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Kind Of Normal

I am into quirky and unusual travel. Some people refer to it as “weird,” but what is odd to some cultures, is completely normal to others…so “Kind of Normal” was born out of this concept 🙂

About Me

Ladies and Gents, My Name is Jenny Freeman…

and I love travel… quirky travel to be specific. Some might call it “dark tourism” whilst others have suggested it’s “odd,” or “weird.”

Maybe I’m a little defensive, but “normal” is relative to the culture that you’re born in and after meeting so many lovely locals around the world, this blog is a tribute to them and their kind of normal ways! 


Ever heard of the infamous Philippines balut egg? Reckon you could stomach the aptly named “stinky tofu” in Taiwan? This is not your typical food category…


Do you want to see the smallest primate in the world that can fit in your hand? Did you know that all octopuses die immediately after giving birth? Stay tuned for the weird and wonderful wildlife.

Art & Culture

Celebrating religious festivals and fascinating tribes, including the demonstration of human creative skill and imagination from all corners of the globe.

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The wildest and wackiest festivals around the world. Food that would make your granny go “ewww,” funny-looking animals and the beautiful quirkiness from different arts & culture.