The wonders of Preveza

Preveza is a gem of a city, nestled in the crystal clear blue water of the Ionian Sea in north-west Greece. Relatively untouched by time, it has yet to be discovered by tourists, and is relatively calm even in the busy summer months.

The importance of Preveza’s location has not gone unnoticed, with regular tussles for control over the centuries, starting with the Battle of Actium in 31BC where the forces of Octavian defeated those of Marc Antony and Cleopatra, bringing an end to the Roman Republic and ushering in the start of a new era with the Roman Empire. After this, the Turks, Christians, French and Austrians all vied for control, and ultimately Preveza was annexed to Greece following the Greco- Balkan War of 1912.

With a wealth of history, Preveza is the ideal getaway for the traveller tired of over-crowded, over-priced tourist traps, offering up an array of different activities, including beaches, historical sites, museums, bars and restaurants, as well as an immersive experience in authentic Greek life.

How to get there

Regular charter flight from major European cities make getting to Preveza really easy. The airport is located just a few miles out of the city and car hire is easy and straightforward. For the more adventurous, the city is a couple of hundred miles from Athens, offering a glorious cross-country road trip.

One great way to navigate Greece is by boat. The topography of the country is such that it is possible to get from the Aegean Sea to the Ionian Sea going through Athens, and it is even possible to hire a yacht from Athens to explore.

Things to do

1- Explore the nearby islands

There are so many islands dotted around Preveza that it can be hard to know where to go. The easiest way to make the most of the time is to hire a yacht from Preveza to do some island hopping. From Preveza, you can visit the numerous bays and sandy beaches, from the enclosed, tranquil waters of Alonaki, to Ligia Bay, with the famous panoramic views of the Ionian Sea, and everything in between.

2- Visit the Nikopolis

The Nikopolis, meaning City of Victory, was built by Octavian following his victory at Actium. It includes Roman and Byzantine walls, Byzantine churches as well as a stadium and two theatres. The city is now in ruins, having being destroyed in the 12th Century, but visitors can immerse themselves in the history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, and see remnants of a bygone era in the museum

3- Pay homage to the dead at the Nekromantio

One of the Gates of the Underworld leading to the Kingdom of Hades, the Nekromantio of Acheron has inspired generations of artists and writers, including Homer, and has been a place where the living and the dead meet, with people bringing offerings to those who have passed on.

4- Marvel at the beauty of the Holy Monastery of Agios Dimitrios in Zalongo

With a number of ancient monasteries dotted around the region, there is one for every day of the week and then some! The Holy monastery of Agios Dimitrios is one of the most complete, despite being over 300 years old. It is also next to the archaeological site of Kassopi offering a glimpse of one of the most populous and important cities in the region prior to the Roman Settlement at Nikopolis.

5- Enjoy a gastronomic experience like no other

There are many opportunities to savour local cuisine, primarily in the centre of Preveza. Hidden in the little cobbled streets, there are many unassuming local restaurants offering high quality and low cost options, as well as the fancier places catering to special occasions.

To Rempetiko Steki: Serving up traditional seafood and Mediterranean food, this is the top rated restaurant in the area. It is also one of the most affordable, proving that good food doesn’t need to cost the earth!

In a similar vein, Ventura Tavern is also a purveyor of fine seafood and Greek cuisine, with special mention going to their prawn dishes and wine pairings.

In nearby Parga, Agali Restaurant is famed for its unique position at the top of a cliff overlooking Sarakiniko beach, where the climb to the top is well worth it.

6- Visit a traditional Olive Oil Factory

Olive oil is one of the most basic building blocks of Greek food, from feta to hummus, baklava to dolmades, and a tour of this traditional factory gives visitors the opportunity to learn about the history of olive oil, the pressing process, and the different types of olive oil produced. Visitors are treated to a tasting tour of the different oils, and have the opportunity to purchase some locally pressed olive oil and other traditional produce at the end of the tour.

