3 Important Moments in Modern History That Altered the Course of the World


History is always a fascinating subject to explore. There have been plenty of historic moments that helped shape the present that we know today. There were also a lot of important events that completely altered the course of the world. It is always fascinating to see the way these big events have transformed the way we perceive each other.

Here are three big events that are too important to ignore. We are going to review these three historic moments in this article.

The American Revolution

According to the online master of art in history program at Norwich University, the American Revolution is an important series of events that altered the course of the world completely. It started with the members of the American colonial society revolting against the British Empire in 1765. It quickly turned into a war and ended with the British being driven out of Boston.

The American Revolution officially ended when a treaty was signed in 1783, seven years after a declaration of independence was announced in 1776. That agreement, known as the Treaty of Paris, acknowledges America’s independent state and complete separation from the British Empire.

The independence of the United States wasn’t the only important moment during the American Revolution; in fact, it is not regarded as the most course-altering moment in history. It was the first election held in the United States that experts consider to be the most defining moment in the American Revolution. The world watched and the whole process solidified the US’s influence on the way democracy is seen and practiced.

The Tearing Down of the Berlin Wall

A lot of experts still argue about the importance of this moment in history, but the tearing down of the Berlin wall is, and will always be, a historic moment to remember. There was a lot of suspicion and distrust among Germans at the end of WW2, culminating in the country being split in half by the Berlin Wall.

The fall of the Berlin Wall was an important signal to the world. It marked the beginning of the end of communism and brought power back to the people. The immense pressure the German people exerted on the Communist government changed the course of the world completely.

World War II

According to the online MAH program of Norwich University, World War II was a war that involved almost every major country in the world. The scars from this global war and the marks it left on our history can still be seen even today. The war pushed us further than ever in terms of industrialization and technology. At the same time, it held us back and ripped the economy to pieces.

Without it, however, we may not have pressurized cabins, the Jerry can, jet engines, and computers. The entire modern world we know today is the result of many great inventions fueled by the needs of the competing countries during World War II. That is how important and course-altering the war was, despite the massive loss on all parties involved.