Key Things to Research for Your Website

Reach for the Little Things That Make You Stand Out

So the internet has suddenly become your new best friend and sales person. Congrats to you on your new hard working employee.

However, just like any employee they are going to need all the help they can get and it comes in the form of tools that make them generate even more interest from your customers.

Here are some examples of what your website can utilise to really bring home the business you want.

Blog Writing

Constantly writing blogs can feel like an overwhelming task at first.

After all, you didn’t get into your business to be a writer, right? However, blogs are an important aspect that relay current information and important changes to your customer base. You may think that your clients and followers don’t want to be sitting reading every day but it all comes down to how you word and present to them.

Look how this blog is worded and presented. Break up your points so it doesn’t seem like a chore to read, giving your customers time to soak in each line. Also, speak to their understanding by not getting too much into your jargon.

You can also look into video blogs giving your company that little bit extra of identity by talking with them directly. In today’s marketplace it is not uncommon for business owners to show their passion by sitting in front of the camera.

Redirections to Additional Information

Remember what we said about jargon?

Well instead why don’t you just give them the option of further understanding what you are discussing by offering a link for additional information. Here you can break down the jargon even further or provide more technical information which the client is more responsive to.

Even if you are linking to other websites that provide articles or news reports etc, it shows that you do your research and have the clients understanding as the first port of call in building a solid working relationship.

Giving your customers and clients as much information and access to additional information stops them looking elsewhere and being attracted to another business’s ease of communication.

Be the business that gives them what they need.

Ease of Interaction

Don’t overcomplicate the interaction of your website. It can be a huge turnoff for visitors.

Having a lot of pages and features is great but if it resembles a Crystal Maze room to navigate then you’ll find your clients asking for the way out to be opened.

If you are trading through your website then make sure the checkout is an easy process for purchasing and getting through. Look into shopping cart software or ecommerce options to provide the smoothest transaction for your customers. Also ensure that information provided by the client is of the highest security.

You want them coming back after all.


You wouldn’t hang a picture on the wall at a slant and you wouldn’t want to eat a meal that was just slopped on a plate in a restaurant, right?

So really take the time to consider if your layout is good enough. If you are using a free web building platform you tend to be restricted in how your website looks, and believe us, people notice.

Consider having a personalised website created that you can have the way you really want it to be and not just a placeholder. Introduce yourselves as a professional body by introducing your team and giving some insight to how they deliver the goods.

Success stories are great with some blurbs from existing clients. This is actually one of the areas that most get visited when you are being scouted by a potential client, so make sure your best customers are presented right at the top to impress.

Don’t go with stock photographs to display your business. People are not fooled that you work in the Shard if your business is based in the North West and is packed wall to wall with professional models smiling brightly. Don’t be afraid to show exactly who you are and why people prefer you as such.

Digital agencies can help bring your business profile online much higher with everything from responsive web design to software requirements, such as Stockport website design firms that specialise in all aspects of transporting your identity into a brand of perfection.