7- Dance the day away at the Sardine Festival

Once a year, the town pays homage to the humble sardine. This locally sourced fish is one of the traditional foods of the area, and each year around two tons of sardines is grilled and distributes for free (with wine, of course!) to celebrate this little fish. There is always a live band for entertainment, and other market stalls that come together to celebrate.

If you’re looking for an incredible winter activity

If you’re looking for an incredible winter activity destination with the best snow conditions in the USA, look no further than Idaho! The Gem State has four major ski resorts – Bogus Basin Ski Resort, Brundage Mountain Ski Area, Tamarack Resort and Sun Valley, each with its own unique features that deliver snow packed slopes for skiing adventures.

Snow Conditions In Idaho Mountains

Idaho delivers a lot of snow for skiing. In fact, it has some of the deepest snow in North America. The mountains are covered with about 250 inches by April and 300 inches to 350 inches for most of the ski season (December through March).

The average base elevation is 8000 feet so you can expect a lot of deep powdery snow. Idaho’s mountain ranges create an even distribution that never sees any shortage or prolonged drought periods which makes Idaho perfect for skiing.

While Idaho will receive cold rain during winter months, its proximity to warm pacific weather means those periods are short and don’t affect overall conditions enough to deter anyone from skiing on beautiful white slopes.

Idaho Delivers Some of the Best Vertical Terrain

Idaho ski resorts offer some of the best ski terrain in the USA. In fact, Idaho ranks among the top states for terrain on average and has more than 20 ski resorts.

Idaho is home to some of the longest vertical drops in North America as well as almost every bowl skiing option imaginable including groomed cruisers, tree glades, steep chutes and everything in between. This means there are slopes at all difficulty levels which make it a perfect spot to suit anyone’s needs!

With so much height available throughout its mountain ranges, Idaho can offer skiers with any level of experience or skill set plenty of opportunity for challenging runs that will keep them coming back year after year.

Idaho: A snowboarders Paradise

With backcountry skiing and vertical drops, Idaho delivers snowboarders with an adventurous and challenging experience.

Idaho offers the opportunity to shred long, winding chutes with steeps sections that are a perfect way for snowboarders of all skill levels to get their fix in when they can’t make it out west or south at the right time of year. Idaho’s terrain also delivers some excellent parks options including rails, boxes and jib features within tree glades which means there is always something fun waiting around every corner.

Shredding in Idaho doesn’t stop after April though because there are enough hills available throughout its mountain ranges for those who love riding groomed cruisers as well as much more mellow slopes which mean winter truly never has to end.

Idaho Ski Resorts Deliver A true Ski Vacation

Idaho ski resorts offer something for everyone and there is the perfect resort to go to when you want a great ski vacation. Whether it’s an epic powder day or something more mellow, Idaho offers what every type of rider wants in their own private playground with terrain features that never get old.

Tamarack, located east of Boise, is one of the largest ski resorts in North America, but also offers some great beginner terrain. Mixing high elevation snowboarding and a large amount of novice skiers made it ideal to create a more challenging mountain similar to what can be found on an international trip such as Whistler Blackcomb or Chamonix Mont Blanc. This provides something for everyone no matter what their skill level may be. As well as lodging options from hotels to vacation rentals there are plenty restaurants, bars and shops right on site so you there is never a need to leave the resort.

Tamarack Resort in Tamarack, Idaho offers a variety of slopes for all levels and invites visitors to come experience their “home away from home.” With an average snowfall of 300 inches annually, Tamarack Resort is the perfect place for any level skier.

Tamarack resort is the newest and nicest ski resort in Idaho offering restaurants, extensive skiing and snowboarding, and many other amenities.

Sun Valley Ski Resort

Sun Valley has a long tradition of excellent skiing and a rich heritage as one of the America’s first destination ski resorts.

Sun Valley is also known for its lively après-ski scene, from family friendly to chic enough for Hollywood stars in town filming movies at nearby Sun Valley Film Studios.

