7 Most Popular Casino Games in Japan

Japan accepted online casino gambling a few years back. The market is currently witnessing growth, and because of this, many new sites that are Japanese friendly are currently being thrown into the web.

On the other hand, countries like the United Kingdom have hundreds of slot platforms where you can play some of the best online slots and casino games and this is where Japan currently falls behind, somewhat, but they are now moving in the right direction.

Now, the country still has very strict regulations against online gambling, but people who love online casino gambling in the country would still find many ways of satisfying their online casino games urge. Many online casinos that operate within areas that Japan has no jurisdiction over have actually found ambiguities to help them bypass the online gambling regulations in the country. 

There are some offshore online gambling platforms that accept Japanese players, so enthusiasts from the country can play in any of those. This is the only method through which people that want to enjoy online casinos in Japan can play games and get entertained without breaking the country’s gambling laws.

Most Popular Casino Games for Japanese Players

In online casinos, players are given the chance to enjoy their cherished games through a few clicks of the mouse, and this is what makes online casinos great. If you are searching for the best Japanese friendly online casinos, where players can enjoy varieties of online casino games, including world classics and Japanese favorites, you should get to the Casino Rank. You don’t need to waste time surfing the web to find these, because they’ve been discovered and listed for you. All you need is to move over and start playing.

In terms of the most played online games in the country, we have listed the top seven below.

  1. Slot Games

This has some similarities with Japanese Pachinko game, and it is obviously the most popular casino game in the country. In all the casinos of today, you will always find slot games, and in the best slot casinos, you will have a slots library that runs into their hundreds. They mostly come in two different modes – the free to play and real money modes. Slots are games that can be played easily and quickly and you won’t need any strategies or skills to play them because they are games of luck. Slot games are hugely interactive and there are many types of them out there, including the 3D slots, video slots, multiple pay-lines slots, progressive slots and classic slots.

  1. Baccarat

Japanese high rollers are more interested in baccarat among all the table games. In the online gambling world, baccarat stands as one of the most popular and even the oldest of all the card games. The players only need to master a few rules to be able to play baccarat games. Baccarat comes with a simple objective which makes it easy to learn, and that is trying to be the player to get a number that is closest to nine first. The bets could be placed on a tie, banker, or player. There are different baccarat variations that you can choose from the Japanese online casinos that offer them, and they include the Baccarat Banque, Chemin De Fer, Punto Banco and others.

  1. Poker

Many avid players of casino games in Japan enjoy online poker. In the game, the person that ends the round with the hand that ranks highest wins. This is determined when every player is made to reveal their hands at the end of each showdown. This game is more exciting because it is a game of skill and not just luck. Many variants of poker are offered in the Japanese online casinos, and they include the Razz Poker, Omaha High, and 7 Card Stud Poker, Five Card Draw Poker and Texas Hold’em Poker.

  1. Roulette

This is one of the easiest games to play in the online casinos, and that is because it is fully a game of luck. Because of this, most online casino enthusiasts in Japan love it. In roulette games, the player aims at predicting the exact color, number, or color and number that the ball will land on after spinning. People who are new to gambling or those that have never played online casino games at all are advised to start with this game. The most common types of this are the European, American and French versions.

  1. Lottery Games

They come with very exciting jackpot prizes and are very easy to play. No one would expect lottery games not to be among the most loved casino games in Japan because of the way it is played. In Japan and other parts of the world, the most played lottery games are Jumbo Lottery, Mini Lotto, Lotto 6, Numbers 3 and Number 4 Lottery, and Scratch Cards.

  1. Dragon Tiger

Now, we are looking at the Japanese version of the baccarat game, and as their indigenous game, most Japanese casino game players love it. It is a very simple game where you wager on the hand to win between the tiger hand and the dragon hand. Any hand that gets the higher card wins. If your guess is correct, you win the game. That’s how easy it is. The bettors are given back half of the money they wagered if the tiger and dragon hands get cards of the same value.

  1. Live Dealer Games

The igaming world’s latest addition is the live dealer games. In the bid to bring the experience of the real life brick and mortar casinos online, professional dealers handle the live dealer games with all the features of the land based casino games while players stream them online. This involves the type of shuffling and dealing that happen in brick and mortar casinos during baccarat and blackjack games. In the game, players can talk to the dealers as the game goes on, and they can also chat with other players if they wish to.

Many advantages are to be enjoyed from the best online casino games as against their brick and mortar counterparts. The betting options available in online casinos are more in number, and they are more flexible. You also have many casino games to select from in online casinos while sitting comfortably on your sofa at home – more than you will ever have in the land based casinos.

There are also a lot of bonus offers for players to take advantage of – something you can never get in the physical casinos. But in all these, never wager what you cannot easily forfeit. It is time for Japanese players to check out the online casinos offering their favorite games and play on them.