The top strangest tourist sights to see in the UK

When it comes to travelling around the UK, it’s pretty easy to get drawn into some of the local tourist traps. After all, they tend to be pretty easy to find, especially when you see a line of tourists halfway down the road. Your holiday shouldn’t be about these sort of attractions. You should be focusing on seeing some unique sights, rather than the commonplace ones. If you’re interested in having a truly interesting holiday, why not visit some of the strange attractions around the UK? They will leave you with some memories that you will never forget!

1. Alnwick Poison Gardens

If you’re looking for a bit of danger to spice up your holiday, you should head down to Alnwick Gardens in London. Yes, the garden itself is beautiful, romantic and the perfect place to visit if you’re trying to impress one of the hottest single escorts Manchester has to offer you for a date.  However, if you’re up for “pushing the limits” whilst you are on a date, you may want to go one step further by visiting Alnwick Poison Gardens.

In this garden, you will find only the deadliest poisonous plants and flowers. You should not touch them or eat them, but if you go in you will see cannabis, opium poppies, magic mushrooms, deadly nightshade and even hemlock plants. Even smelling some of these plants can cause some problems. So try to keep your distance and enjoy the danger. Don’t worry. You will have a tour guide that will keep you safe at all times.

2. National Poo Museum

How many times have you been to the toilet and then had one of those weird moments where you start to think about poo? Probably quite a few. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. Well, if you still have some questions about poo, and you want to learn about it on your holiday to the UK, why not visit Sandown in England? It hosts the UK’s National Poo Museum, a museum that hopes to take the taboo out of the idea of poo.

This museum has poo samples in various shapes and sizes that you can view (and even hold). The poo is from humans and animals from both the 21st century and from millions of years ago. The main purpose of this museum is to show us that the taboo of poo is something that shouldn’t be tolerated. Poo is an activity we all do and it unites us. So, why feel uncomfortable about it?

3. Fingal’s Cave

Based in Scotland, this gorgeous cave has inspired some famous figures in history, including Queen Victoria, Matthew Barney, Jules Verne and Pink Floyd. Its fascinating geometric square rocks are amazing to witness as they form a crude walkway to explore the cave forward. The interior looks almost like it has been sculpted by an artist, but in reality, they were created by an ancient lava flow. This cave plays an important part in both Scottish Celtic and ancient Irish legends, especially in inspiring tales like “The Cave of Melody”, where a bridge was made between two caves (Giant’s Causeway and Fingal’s Cave) so a giant could meet his rival.

This is a gorgeous area to visit, especially if you are looking for some fresh air. Just don’t forget to take a picnic with you to enjoy once you have finished exploring the cave.

4. Puzzlewood

Located in Coleford, Puzzlewood is the perfect place to go if you are looking to get away from the world. This gorgeous woodland forest was one of the inspirations behind “The Lord of the Rings” and looks like it belongs in a fairytale. This forest has moss-covered rocks, rock and tree formations, bridge and long winding pathways.

This forest is so beautiful that it has even been used for Merlin and Dr Who. So, if you want to get yourself in the mindset of a fantasy character, or get some inspiration for your own books, it’s worth taking a hike through it. Once you get through it, you can enjoy the local farm animals, gift shop and children’s playground. It’s the perfect place to visit with the family.

5. The Singing Ringing Tree

If you are a fan of sculptures and are around the Burnley area, a unique attraction to go see is The Singing Ringing Tree. This statue was created in 2006 and is actually a tree made out of different sized pipes. That means that when the wind blows, different chores are played around the area. The sounds are always different depending on how much wind there is. It’s worth going to have a quick listen, especially if you bring a picnic and want some romantic ambience on an outing with your partner.

Are you ready to explore the UK?

Exploration in the UK shouldn’t just be about visiting tourist traps. Sure there are the larger monuments and attractions that you can see but don’t forget about the lesser-known ones. They tend to be quieter and have truly interesting backgrounds. If you visit them, you will find that you can get away from the bustle of daily UK life and instead just enjoy the beauty of the area. Isn’t that what a holiday is all about? Getting away from the normal world and simply enjoying yourself.

Have fun!