The resort has 17 lifts that service 29 trails with more than 200 acres of terrain, including six bowls groomed nightly by 12 snow cats. The resort offers a full range of accommodations from luxury condos up on Bald Mountain to budget friendly lodging options located downtown or near the main base areas. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and shops right on site so you never have far to go. For those who want an authentic Idaho experience but don’t want their children exposed to such

Sun Valley is the only ski resort in North America to offer a chairlift-accessed cross country skiing trails, and has over 100 miles of groomed trails for all levels. Sun valley will have snow this year that lasts from December through March with no shortage of powder.

In addition, sun valley offers an outdoor ice skating rink and a heated indoor curling center and a large outdoor pool at the Sun Valley Lodge.

Tamarack or Sun Valley: Idaho Delivers Top Skiing

The best skiing in the USA is in Idaho with ample resorts to choose from. If you’re looking for a place with great snow, then Tamarack resort or Sun Valley is your destination of choice.

Immigration in Australia

Immigration lawyers are the deciphers of the law, who help in understanding the rights, possibilities, and strategies of the citizens and counsels throughout the immigration process.

An Australian immigration lawyer works for the Australian immigration agencies across Australia who provide services to the immigration issues. Immigration and its processes can be complicated, but with the right lawyer, they can be handled.

The current immigration program in Australia is based on different categories of visas where an Australian immigration lawyer assists his or her clients with a suitable process. The list of categories is mentioned below:

  1. Skilled Occupation Visa: A skilled occupation visa is usually granted to highly skilled workers in Australia. Applicants have been evaluated on a points-based system where points are awarded for specific academic standards. Individual states often sponsor these permits by recruiting staff based on the needs of the government. Applicants approved by an Australian firm are also considered for granting this visa. The 457 visa that was initiated in 1996 and abolished by the Turnbull Government was the most popular form of sponsored working visa.
  2. Student Visa: International students from various parts of the world are highly fostered to study in the country by the Australian Government. A student visa can indeed be classified in several divisions, the majority of which requires a verified request from an institution of higher education.
  3. Family Visa: In Australia, visas are most often authorized with family ties. Several other forms of Australian family visas are also accessible. A few are listed below:
  • A Spouse Visa is given to the applicant who is either married or has been in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen or a permanent resident for at least 12 months.
  • A candidate is eligible for the Fiancé Visa if he or she tends to marry an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • If the applicant is in a legitimate interdependent relationship with an Australian citizen or resident and wishes to enter and reside in Australia permanently, then the person can obtain an Interdependent Partner Visa for immigration to Australia. Couples of the same sex are also eligible in this clause.
  • A parent of an Australian citizen can apply and be granted the Parent Visa only if the permanent resident is capable and willing to sponsor the client.
  • The Australian Family Relationship Visa allows single persons of secondary school age and above who are unmarried to settle in Australia for up to 12 months on a part-time basis to learn about the community while residing with relatives or any other members of the family.
  1. Working Holiday Visa: A temporary visa, the working holiday visa is acquired by young people who wish to travel and work full-time, part-time, on flexibility, paid, or volunteer work for as long as they want within the 12-month tenure. Employment and family visa will however correspond to Australian citizenship; furthermore, the immigrant must also have spent 4 years in Australia, along with at least one year as a permanent resident.


There is a blend of old and new in Dubai, providing great experiences for visiting this great city. It is home to the tallest skyscraper globally, and it enjoys global fame for its many modern sightseeing attractions. It also hosts the largest shopping malls that come with indoor ski slopes and complete mammoth aquariums.

There are more sights to view and activities to do in Dubai that you will need more than one trip to be satisfied with. After checking your flights from Kochi to Dubai, take your time to read about these top attractions you shouldn’t miss in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

Image source: Unsplash photos

Burj Khalifa is Dubai’s most outstanding landmark and the tallest building in the world. For most first-time visitors to Dubai, getting to the observation deck that is 124th floor of the building is a must while in the city. It is a great opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views across the city’s skyline from a bird’s perspective. On the ground of the building are well-designed gardens with winding walkways, the Dubai Fountain, and other water features that make a beautiful landscape.

