The Secret to the Perfect Seafood Platter

From the kitchen curator of the finest seafood restaurant to the most adventurous tourist, everyone loves a good seafood platter – but what makes for the best combination? The truth is that almost everyone you run into from Maine to Australia will have a different idea of what shellfish and sides they enjoy best. Even chefs all around the world can’t agree on what really makes the perfect seafood combination. But here are a few of the options that people everywhere seem to enjoy the most.

Fresh Atlantic Lobster

While you might not find lobster on every seafood platter you find around the world, the item that happens to get mentioned the most regarding a perfect seafood platter is Atlantic lobster. Now that you can buy live lobster online to have shipped overnight to anywhere in the United States, you don’t have to worry about substituting lobster for another shellfish.

Fried Clams

One of the best ways to prepare fresh clams for a seafood platter is to serve them breaded and fried. While this option is extremely delicious, it might not be as intriguing to the health-conscious epicurean. If you’re looking for a healthier option, then it’s best to serve your clams steamed. This lighter option will allow you to preserve the full rich and savoury flavor of the clams, but you will want to guarantee your clams are as fresh as possible.


Mussels are a shellfish that are similar to clams, but can easily be identified by their shiny blue asymmetrical shell rather than the white-grey shell of the clam. The most common way to eat mussels is to steam them and then dip the meat in melted butter – although they are also served in a variety of sauces in restaurants. Mussels are not usually deep fried, so you will only want to include them in a seafood platter that contains boiled or steamed shellfish.


While still a shellfish like clams or mussels, the meat of the scallop is richer and creamier. Like clams, scallops are often served breaded and deep fried, but can also come pan fried or steamed. Scallops make a nice addition to any seafood platter because their firm, white meat is different than any other shellfish.

French Fries

Any one of these options of shellfish pairs well with French fries, so this is a great option to include in any seafood platter. While many restaurants around the world will serve almost all of the shellfish in a seafood platter breaded and deep fried, that doesn’t mean that it can’t come freshly steamed or boiled just because your platter contains French fries.

Other Sides

French fries are a delicious option to include in a seafood platter because they provide starch and carbohydrates, which acts as a welcome palette cleanser amid so much seafood. That said, there are good carbs and bad carbs so you may want to try out a healthier option for a side, such as sweet potato, potato salad, or even a garden salad.

Now that you have a few ideas, have some fresh Atlantic lobster shipped to your home and pick out your favorite options for the perfect seafood platter of your own creation.