Our Favorite Island Destinations

After winning your real money from online casino Australia gaming, you may want to let off some steam and travel a little. Island destinations are beautiful, refreshing and fun. There is more to do and a lot of activities that you can partake in. And, in case you are wondering where to go, this article is going to be giving you our favourite island destination right now.


Bali has been getting a lot of attention lately due to the recent release of The Hangover Part II. It’s beautiful scenery and people have something for everyone. There are several resorts in Bali where you can stay, all offering different amenities. Some offer luxury beachfront villas while others provide bungalows with basic but comfortable facilities. But no matter which resort you choose, it will definitely leave you wanting more when you get back to reality. 


One of the most iconic pictures on Instagram these days shows the breathtaking views of Madeira. This island offers plenty of things to see and do as well. You must try their famous sweet wine and if you visit during the summertime, there are also a number of cool events happening at every moment. 


There’s nothing like spending holidays by the sea. Tulum is one of those places that make your holiday look so much better than ever before especial for playing casino games. As soon as you arrive, you start feeling relaxed just about everything. Whether you like watching the waves crashing against the shore or simply enjoying the view of the turquoise water, Tulum has got everything waiting for you. So, grab your camera phone and pack your bags because we think you should definitely add Tulum to your list of vacation spots.

Andaman Islands

This part of India is made up of islands, which means there is plenty to see and do there. From the exotic beaches to the local markets, and even the food they serve – everything here feels unique. If you enjoy scuba diving, then this place is perfect for you. Even though this country does not accept tourist visas, you can still come over without any trouble.