The Dubai mall

If you are a shopper, the Dubai mall is a must-visit during your Dubai trip. With plenty of indoor activities, you can even visit with kids and keep them busy as you shop. It also has an entryway for Burj Khalifa and the Dubai aquarium. If you want more entertainment options, it is the right place with a gaming zone, a cinema complex, and an ice skating rink. There are always special events such as music and fashion events within the mall, and eating is also endless.

Dubai museum

The Dubai museum in the Al-Fahidi Fort is the place to discover more about UAE’s history. The entrance showcases an exhibition of old maps of Dubai and the emirates to show the mammoth expansion that occurred in the region after the oil boom. The right-hand hall is home to weaponry, while the left-hand hall is home to Emirati musical instruments. You will find display halls covering the different aspects of the traditional Emirati life below the ground floor and many more exhibits.

Dubai creek

Image source: Unsplash photos

The Dubai creek offers visitors a chance to delve into Dubai’s maritime heritage. It has been a very influential aspect of the city’s growth since it attracted settlers to fish and pearl dive. Small villages grew alongside the creek as early as 4000 years ago, but in the 1830s, the Bani Yas tribe settled there. As you stroll around here, you can see cargo being loaded and offloaded in dhows, and you can gain some insights into the life of these traditional sailors.

Jumeirah mosque

The Jumeirah mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Dubai and an authentic example of Islamic architecture. The mosque was constructed in the medieval Fatimid tradition featuring two minarets that showcase the subtle details of its stonework. It gets more attractive in the evening hours when lit with floodlights. Tours to the mosque start at 10 am every day except on Fridays.

The last words

Do not feel guilty if you cannot visit some of the top Dubai attractions on your first visit. That presents an opportunity to plan another trip to complete your sightseeing tour.

Must-know tips to ensure a hassle-free visit to the UK – A first-timer’s guide

The Buckingham Palace, the Royal Family, James Bond, inviting country pubs, rolling green mountains and real ales are the few things that instantly come to our mind when we think of the UK. Travelers flock to the United Kingdom in millions making it the world’s eighth biggest destination. Hence, if you’re planning a trip to the ‘Old Blighty’ for leisure or for business, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you on your way.

Check your passport and visa demands

Although nationals from various English-speaking nations don’t have any such visa requirements for traveling to the UK but you should still check your specific conditions before traveling. Depending on the country you originate from, you may use the tool of the UK government website to check your requirements for a UK tourist visa without which you’ll be denied entry to the country.

Things to See and Do in England

  • Visit the Buckingham Palace

Home to England’s Queen, Buckingham Palace is one of the most fascinating sights. The altering of guard’s duty occurs at 11:30 a.m. and if you wish to enter the palace, the admission fee is 37 GBP. However, there are discounts for students, seniors, groups and families.

  • Check out the town Brighton

Brighton is a small little town that is ideal for a short weekend trip. Brighton has abundance of boutiques, shops and well-lit cafes. The streets being narrow, it creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere for the pedestrians who walk around the lanes. The city is a famous destination for locals who reach there to relax on the beach, enjoy the sun tan and wander around the amusement rides.

  • Go to the Chatsworth House

This spectacular home, located in Derbyshire, was built in 1549 for the Duchess and Duke of Devonshire. Among the several splendid castles and houses all over the United Kingdom, the Chatsworth House is definitely the most astonishing one.

  • Be a guest at the Oxford University

There are multiple colleges within Oxford and each of them are equally worth praising. Though you may have to pay a few dollars to tour through the college campus but visiting the one that filmed Harry Potter will be a special experience, especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan. Oxford is one of the world’s oldest universities.

UK is expensive – Suggested budget ideas

There’s no doubt about the fact that England is expensive. Even when you’re on a shoestring budget, you’d still need around 50 GBP per day. With this amount, you could stay at hostel dorms, cook your meals on your own, use public transport, prefer buses over trains and reap benefit of the free sites of the nation.

However, on a luxury budget of around 318 GBP per day, you could stay at luxury hotels, shop around, have fancy meals, take private tours and not have to worry about train prices and do anything that you wish to do. So, if you’re someone who wants a luxurious holiday, you can have that in the UK.

