7 Top Tips For Keeping Your Business Premises Clean

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No matter what business you’re operating, cleaning will always be a regular part of the routine. This is especially true if you’re operating in the food and beverage industry or running some sort of industrial business.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some handy tips to make cleaning a breeze.

#1 – Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

This point is likely the easiest way to get your business premises clean and keep it that way. The only downside is the cost of hiring a commercial cleaning company on a regular basis. If it’s within your budget, then this is one of the best options to take, as it leaves your staff free to focus on the tasks assigned to them, rather than spending hours each day or week on cleaning duties.

There are loads of commercial cleaners out there, and some of them specialise in cleaning businesses in particular industries.

#2 – Buy Or Hire a Floor Sweeper Scrubber Machine

A floor scrubber is fantastic for cleaning large floor areas and is perfect for restaurants, industrial areas, factories and warehouses. They also make short work of cleaning up the floors of hospitals, shopping malls and the like.

Sweepers and scrubbers come in walk-behind models and ride-on models for those really large floor spaces. Some machines sweep, scrub and dry all in a single moment, leading to sparkling clean floors every time you clean.

In fact, these cleaning machines are so fast and efficient, you could allocate the floor cleaning duties to a staff member and it really wouldn’t consume much of their workday.

#3 – Don’t Let That Trash Build Up

You don’t want garbage overflowing in your workplace, no matter what industry you are in. You especially won’t want mountains of trash laying about if you’re operating in the hospitality industry.

If your business doesn’t have a team of cleaners on staff, then allocate the job of rubbish removal to one or two employees. If they are tasked with getting rid of the trash on a daily basis, you’ll never have to deal with a nasty build-up of garbage.

Your business will look and smell cleaner for it.

#4 – Delegate Different Cleaning Tasks To Employees

We’ve discussed a few individual cleaning tasks being allocated to employees, such as rubbish removal and floor cleaning. You could take this a step further and draw up a complete cleaning roster and assign different tasks to different team members.

When you do this, chances are you won’t need to call in professional cleaners. If everyone is assigned a particular role either daily or weekly, your business will always be clean, fresh and infinitely more attractive to your customers.

#5 – Make a Point Of Keeping Down the Clutter

Even if your workplace is relatively clean, too much clutter laying about just looks really messy and somewhat disorganised. Not only that, when people do have to clean, but clutter also makes that task so much harder and more time-consuming.

To declutter, you might need more storage space so objects can be hidden from sight. This will free up workspace, make the place easier to clean and the work area will look so much better for it.

 #6 – Provide Cleaning Equipment for Key Areas

If staff are going to be tasked with keeping the business premises clean, then they’ll need the equipment and cleaning products to get the job done satisfactorily. In communal areas especially, such as kitchens and bathrooms, products and equipment should be on hand so that employees can clean as they go. This helps to ensure a clean and hygienic work environment in key areas that really need it.

#7 – Use Matting For Offices

Doormats and matting along corridors and any areas of heavy foot traffic will help to trap dust and dirt and stop it spreading all throughout the office space. This makes cleaning the entire floors so much simpler, as most of the debris will be concentrated in the matted areas instead.

This is a particularly useful idea in times of wet weather, as the mats really stop the spread of rainwater and mud.

The Takeaway

It’s not that hard to keep the workplace consistently clean, whether you choose to hire a cleaning company or delegate the tasks to your employees. Having the right equipment and cleaning products always on hand virtually guarantees a sparkling work environment.