health center to accommodate the patient

The best way to ensure everything runs smoothly is to find your hospital long before you actually take the trip. To find a good clinic, use sites like booknowmed, which let you book things like holiday dialysis in Greece, appointments in advance and make sure it’s all organized on time. You don’t want to travel away and find yourself in a nasty situation where no health center around you will accept a kidney patient and you can’t help your loved one the way you want to.

Make sure to check reviews

Once you find a hospital or a clinic in the area where you’ll be staying, do your research and check the reviews. Make sure to contact them and ask them specific questions about how they can accommodate a person who needs dialysis, and fax over or send them scanned documents of the patient’s medical records in advance. Keep the communications open and everyone involved will feel a lot safer.

Plan activities for both of you

While ensuring your loved one’s medical needs are all settled, don’t make the whole trip about that. It’s important to chat about other exciting things that you can do, so don’t get lost only in doctor’s appointments and hospital stays—plan fun activities, too. Which museums and galleries do you want to visit, which parks are in the area, are there any theatre shows you’d like to attend, are there any things you’d like to shop for—there are so many things to do and enjoy. You should also check out restaurants and the hotel menu and plan for meals that will respect the dietary restrictions of a patient on dialysis.

Offer emotional support

Regardless of whether you’re going for a short getaway or a long vacation, your parent is probably feeling a little insecure about stepping out of their comfort zone and traveling to a whole new place. Reassure them that everything will be fine, and let them know that you’re there to help them along with anything they might need. There’s no reason they can’t enjoy their life, so encourage them to simply have fun and get excited about the whole thing.

As long as you plan things in advance, everything should be fine. The most important thing is organizing things around their dialysis treatments, so find a good clinic, contact them, and book every appointment. Make sure the doctors there have all the info they need to provide your parent with good care, and then simply relax and enjoy planning other details of your trip.

Smart Vacation Safety Practices

Vacation can be one of the most relaxing experiences possible. It’s only relaxing, however, if you make a point to stay safe and secure at all times. Being in a brand new location can be overwhelming and confusing to people. That’s why it’s so critical to emphasize the importance of safety and avoiding unfavorable circumstances of all kinds. If you’re vacationing in a location that’s new and distant, then you need to be vigilant, detail-oriented and prudent. If you’re planning a cross-country trip on your fully restored ‘53 Indian Chief, you need to remember to look at rates on motorcycle insurance and brush up on safety before hitting the open road. Staying safe while traveling involves a lot of planning, thought and care. It’s critical to remain on guard on vacation no matter what.

Try to Behave in a Modest and Understated Way

If you look obviously like a tourist who is new to a certain place, that may make you a lot more susceptible to issues such as pickpocketing. You can try to protect yourself from problems like this by behaving in as natural a manner as possible. Try to refrain from behaving in distinctive “tourist” ways. Avoid speaking too loudly and talking about souvenir purchases, flight travel, and hotels. Make a point to blend in with your environment and with the locals. Don’t try to stand out or draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

Refrain from Participating in Seemingly Boastful Actions

Sensible and level-headed behavior can often protect tourists from all kinds of vacation safety risks. If you want to stay away from danger, you should refrain from engaging in actions that could be interpreted as boastful in any way. Don’t showcase cash, traveler’s cheques or anything else along those lines. Don’t showcase pricey luxury purchases for anyone to see, either.

Focus on Light Packing Techniques

Vacationers often make the mistake of packing way too much stuff. They often can’t resist packing everything but the kitchen sink for their fun-filled trips. That can be a big safety “no-no,” however. Significant luggage can stop you from being able to move from one location to another in a quick and efficient manner. Having to deal with awkward luggage can increase your odds of experiencing robberies and similarly awful situations.

Stay in Safe Areas No Matter What

Don’t give in to the temptation to wander all throughout random parts of cities and towns that are brand new to you. Be smart and sensible. Remain on streets that have lots of activity at all times of the day. Don’t go anywhere near isolated and quiet streets. Restrict yourself to places that have a lot of lighting as well.

Concentrate on Your Hotel Room

It’s crucial to be prudent any time you’re out on about in public on vacation. It’s equally crucial to be prudent regarding the state of your accommodations. If staying in a hotel, lock your room at all times. If you’re traveling with jewelry items or anything precious in general, conceal them before departing for the day. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to be away from your room just for a few minutes or so. You should take the time to store things in a cautious and thoughtful manner. It can help to take advantage of any available digital security safe as well. Many hotel rooms are equipped with them nowadays.

