Top 5 Luggage Storage Options In New York

There is so much to see in New York and without somewhere to store your luggage your movement is a little restricted. With a small window of time to see the city, it seems silly not to take advantage.

We have chosen our top 5 luggage storage options in New York available at a moment’s notice, for free, and for all time frames. Take a look and see what option best suits your trip:

1. Hotel

If you have an early morning arrival in NY, but feel awake and ready to explore the city, you may want to drop your bags off at the hotel and head out. Hotels often allow you to leave your bags with reception prior to check-in, for free. When booking your hotel, find out the reception opening hours. It may also be worthwhile calling/emailing ahead and asking if they can have someone meet you when you arrive. 

This option also applies after check-out, hotels regularly store customers’ luggage until their evening flight. Just speak to reception to organize this service.

2. Stashers

Stashers is the largest network of luggage storage in NYC. Charging $6 per day ($5 for the second day) and connecting you with verified hotels and stores around popular spots like Penn Station, Newark Airport, Times Square, and Madison Square Garden.

There is no limit to how long you can store your luggage with Stashers and you can search and book their locations online, day or night.

3. Airport

If you only have a few hours before your flight, you may be able to drop off your luggage prior to check-in. How long before often depends on your airline, so check if they have a desk set up in the airport.

In the arrivals area of the airport, in the sea of loved ones and taxi drivers, there will also be luggage kiosks where you can leave your luggage for days or hours. Unfortunately, these  services are often charged at a premium, taking advantage of the urge to unload your baggage asap.

4. Museums

Knowing their customers are, most often, tourists from out of town and the idea of people bumping artefacts with their rucksacks unappealing, museums today often have a bag dropoff/cloakroom. Handing over your bag for a token, you can leave your things, explore the museum and wander the city all day. Just remember to pick your bags up before closing!

While some museums will provide this service for free, prices and rules will vary. This is also the least reliable option.

5. Train Station

If you came in on the train there are luggage lockers available at most stations. Averaging at around $10 for 24 hours, they are a little more expensive than your options if you move a little further out. 

The train station lockers are one of the oldest storage systems on the list and left unsupervised, as they often are, they are also one of the unsafest options for storing your luggage.

When making your decision on storing your luggage in NY, bear in mind the size, weight, and shape of your bags. You don’t want to end up paying double after finding your things don’t fit in 1 locker.