The Best Places to See on A Mediterranean Voyage

If you wish to explore some of the most stunning landscapes, you should definitely visit the Mediterranean coastline. Home to some of the pristine beaches, azure waters, and beautiful hillsides, you are bound to fall in love with this place. Right from Morocco to Monaco, your Mediterranean voyage will be filled with some of the most spectacular places. So, if you are planning on an exciting expedition, here are a few places that you should not miss out on while on your Mediterranean trip:


There is nothing like the white-washed houses with those blue domes that match perfectly with the deep waters. These houses stand out against the backdrop of the volcanic cliffs in Santorini, giving you a glimpse of the picture-perfect Greek island. While you are here, do not forget to indulge in some Greek delicacies such as moussaka, grilled market-fresh fish, and pastitsio. You can savor all of this while enjoying a scenic view aboard a crewed catamaran in Greece. Vernicos Yachts can help you choose the yacht that best fits your needs.


This is probably already on your list. And why not! It is one of the top Mediterranean destinations of all time. Full of beauty, traditions, and history, this is a place that you just cannot miss. With so many museums, churches, and shops, you might want to stretch your trip to explore all the amazing spots here. But if you do not have a paucity of time, you should visit the Artigas Gardens, Casa Vicens, and Casa Mila. You can even stop by to relish some amazing treats and wine in the city.


Another place that acts as a cultural treasure in Italy. Known for its natural beauty, scrumptious food, and impressive art, Italy is a must-visit spot on your Mediterranean voyage. You would not be bored for a second here as Italy is one country which has the most world heritage sites in the world. While you are here, be sure that you witness Mt. Etna which is Europe’s most active volcano. It is offered as a scenic backdrop to Catania which is known to be Sicily’s second-largest city.


One of the major tourist attractions here is the long white-washed, sandy beaches that will take your breath away. The island nation has to be a top pick on your Mediterranean voyage. You should definitely pay a visit to Dubrovnik which is Croatia’s capital. The spectacular views and vistas offered here are unmatched. This is probably the reason why it has served as a site for various movies and award-winning television series. Also, do not forget to try out the plethora of delicious local seafood here. You should also relish the organic products that are readily available in this wonderland.

These are some of the most amazing places that you will come across on your Mediterranean tour. These places offer you splendid cultural treasures, scenic landscapes, and vistas, along with some of the most prominent and well-known landmarks in Europe. We hope that exploring all these spots will help you make your sojourn a memorable one.