The most important piece of suggestion to offer to someone traveling to the UK is to get proper travel insurance. Travel insurance safeguards you against injury, illness, cancellations and theft and takes care in case things go wrong.

Author Bio:

Susan Noel is an experienced content writer. She is associated with many renowned travel blogs as a guest author where she shares her valuable travel tips with the audience.

8 of the Best Beaches in the UK for a Weekend Break

It’s easy to dismiss the UK shores in favour of the turquoise waters of Europe or Asia, but if you look closer to home, you’ll find countless gorgeous bays to while away your time. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best beaches in the UK, perfect for a sunny weekend away. And with transport links across the UK making them so easy to reach, there’s no excuse not to get booking.

Blackpool Sands, Devon

A far cry from the bright lights and ballroom dancing of the Lancashire town, Blackpool Sands is actually a beautiful stretch of beach in South Devon. Country meets coast as you drive through an expanse of pine trees to reach the shingle bay, which boasts the clearest blue waters for dipping your toes. There are sand pits, a bathing raft and water sports equipment to hire, so it’s easy to spend hours here.

Good to Know: You’ll have to leave the dog at home if you’re visiting.

Durdle Door, Dorset

On the Jurassic Coast sits Durdle Door – a limestone arch between St Oswald’s Bay and Man O’War Cove. Both are beautiful beaches that never get crowded thanks to the several hundred cliff steps you’ll need to descend to reach them. But worry not – every step is worth it for these sheltered, peaceful bays with crystal-clear waters.

Good to Know: Families might want to head to Lulworth Cove instead as it’s more accessible and has facilities nearby.

Sennen Cove, Cornwall

Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins at Cornwall’s stunning Sennen Cove, which is just around the corner from Land’s End. Head down the hill from the old fishing village of Sennen and you’ll find golden sands lapped by rolling blue waves. Make sure you bring your board if surfing’s your thing – conditions are often perfect.

Good to Know: There’s a small harbour with a lifeboat station and art galleries – great if it’s a bit cloudy.

Walberswick, Suffolk

You’ve probably heard of Southwold, but Walberswick is its wilder, quieter neighbour on the Suffolk coast. To the south of the River Blyth’s mouth, it’s a short stroll from the village and its amenities, making it a very easy choice for a weekend away. The long sand and shingle beach is surrounded by dramatic heathland and backed by grassy dunes. It’s a popular crabbing spot and even held The British Open Crabbing Championship – until the village couldn’t cope with the influx of visitors.

Good to Know: If you fancy popping to Southwold, take the five-minute row-boat ferry across the river.

Whitstable, Kent

Whitstable’s trendy pebble bay is backed by quirky beach huts and countless oyster bars (heading to Whitstable and not eating Oysters is akin to arriving in Italy and saying no to pizza). Weatherboard cottages and fishing boats add to the British seaside charm and you’ll never be short of pubs, cafes and shops should the sun be hiding.

Good to Know: Looking for lunch? Head to Elliott’s at No.1 Harbour Street, or book into Michelin-starred pub The Sportsman.

South Bay, Scarborough

The large, sandy beach at South Bay is popular with families thanks to its great facilities and child-friendly amenities. This picturesque spot is home to plenty of attractions to keep you busy, including amusements, cafes, restaurants and seaside stalls. At the south end of the beach is the historic Spa, which hosts live entertainment.

Good to Know: Don’t miss out on a trip to Scarborough Castle, which separates South Bay from North Bay.

Seilebost Beach, Isle of Harris, Scotland

It’s easy to see why Seilebost beach, to the south of Luskentyre Bay, was once voted one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Be sure to bring your camera as the stretch of sand and pristine, turquoise waters with sweeping views make for spectacular photos. Access isn’t the easiest, but you’ll be rewarded with stunning serenity.

Good to Know: There is the possibility of quicksand in the area, so avoid walking in the wet sand at low tide.

