How Shane Kersh Manages Life and Work

My buddy Shane Kersh is without question the hardest working man that I know, he is an attorney who works incredibly long hours and he is very good at his job and has gained quite a reputation in his field. Shane has been this way since he was a kid, always trying to outwork everyone else, even if he wasn’t the smartest at the time. What is stunning about Shane is not his ability to work long hours and win many cases, I always knew he’d do that, but somehow he still has time to go to a bar with friends, look after his 2 children and be a loving husband. We all lead busy lives and here is how Shane deals with his.


Shane is always available for a beer with the guys, as long as you book it in advance because every aspect of his life is planned many months ahead. I get it, this is how Shane has to be in order to make sure that he doesn’t miss anything, that he is present with his family and with his friends, and at work and of course for himself. I thought I was pretty good at planning but Shane’s calendar is on another level.


Something else which I greatly respect about what Shane does is that he implements hard and fast rules about his life which he refuses to waiver from, regardless of what is going on. For example he will always take the kids to school 3 days of the week and pick them up on the other 2, even if he has to go back to work once they have gone to bed. He will also refuse to work on a weekend with the exception of when the kids are in bed. These rules ensure that he is a present father and husband, something which he worried about greatly when the kids came along.

Personal Time

Something which I really admire about Shane is that he still makes time for himself and before he picks the kids up or before he goes home from work, he will head to the leisure center for a workout and a relaxing session in the sauna. This may sound strange but the idea is that he doesn’t want to take his work drama back home with him. Doing things this way not only ensure that he has the fitness and the energy to keep up with this lifestyle, and that he is refreshed and revived before going home to the family but also because it means that he is still getting that little corner of his life for himself. Personal time is important and you cannot be great for others if you are not great in yourself, Shane perfectly understands this and it is why the gym is such an essential part of his routine.

Shane is militant with his planning and his schedule and this is how he is able to juggle so many balls at once.