4 Designers That Create Eco Friendly Handcrafted Art

The artistic “vein” of a creator can push him to conceptions and visual impressions, which neither he nor any of us could imagine! The works of art are the result of inspiration and painstaking effort, which requires devotion and passion, although unfortunately, most artists are usually rewarded with meagre sums of money, for most of their works at least.

In addition to the classic materials used for a work of art (clay, paper, lead, wood, etc.), there are some works of art made from rubbish, recyclable materials or other objects, which we did not think could be the basic material for the construction of artistic creation. Below, we will discover some creators, where their products came from, “unconventional” materials, which are difficult for us to imagine.

Sandhi Schimmel

First on our list is the incredible creator Sandhi Schimmel. The American artist takes recyclable materials and rubbish and turns them into a “treasure” of art. Her best-known work, All American Blonde, consists of tax papers and politically unsolicited emails. Sandhi Schimmel initially tried to create portraits that were more reminiscent of mosaics. So as she was looking for different sources of paper to start her creations, she noticed that all this junk mail in her house was wasted. So he decided to use it for the sake of art, with exceptional results.

Jason Waldron

Taking a walk in the park near you, you will definitely have noticed some corroded pieces of wood, and you will have passed some rusty scrap metal without a second glance. After all, they are just rubbish, right? However, artist Jason Waldron does not see it that way. He knows that even the most humble garbage with the right care can be turned into something beautiful and new. From time to time, we have seen a lot of rubbish and useless materials transformed into unexpected and impressive works of art. All you need is creativity, will and talent.

Jason uses wood and metal scraps, which he collects directly from the ground around his home in central Oregon. He turns them into serpentine and wavy sculptures of animals and people, which seem to start moving at any time. His work shows his deep love for nature and wildlife. This is reflected in the fact that his work is made entirely of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.

HA Schult

An artist who created one of the greatest creations of art from recycled materials in the world. “People of Garbage” was created by HA Schult and was a huge success. Schult created 1,000 human figures from aluminium cans, computer parts and plastic. It took him over six months to complete his work which has appeared all over the world. (Egyptian Pyramids, Great Wall, La Grande Arche in Paris and New York.) It is an imposing work that leaves no one unmoved.

Mirella and Nikol Misfout

In addition to their family ties, these two artists are also united by the same passion for creation. Specifically, these two artists create works of art from recyclable materials, specifically from processed glass, through which they generate jewellery and useful quality objects. Inspiring other people of the local community who are in the city of Corfu, have created a business of MiNiMis, which has made great progress in the local and general domestic market of Greece where they come from, offering something much better and better than a simple consumable product. As they say: “The world can get better with MiNiMiS, so after you Drink it. Save it.”.