The 4 Best Leisure Tours in Europe

The primary role of all travel is to offer us peace and relaxation. We can revive our lost strength and continue with more persistence in the tedious reality that we all live every day through a journey. Each trip we make is a unique experience through time, which is why we dedicate a significant amount of time to its planning and design. A leisure tour in a European country is definitely something we all dream of to get rid of all the stress we accumulate in our daily lives. But among so many travel options, which ones should make every traveller really experience? Today’s article answers just that question:

Lisbon, Portugal

Authentic, atmospherically charming, subversively renewed with a distinct beauty that can hardly be surpassed, Lisbon is at its best against the backdrop of the spring landscape. Spread between the slopes of seven high hills and the river Tagus, strewn with the frothy waves of the Atlantic but with a beating heart of intense Mediterranean rhythms, the hospitable Portuguese capital is sure to be one of the most popular.

Take a tour of the city with a tour of the Bairro Alto and Chiado neighbourhoods. Get lost in the labyrinthine alleys of the 16th century, taste in the traditional restaurants, “crouch” among the tourists in Casas de Fado and enjoy your drink in the dozens of bars with the local artists! Visit the Torre de Belem, the water-shaped tower on the banks of the Tagus, as well as the majestic Hieronite Monastery and the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites! Take one of the yellow cable cars to discover the most picturesque corners of Lisbon and reach Alfama, the medieval Arab quarter of aristocratic glamour.

Barcelona, Spain

Fiery temperament, addictive personality, Mediterranean temperament, extroverted, youthful, sunny, open-hearted! The capital of Catalonia invites you to experience it with all your senses! It has gained its own fanatical audience, as it is one of the most fantastic cities in the world, while the beautiful architecture, the vast beach, the fantastic view and the exquisite cuisine are some of its strong papers that no one can overlook!

Getting to know Barcelona will start at the Rambla, the city’s most famous boulevard, which leads to the beach. Arriving at Barceloneta, find a corner, take off your shoes, dip them in the ice and just wait until the sun dives into the sea. Stroll around the Barri Gotic and get lost in the labyrinthine alleys that create pleasant labyrinths. Introduce yourself to Gaudi: From the two-story Sagrada Familia, a registered trademark of Barcelona, ​​to Park Guell and the Casa Batllo and Pedrera Museum houses, you can not pay tribute to any of his modern works of art!

Venice, Italy

It can easily boast that it is the most romantic destination in Europe and rightly so! The canals, the bridges, the palaces, the golden domes, the rosette in a gondola at sunset and other reasons why Venice becomes love at first sight.

Water canals instead of cobblestones, which every hour of the day take on a different shade. Elegant palaces and buildings where great moments of European history were written. Masterpieces of art, stylish cafes and bridges-sets for vows of eternal love. What else to ask for?

Start your walk from the Grand Canal. It divides the city into two and around it stand Venetian palaces of unsurpassed luxury, referencing the Gothic style Ca d’Oro, Corner-Spinelli, Ca da Mosto and Grimani di San Luca. Embark on a Vaporetto to the iconic St. Mark’s Square. As hundreds of pigeons fly around you, the majestic Basilica of St. Mark, one of the most important examples of Byzantine architecture in Italy, will inevitably catch your eye.

Budapest, Hungary

The capital of Hungary is distinguished for its value for money performance, as you can enjoy generous doses of luxury in accommodation, spa, food and entertainment without putting your hand deep in your pocket, while it is also suitable for weekend getaways. Charming and unpretentious, built on the two banks of the Danube, the -unified- city exudes a romantic aura and is characterized by the imposing sights, products of its ancient history.

Here you will discover unique Funerals, such as the cathedral of St. Stefanou, the Parliament, the castle of Buda (the old town – the newest is Pest), the Great Synagogue, the church of St. Matthew, the Fisherman’s Prefecture, the bridges over the Danube. Its cultural life is very rich, while accommodation and food have nothing to envy from much more expensive destinations.

All the above destinations are ideal for all of you who are looking for the relaxation and carefree of a European destination. Of course, in order to know all these aspects of these destinations, one must have done the necessary research. A tour operator company like Travel Way creates the best-designed tours in Europe, using its vast experience in the tourism industry, providing one of the highest quality services on the market. Are you still thinking about which destination you will travel to?