Invest in a Sturdy Money Container

If you want to keep your money safe on vacation, it can help to invest in a handy money pouch. You can put this pouch on right below your attire. Money pouch use can make you a lot less susceptible to theft.

7 Questions to Answer When Choosing a Family Vacation

Are you in the process of selecting a family vacation destination? Are you finding it difficult to make a final decision? Are you looking for answers in hope that it will provide you and your family with a trip that you will remember for the rest of your life?

Before you can pack for your trip, you need to get a few important details in place. It all starts with choosing a destination.

Using Expedia will make your life a bit easier, as you can compare the best family vacations online, which gives you confidence in every step you take.

If you’re on the fence and need a push in the right direction, there are a few questions you can answer. By addressing these, you’ll find it much easier to select a family vacation destination that makes sense for every member of your traveling party.

  1. What fits your budget?

It would be nice if you could afford any and every destination, but you know that this may not be the case.

For example, you may have your eyes set on the Kimpton Epic Hotel in Miami, just to find that it’s a bit out of your price range.

Here’s the good thing: with so many destinations to choose from, you should be able to find one that suits your budget. Once you have a number in mind, you can then begin your search.

  1. What works in regards to timing?

While some families have the ability to take a vacation at pretty much any time of the year, this doesn’t hold true for everyone.

Maybe you can only travel during the summer months. Or maybe you find that it’s easiest to take a trip during the holiday season.

You need to know what will work for your family in regards to timing, as this will help you answer a variety of other questions. For instance, taking a trip during the off-peak season will save you money.

  1. Where does your family want to go?

It goes without saying that you want to treat your family to a vacation they will always remember. For this reason, you need to answer this question a soon as possible.

If you’ve got an aspiring movie maker in the family, a trip to Iceland could be an inspiring trip for a young video editor.  Check out this blog from Square Ship to see why. On the other hand, a young artist may benefit from a trip to Italy’s art museums.

Once you know where your family wants to go, you can then begin your search for the perfect destination. You may find that your family wants to hit a local beach. Or you may find that they would rather to skiing in the mountains.

It’s not always easy to get to the bottom of this question, but once you do you’re in better position to move forward with booking your trip.

  1. What types of activities does your family like?

This goes along with the question above. Does your family like to swim in the ocean? Do they like to ski? Do they enjoy sightseeing?

Don’t be shy about asking your family for feedback on what they want to do on their trip. This will go a long way in putting you in a better place as you research a variety of destinations.

  1. Are you seeking a certain type of weather?

This doesn’t matter to everyone, but some people consider it a “deal breaker.”

Don’t be surprised if you hear from your spouse that they only want to vacation in a warm weather destination. Or don’t be surprised if your child tells you that they want to visit an area where they can play in the snow.

  1. How will you find a hotel with the right amenities and enough space?

Regardless of where you’re visiting, you should be able to find a handful of hotels that suit your needs.

You should begin your search with a list of amenities that you absolutely need. Along with this, make sure you can find a hotel room or suite with enough space for your entire family.

  1. Will you fly or drive to your location?

This is a matter of preference, but time and location may have an impact on your answer.

If you’re vacationing nearby, you may want to drive. This can save you time and money.

Conversely, if you’re vacationing in a destination thousands of miles away, you’ll want to think long and hard about booking airline tickets.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the many questions you should answer when selecting a family vacation destination. There are other things to think about along the way, but these questions (and your answers) will put you in position to make a confident decision.

What steps do you take when booking a family vacation? Is there anything you try to avoid along the way? Is there anything that has allowed you to make the right choice in the past? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Don’t Overdo It: How to Properly Relax on Vacation

Are you one of those people who turn up at work on the first day after a vacation, saying “I’m exhausted; I need a vacation?” It may indicate that you have enjoyed your break, but has the vacation achieved its other purpose—to restore your energy? Perhaps you need to take a different approach to vacations, to enjoy them while relaxing more.

A Change Is as Good as a Rest

Relaxing on a vacation is not the same as doing nothing. You can keep quite active, but doing different things from your normal daily routine. So you can relax while hiking, playing tennis, swimming, or learning bridge. Engaging new parts of your brain helps the parts which usually work hard to ease off. Engaging your body more than usual stimulates the endorphins which make life feel worth living.