Three Cliffs Bay, Swansea, Wales

Three Cliffs Bay may sit on one of Britain’s most striking shorelines, but it still manages to be quiet all year round. This is mainly down to the challenging walk across the dunes to reach it. Past the rugged limestone cliffs sits the dramatic stretch of sandy coast popular with horse riders. The crumbling remains of Pennard Castle that overlook the bay give the area a wonderfully remote, forgotten atmosphere.

Good to Know: Don’t be fooled by the bay’s beauty – it can be dangerous, with strong tides and currents at all times.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club’s Response To COVID-19

The travel sector has taken a hard blow with the coronavirus pandemic. Today, the industry is experiencing an extremely decreased number of travelers compared to the years before the virus hit. Since 2020, there has been a shock that has seen a decline of up to 70% in the sector. As such, there have been measures set aside to contain the spread of the virus. Some of the support measures include lifting the travel bans, adjusting various protocols in the sector, and reassuring the travelers of their safety.

Given the unprecedented crisis, travel companies like Royal Holiday Vacation Club are finding ways of adjusting to the change and managing the health and safety needs of their employees and customers around the entire world. The travel industry has been adjusting to rigorous health and safety guidelines that have been published following the COVID-19 pandemic. The close partnership between the travel industry and medical experts has made it possible for the industry to handle guests and their workforce safely.

The industry and the world at large have come to understand that the only way to mitigate the virus is through shared responsibility. Therefore, travelers must work hand in hand with the industry to help every person around them. With the pandemic, there have been health and safety standards set aside that all industries must follow. The travel industry is no exception. It is doing its best to adjust to these changes to ensure business goes on smoothly. Here is how companies are adjusting to the changes.

Adapting Improved Operations

The businesses are adapting various operations and modifying the public spaces to ensure both the employees and the travelers are protected. Some of the strategies put in place across the world are wearing masks, encouraging social distance, using the PPE, utilizing physical barriers, and educating their employees and customers on their responsibility towards protecting themselves and those close to them.


The businesses are recommending travelers to take the available vaccination for COVID-19 and ensure other health monitoring procedures. Such include getting a flu shot, not reporting to work when feeling ill, monitoring changes in their health, and communicating about any COVID-19 symptoms they might be experiencing.

Touchless Operation

Most businesses have introduced touchless solutions that are limiting the chance of transmitting the virus. They have adopted technology that has not only made transactions easier but is also lowering the risk of transmission. Some of the sectors with such technology include buying tickets, paying for goods and services, identity confirmation, check-in and check-out, and increasing hospitality and travel facilities.

Health Screening

They have also established support procedures according to the CDC guidelines that will help an employee or a customer in case they have tested positive. They are following protocol and actions in response to the crisis. This has made testing mandatory for all the employees and travelers within the sector.

Safe Travel Destinations in 2021

Nevertheless, there are safe destinations that have been marked in 2021. Such include:


Although some of the places in the UK are suspended from traveling, places like Greece, Iceland, Maldives, and Antigua are safe for travelers.

New Zealand

Based on the principles by the EU regarding the health situation and prevention measures, New Zealand is among the safest places people can travel for spring break.

Other safe destinations include Africa, Australia, South Korea, and Thailand.

The Royal Holiday Vacation Club is on the front line in administering safety standards to protect its customers. It has done this by implementing a safety guest program that is based on sound principles established by health professionals. Travelers can rest assured that they are safe when enjoying their trips through Royal Holiday.

Tips on Taking the Kids to Camping this Summer

With the advancement of technology, each of us spends a considerable amount of time in front of the screen. Our minds and bodies require a break and what could be better than going camping along with the kids this summer and have the most relaxing time. Take a break from the screens and hit a tent at a campground near you for a nature-filled vacation. This home away from home is an experience your kids won’t ever forget. You however need to remember these points if you are planning camping with your kids:

  • You can always choose car camping over anything as you can drive to your campsite in your car.
  • Plan in advance because campgrounds, both within and outside the state, tend to fill up in no time. It is crucial to book the campgrounds in advance so try and book one at least six to nine months in advance.
  • You can rent a tent – You can also choose to rent a test. Most campground programs lend camping equipment. You can also rent tents online.
  • Don’t forget little kids need their own gear too. Adult size chairs may be way to big and it’s best to find them kid sized camping chairs they can bring with them.
  • You can set up camp when there is light and get your kids involved in a chore. You are doing it right if you plan to cook at the camping site.
  • Avoid being super ambitious, like arriving late in the day and then going for a simple meal in the evening.
  • Try sticking to a routine and you must do it if your kids are traveling with you. To ensure a good night’s sleep, you have to follow the exact sleep schedules or bedtime rituals as you do at home.
  • Avoid unpacking your devices. You can leave your tablets and other devices at home so you can enjoy nature completely. For emergencies, carry one smartphone and keep it with you or any other adult.

A fun way of camping is a roaring campfire. For this, you can buy the wood at the campsite itself. Here are some important tips for building a campfire:

  • Don’t forget to bring some newspapers and pack at least one fire source, including matches or lighter.
  • It would be best if you made a square using at least four large pieces of dry wood and then place at least one pile of the newspaper crumpled in the middle.
  • You also need to make one tepee shape of smaller wood pieces inside the square of logs.
  • You can also crosshatch mid-size pieces.
  • Keep adding pieces to keep the fire going.
  • Ensure you drown your fire before you hit the bed with at least 5 gallons of water.

Packing Tip

When it comes to packing for your most awaited camp trip, ensure you do so like a pro. You need to have all the essential things required to make your base better. You need to ensure that you pack extra heavy-duty garbage bags so you can dump your food trash. Ensure you don’t forget the electrical charging devices if you are carrying a few devices. Irrespective of what lights you choose, you will have lots of choices. Remember to pack scissors to open the packaged food items. Bring your winter hat also as evenings can get cold even when you are snuggled in your sleeping bag. Additionally, your kids also need their camping gear, including chairs to let them sit around comfortably.

Why Should You Plan the Best Tours with Locals

Traveling independently can be challenging, especially when visiting places you are not familiar with. When planning your next trip, opt for a local host who can make it worth your time and give you a local-like experience. Locals let you experience the best of their place, taking your trip to a whole new level.

Go on the best tours with locals and make your vacation even more enjoyable. With a knowledgeable local by your side, you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Below are a few reasons why you should plan your tour with locals.


1. Visit Lesser-Known Places

A tour with a local will allow you to explore those places which are not on the popular tourist routes and the majority of travelers will not experience. If you are an adventurer, you will surely be overjoyed visiting off-the-beaten-spots making your trip an incredible one.


2. Know About the Stories and Details of the Places You Visit

Locals provide you stories and details you may never even learn about as they know the place inside out. This insider knowledge that they provide makes them a great accompaniment on your tour. They want you to learn as much as they do about the sites you visit.


3. Personalize Your Tour

With a local guide, you have the freedom to tailor your itinerary at any time. Whether your interest is art, food, sightseeing, or nightlife, visit places that interest you. Local hosts are flexible and will adjust to your needs without any hesitation.


4. Learn About The Local Culture

The best way to know about the local culture is by exploring the place with a local. Also, it is hard to avoid cultural mistakes when traveling independently.

A local guide can provide you with a local perspective allowing you to learn more about the culture of the place you are exploring at a deeper level. A local will inform you on how to do things right, preventing you from offending cultural sentiments.


5. Communicate With Local People

When traveling to new places, communication can be a barrier as not every country speaks the same language. Best tours with locals will make it easier to communicate with people as they know the language and can translate it to you.


6. Save Time and Money

Locals can help you save time planning the places to visit as they know which places will not be crowded at what time and which ones are worth seeing. They can also give recommendations on the restaurants to dine in, the transportation to use, accommodation, and more.


7. Safer

With a local host around you on your trip, you are free from worries concerning your safety. They make you feel more secure by making your safety their priority.


8. View the Destination From Another Angle

A local host knows the best way to explore the different tourist attractions. Apart from walking, there are many other ways to appreciate a destination, such as a bike tour or boat tours. A local host will give you suggestions to view the city from different angles.


