Educational Transformation

The last few years have been years of discovery, not so much for the children as for their parents. For the first time, many parent laid witness to the content of their children’s class materials and were astonished by the political agenda and sexual influence incorporated into the curriculum. We have long been taught that these sensitive issues were ours to teach our children at the time we felt appropriate and the way we wanted to approach the subjects. Those God given privileges have been stripped from parents. For how long, we don’t know, but we are ready to take back our rights.

Public schools behave as though parents have no alternatives when in fact, they can enroll their kids in private school programs and charters. All these years, funds for each student have been provided to the public schools. If you keep your child out of school for a vacation, as opposed to an illness, you may have experienced a “threat” from the school that you can be charged money for a repeat offense. That is because the school receives money for each day your child attends school.
But what if those funds followed the child instead? Then parents would have the power to tell public schools they will not put up with them teaching their children highly controversial materials. Young children don’t see color or race unless they are taught to do so. They all just want to play with one another and possess no prejudice at a young age. Teaching them that their skin color makes them good or bad people at the age of five is confusing, degrading and damaging to their self-worth. Prejudice does not come naturally, it is taught and at the moment, the schools and media are the ones teaching it.

So, what does the educational future of our children look like now that we are aware of the problem? Can we make public schools change their deviant ways or will we have to pool money with other parents to hire private tutors for our children? Home schooling is not an option for households where both parents must work to keep up with monthly bills.
We can’t expect the system to come up with solutions when it’s not in their best interest. They do what the government tells them to do to receive taxpayer money. We need to take a stand against the existing system to force change. That might mean running for a school board position or taking the school district to court. For those of us who can afford to do so, enrolling our children in private schools is an immediate solution to the problem. But, if we idly sit by and allow the schools to continue to fill our children’s heads with poison, we lose control of the type of human beings they grow up to be. None of us want to raise our children to hate, treat others badly or live a life of misery. We must nip the problem in the bud and stand up for them before the damage is done.