The Best Villas for Families in Mykonos

Mykonos, in addition to being impressive, elegant and globally recognized as one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades and the Aegean in general, a meeting place and holiday of celebrities and a global hotspot of frantic fun, is an island that welcomes and hosts families and people the things that happen in Mykonos superficially. There is also the quiet side of Mykonos that can offer holidays of relaxation to families with children.

A very important factor that will affect your overall experience on the island is definitely your accommodation choice. Many people choose a hotel, but in fact, there are dozens of other different options that can meet your needs. One of them is the island’s private villas, which offer you absolute comfort and freedom during your travels on the island of Mykonos. This island gives you the opportunity to enjoy your precious, intimate moments with your family. So let’s find out the best villa options for all of you who are looking for something different from another hotel room.

Aegean Villa

Aegean Villa is an impressive villa with modern facilities that offer all the luxurious comforts to a family that will visit it. Covering a vast area inside and outside, it enables its occupants to enjoy the freedom of movement in a magnificent place with beautiful views. With a total of three floors, this villa contains all the elements that a family can request and even more. Private bathrooms, rooms with sea views and an infinity pool are some of the things that a tenant of this villa can enjoy. Families who give an excellent basis to the sense of privacy will find the ideal choice of accommodation in this villa. This villa impresses with its incredible architecture and design, creating a natural “refuge” from reality, which transports you to a magical world. Enjoy its remarkable decoration and the sense of calm it offers.

One & Only Sea View Villa

The spacious space of this villa is suitable for the accommodation of a large family and the organization of events such as weddings, etc. The favourable location of the villa allows its occupants to enjoy the enchanting colours of the sky throughout the day, in a landscape that you will hardly find anywhere else. This huge area of ​​the villa has two infinity pools, two kitchens and 12 (!) Bedrooms. Of course, we are talking about a huge villa that extends over 1000 sqm, allowing you to stay in one of the most impressive and luxurious buildings on the island. Nearby from the town of Mykonos, but also a highly private accommodation, this villa can only be compared to the best villas on the island. Also inside the villa, there is a well-trained staff, which is there to serve your every need.

Villa Caesar

Villa Caesar is the choice that combines all those luxurious elements that can turn a family stay into a real dream. With stunning architectural designs and modern décor that elevates the Mediterranean atmosphere, this sophisticated building is definitely ranked as one of the top of the island. Enjoy moments of relaxation and carefree with the faces of your family circle, spending moments on the wonderful terrace of the villa, in its huge private pool or in one of its substantial interior rooms. Relax in your private jacuzzi and the villa’s spacious living room, while you can spend your day in the beautiful barbecue area outside the villa. No matter if you decide to spend your time, this particular villa is ready to offer it to you. Now you can make your dream come true and rent for your family through the company Divine Property, which can provide you with all the additional services you need, combined with immediate and quality service.