Laxatives versus Natural Detoxification

Taking laxatives to lose weight is a common pitfall for young girls. There is a short-term reward in seeing five pounds easily come off the scale with a pill. But there are many side effects, both short and long term. Taking a laxative for detox that is beneficial for your health will provide a beneficial outcome without the side effects as the ingredients are natural.

Your average over the counter laxative will use stimulants or salts to draw water into your colon and cause you to empty your bowels. If you take laxative pills once, you may find yourself constipated the following day. If this becomes a cycle, you can develop an addiction to the laxatives as it becomes impossible to go to the bathroom without taking them.

With the reward of a few less pounds, you will also suffer cramps, bathroom emergencies, weakness, dizziness, and hemorrhoids if taking laxatives regularly. Long term, the consequences can be far worse resulting in kidney or gastrointestinal failure.

On the other hand, if detoxification with natural products will remove toxins from your system using fiber and other nutrients to remove buildup from your intestines. Following detoxification, not only will you feel lighter and weigh less; you will also have more energy.

Falling into the Dieting Trap

Our society presents many influences telling us that being thin is ideal. It is associated with beauty, health, popularity, sex appeal and confidence. If you pick up a magazine at any checkout counter, there is always a new diet touted by a celebrity or sports star. We’ve become accustomed to expecting instant gratification from a diet or diet supplement, one that common laxatives initially provide. The problem is that we are not taught proper nutrition to maintain health and fitness. We are taught that drugs cure health problems and we don’t learn the difference between substances that are safe to take as opposed to one’s with harmful side effects.

Many supposed diet products contain substances that make the foods addictive and cause us to gain weight. For instance, artificial sweeteners, despite having no calories, can make you crave more food after you consume them.

Integrating Regular Detoxification into Your Lifestyle

The foods we eat and the air we breathe are filled with toxins. Even if you eat organic food, you could be taking in toxins from cleaning products, air fresheners, pollution and more. Your filter works twenty-four seven to clean toxins out of your body. At some point, the liver can get clogged up with toxins and that’s when they end up in your organs, causing disease. To maintain good health, you need to keep your liver health so it can continue to filter toxins out of your body. A healthy detoxification routine will keep you on track for good liver health and help to prevent developing disease.

There are far more benefits in the long run to cleansing with natural products than with harsh stimulant laxatives. You will experience more energy with none of the harmful and uncomfortable side effects associated with over the counter remedies.