The Best Family Friendly Crazy Golf Venues in London

Moments with your family are priceless. That’s why every activity with your loved ones has real value. One of these activities that manages to bring you even closer through the feeling of fun and joy is the game of crazy golf. Crazy golf is a game quite popular in the city of London, with dozens of venues being built recently to accommodate all these families looking for something unique and memorable. But within these dozens of options that appear in front of you, what are the ones that are really worth your time and money? Let’s discover them one by one:

Swingers Crazy Golf

Swingers is one of the most famous venues in London, with two locations, one in the West End and one in the Oxford Circus. With its modern facilities, classic design, and high quality of its services, Swingers is one of the best destinations for an enjoyable crazy golf game that will excite young and old. The special attention given to the decoration of the space reveals all the critical effort of the people to create a space where the specific game acquires a new meaning. Theatrical scenery, great music and gourmet delights are all combined in a fantastic space that will certainly not go unnoticed.

Crazy Putt London

Crazy Putt is primarily a family venue, and this can be understood by entering it. Its cobbled paths and outdoor greenery throughout create the perfect destination for playing in the sun, full of laughter and happy moments. The artificial waterfalls of the venue with its various levels and dozens of holes create an indescribably beautiful setting where one can play for hours the excellent game of crazy golf while enjoying this incredible landscape that stretches before his eyes. Your kids will definitely love it and will not want to give it up! The ideal choice for the cool days of summer, where the game is the only thing that is on the minds of young and old alike!

Plonk Crazy Golf

The dozens of venues of Plonk Golf prove one thing: that surely what happens in its spaces is something unique and should not be limited to a single area. Plonk Golf owes its success to its team of filmmakers, which means that the imaginative scenery within its venues can not be compared to any other venue in the city of London.

Bright colours, an even more intense atmosphere and the most fun game for the whole family are waiting for you in its spaces! Fun and well-being are guaranteed in all areas of Plonk Golf, which for years has been trying to promote a more modern feel to the game of crazy golf, creating attractive packages for young people and children, which it is impossible to resist! On its premises, one can also enjoy refreshing cocktails, fabulous street food, and fantastic music that further enhances the fun. Book your seats today and enjoy family moments that you will remember for a long time to come.