Drown Out Those Accusing Voices

Much of our working life is driven by a culture of both guilt and shame—guilt that we are not performing as well as we should, and shame that other people might notice. As a result, we tend to schedule every moment to prove our value.

Get away from that attitude on your vacations. The culture in which we live prizes activity and achievements and that often means we feel we must return from vacation with a good account of how we used the time. Wrong! You are not there to please anyone but yourself and the family or friends you are with.

Balance Things Out

A vacation is a time to get some balance back into life. Often that means following our instincts. Eat when you feel like it; sleep when you feel like it; run when you feel like it; dream when you feel like it.

If you love exploring a big city, do it on foot. Boston, for instance, is a wonderful place to walk around, and the walking pace is very good for you. But there is a lot to see, so have a comfortable hotel to retreat to when you have walked enough, the Boston Marriott Cambridge is well-placed and very relaxing.

If your vacation is more physically relaxing, then choose a hotel with a pool or a fitness center and treat yourself to a daily workout.

Work on Relationships

We are creatures whose welfare largely depends on our relationships. Observations of other primates indicate that a vital part of their relationship structure is what happens when they are chilling out. If you are away with family or friends, spend idle time with them and absorb other people’s ways of relaxing. If you are responsible for a family, understand that the kids need to relax in their own way, which seems pretty active to an adult.

Making the Most

“Vacation” comes from a word that means “emptying.” Getting the best out a vacation is not always a matter of squeezing in as much activity as possible. It is also about making space to refresh body, mind, and soul for the routine life that we must return to.

How to Pack Your Football Gear When Travelling by Plane

Either you are going for a football game in another city or you want to take your football gear with you for the vacation, in order to prevent spending additional money on the rent, you need to follow some basic rules. So, where to start packing from? Following these basic hints will make your trip with your football equipment easy and enjoyable.

Find a sports bag that fits you the best

Today there is a great choice of sport equipment bags that you can find on the market, either in the sports stores or online shops. While choosing a bag, first of all, make sure that it is of a good quality, strong and durable. Most probably you don’t anticipate the handle of your bag to break down at the airport or in the middle of the street in an unfamiliar city, so don’t take the cheapest one – choose wisely.

Secondly, pay close attention to the storage space your that bag provides. It should not be extremely big, so to make you feel uncomfortable, but fit the demand of your football gear. Additionally, think of the shape and design. It might be a traditional duffel-style bag or a rolling football bag with two, three or four wheels. Keeping all your football gear in one bag instead of carrying them individually will make your travel much easier and more comfortable.

Pack it up!

But will it all fit? Imagine, you have to pack carefully your football visor, gloves, facemask, girdles, helmet, shoulder pads, knee pads, cleats, back plates and football rib protectors in one relatively small container! Some of the best clear visors for youth can be packed easily. Therefore, while packing try to take as less space as possible. Put your shoulder pads and knee pads together, as well as backplates and rib protection. Place your visor safely inside the helmet. You can also put your football uniform between the gear to ensure the pieces of equipment do not scratch or hit each other.

Traveling with your football gear by plane

Giving your football gear to the checked luggage might be a quite risky experience, as often the bags are being thrown and fragile things might easily get broken. More than that, they might get lost by the airline company and deliver to your place by the end of the game. Yet, before taking your bag with football gear on board check with your company about the following issues:

  • The size of your bag should not exceed the limit of carry-on luggage established by your air-company
  • Your carry-on should be light enough to take on board according to your company’s rules
  • Your football gear must not contain any items prohibited by your company to take on board
  • Footballs are normally permitted in carry-on luggage, but they have to be deflated and secured from rolling around the cabin.

Traveling is a fun thing, and it should not become less fun if you have to carry a bag with your sports equipment. Get prepared in advance and enjoy the trip!

4 Practical Reasons Why You Should Definitely Get Travel Insurance

If you look at your timeline or dashboard today, you will see that it is filled with photos and check-ins of people currently traveling. A lot of us would save up for a grand traveling experience, and for good reason: there is something unique about going out to the world and experiencing the things you have only ever read about. Yes, Australia is said to have some of the best surfer beaches, but how would you know for sure if you have not been there? Malaysia has a high concentration of diverse cultures, but when are you planning to experience it and see for yourself?

But imagine this scenario for a bit: you are on a week-long trip in New Zealand and you find yourself hiking up mountains with your friends. When suddenly, you grazed your right foot on one of the sharp rocks. You will need medical attention so they bring you to the nearest hospital. In emergency cases like this, what are the first things we think about? It is usually how serious the injury is, what should be done to treat it, and how am I supposed to pay for it.

