The Best Body Care Products For Summer

The products necessary for the summer months are more or less known to all of us. Apart from being known, however, there are many, and for this reason, sometimes, we fail to supply one or more of them.

To be honest, who has not run at the last minute to replace her almost finished sunscreen? During her vacation, who has not looked to find an open pharmacy to buy the insect repellent products she forgot at home leaving?

So to avoid situations like these (and unnecessary expenses), we have prepared here a list of the most necessary products that should not be missing from any kit this summer. The following are some of the most popular and frequently used products for the summer season.

Body sunscreen

First and foremost is our sunscreen. The sun is “lurking”, and we must be ready to repel its attacks. A beneficial product that you should use for your every walk in the summer sun. So you can buy sunscreen that you spray with fantastic ease on your skin. It has a light, instantly absorbable composition that does not stick and offers a completely natural feeling. Modern sunscreens are resistant to water and sweat and provide high sun protection. In addition, they smell lovely!

Facial sunscreen

We must not forget that our face needs its own unique care; a fantastic product for facial skin is therefore necessary. The new sunscreens available on the market protect the skin from the sun and at the same time offer it a feeling of freshness and rejuvenation. They have a soft, light texture and are very economical.

Lip balm / Stick with protection index

One part of the body that we often fail to protect from the sun is our lips. This fact indicates that the lips are the most common site for squamous cell carcinoma. For this reason, we should never forget to apply a special sunscreen product on their surface. Modern protection sticks are designed to effectively protect the lips, eyes and nose from the harmful effects of the sun and should definitely not be missing from any bag.

Thermal water

Here is a product that is never missing from my bag (going out and the beach) all summer long. Tones and soothes the skin at any time of the day, offering it a feeling of coolness and hydration. It is very refreshing and can be used in many ways. Before the day, you can use cream for toning and extra hydration, after the makeup for stabilization and any other time for coolness and relief. In the market, you will find many options from different companies (Evian, Avene, La Roche Posay).

Μoisturizing cream

Due to the extra oiliness that appears on hot days of the year, your skin gives the -wrong- impression that it does not need extra hydration. But this is not the case at all. The risk of skin dehydration is now more threatening than ever, precisely because we do not realize it in time. So for the summer, you should choose a moisturizer with a light, cool texture and preferably in gel form to be absorbed faster. And maybe during the day, you can avoid using a moisturizer with the help of a good BB cream, but at night you should definitely apply it on your face.

All the above care products are addressed to everyone who wants to be protected from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, high temperatures and the daily wear and tear of their skin. You can visit the online store of Foto Pharmacy and make your own all the above products at fantastic prices and offers, spending your summer holidays with protection and safety for your body.