9. Make New Friends

Local hosts are people who live in the area and are happy to show you the place. They are smart and knowledgeable people always willing to help you. Having a local by your side on your trip is like having a friend filled with learning and insights. Best tours with locals allow you to build friendships that often last.

Make the most of your visit and explore the highlights as well as the hidden spots with a local host or city guide. No matter where you go, a local inhabitant will always make your trip fun and educational.

Aircraft Maintenance – Making Air Travel Safer

It’s true to say that everyone takes aircraft travel for granted nowadays, even though it really isn’t that long ago that mankind’s dream to fly through the air like a bird was nothing more than that, a dream. Ever since the invention of the aeroplane though we have also had to deal with the fact that there can be danger inherent in taking to the air. Of course, nowadays, air travel has never been safer and, indeed, it is among the safest ways to get from one location to another. However, this is only the case because of the rigorous safety and maintenance routines, undertaken by ground crews, all of which takes place out of sight of the passengers.

Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft maintenance is composed of two main crucial parts – preventive maintenance and requirement-based maintenance.

Preventative maintenance involves many forms of inspection and testing of the aircraft’s systems and structure, which we will look at in more in a moment. By contrast, requirement based maintenance entails rectifying any issues as and when they occur. These are often more crucial tasks which therefore need to be taken care of immediately and which, if they are not resolved, may require the aircraft to be grounded. Aircraft maintenance crews will have set procedures for many of these issues too which means that they can usually minimise the time required for these issues to be resolved, thereby getting the aircraft back into a safe and serviceable condition again swiftly.

Preventative Maintenance of Aircraft

The aircraft testing procedures mentioned above as part of the preventative maintenance regime are one of the most critical operational activities that maintenance technicians perform. This is because it is these procedures that allow them to spot any potential issues before they progress to the point of causing a potentially tragic failure. Every part of the aircraft, including the wings, fuselage, tail plane, pumps, valves, landing gear and communication equipment, are all inspected regularly and immediately replaced if any issues are found. These inspections and testing of the aircraft systems and structure are detailed, complex and carefully designed to ensure that any issues, no matter how small, are detected.

To enable the technicians to carry out their detailed inspections they make use of specialist aviation tool kits as well as some other, rather ingenious equipment. Along with the more familiar types of tools, they use things such as flexible camera systems (known as borescopes or fiberscopes) that are provided by companies like Red Box Aviation. These clever types of camera can be used to gain visual access to areas of the aircraft that would normally be out of sight, allowing the technicians to see if there are any hidden problems.

Aircraft Inspection Procedures

Inspection procedures are divided into certain levels depending upon the kind of maintenance the aircraft needs and the amount of stresses and strains the plane is likely to have been subjected to. Under normal conditions, basic inspections (level 1) are carried out after every flight with the level and complexity of the inspection then increasing in line with the number of flying hours that the aircraft clocks up. Complete, detailed inspections will then take place at regular intervals, with experts suggesting that these take place at least every six months, depending on the number of flying hours the plane has registered during that period.

No doubt because of the possible catastrophic results of the failure of any part of an aircraft, maintenance of these complex machines is not considered as an ordinary maintenance activity and is taken very seriously. The aviation tools used are the very best quality tools that are available and no short-cuts are taken. Stringent guidelines have to be followed in accordance with the various agencies that oversee aircraft safety. For example, the Federal Aviation Administration (USA), EASA (Europe), and AIATA (Australia) all have very specific and strict rules in place that have to be followed in order for an aircraft to be deemed “air worthy” and to ensure maximum safety for air passengers.

Hopefully you will find it reassuring to know just much goes in to ensuring that aircraft are safe and maintained properly. It means that we can all rest easy, safe in the knowledge that when we board an aircraft the rigorous testing and maintenance regimes that have been carried out make flying extremely safe. Indeed, it is worth considering just how safe air travel now is. The data shows that there is an average of one fatality for every 287 million passengers carried by UK airlines and this is compared to a one in 19 million chance of being struck and killed by lightning in the UK and a one in 17,000 chance of being killed in a road accident.