Unpredictable situations such as the scenario presented above is exactly why people get themselves an annual travel insurance. It is one of the best ways to make sure your trip will remain worry-free. To convince you even more, here are important reasons why you should get travel insurance.

For medical emergencies, assistance, and evacuation

If, during the trip, you find yourself getting sick, injured, or needing serious medical treatments, here are the expenses that can be covered with insurance:

  1. Emergency treatments that you and your insurance provider have agreed on. Depending on what you have discussed, this can cover a certain amount that can be fully covered or discounted.
  2. Medical assistance which includes transporting you through ambulance, helicopter, sea rescue boat, and plane. This also covered expenses for sending you home with a medical practitioner on board.
  3. Medical evacuation, if the hospital you are currently in do not have the means to treat your condition.

In the event that something much dire will happen, like permanent disabilities or death, these will be given coverage as well.

Personal Liability

Sometimes, we do not injure ourselves during unforeseen incidents; we accidentally hurt someone else. If you have hurt other people or have broken their property, this can be covered by your travel insurance. But there are exceptions: vehicular accidents and animals that you will bring in the country will have to be discussed further with your provider. If this leads to legal troubles, your insurance can cover litigation expenses.

Missed, cancelled, or interrupted flights

In other times, the emergencies happen at our homes. If you need to cut your trip short, depending on the parameters you and your insurance provider discussed, you can get compensation for your trip. Additionally, if you missed a flight, you can get on the next scheduled flight without having to shell out additional expenses.

Personal belongings

Lost and damaged items can be given coverage. Discussions about your baggage and personal belongings with your insurance provider should include a list of items you deem extremely important and have them covered.

It is always important to be ready for all kinds of situations, especially for traveling. Review these points and make sure you get to have an extensive discussion with your chosen provider.

A Simpler and Better Way to Get Around in London

London’s complex geography and public transport network can be overwhelmingly confusing if you’re unfamiliar with them, and sometimes even if you are.

As a city with more than 1000 years of history (actually the first settlement in the area is believed to be over 6000 years old), London doesn’t have the tidy grid-like network of streets common to most other major cities around the world. The streets of London were designed for much simpler times, when traffic was light and powered mostly by hay and oats.

The transformation of London into a thoroughly modern metropolis has been nothing less than stunning. Compared to Paris, Rome, or even Stockholm, London has a much more modern appearance. No doubt the Great Fire of 1666 contributed to the city’s evolution. Bombings during World War One also knocked out many older buildings and factories. Then the Blitz arrived, forcing the city once and for all to rejuvenate.

And yet the metropolitan train network has hardly changed a bit since its inception, despite being in fact th oldest urban railway system in the world. There’s a sense of charm in London’s antiquity, and a sense of pride in its modernity, but none of this is very helpful to you in getting from A to B.

Minicabs and taxis should really only be used as a last resort. They are not locally known as “chuck wagons” without a good reason. Self-driving can also be a hassle. First there is the maze of inner-city streets to be navigated; you need to make sense of the complex system of motorways, arterial roads, and bypasses; and it’s probably best not to even think of the ordeal of finding a place to park (not to mention paying for it).

London’s public transport network is actually quite reasonable, despite being ancient. Yet by using it, you are taking a huge gamble in terms of reliability.  This could not have been more adequately exemplified than during the recent cab strike in South London, which overwhelmed the rail system, leaving thousands of early morning passengers destined for Gatwick Airport chomping at the bit with anxiety and frustration as the series of rolling delays threatened their travel plans.

So when you really need to be sure of getting to where you need to go, when you need to arrive calm and unflustered, and when you need to make the most efficient use of your travel time, making use of a London chauffeur service is definitely the way to go.

Hiring a bona fide chauffeur service guarantees you will have access to a reliable luxury car, a professional driver, and a state-of-the-art navigation system with traffic advisory service.  All of which ensures a safe and comfortable journey.

As a result, all the stress of driving, navigating, refueling and parking is being handled for you by someone else. Meaning you get to use your transit time for something productive like sneaking in an extra 20 minutes of sleep, catching up on your emails, finishing that overdue report, or simply relaxing with a drink and enjoying the scenery. This is why luxury chauffeur-driven travel is not just a smarter way, it’s really the only way if you care about the quality of the life you are living.