Football Shoes for Different Grounds

Football gets more popular daily. Lots of people make it their hobby to place bets on a Ghanese betting company 22Bet during significant championships. Yet, others go further and start training themselves. In this case, it is better to select the right boots to avoid injuries, and the ground is the main criteria.

FG (Firm Ground)

These boots are designed to play on dense, slightly damp ground. Usually, they have 10-12 round, bevel, or toothed spikes. Their length is 12-15 mm.

Such boots provide excellent grip with a natural soccer lawn and are considered universal and designed for high speeds.

IC, IN, FS (Incourt, Indoor Cleats, Futsal)

IC, IN or FS boots have no spikes. The flat sole with a complex tread pattern provides a good grip on a smooth parquet surface. A flexible rubber sole allows good ball control. The elastic midsole of the footsteps reduces the impact load on your feet.

Also, the sole of such boots is wear-resistant and dirty, leaving no traces on the floor.

TF (Turf)

The boots are designed for playing on hard dry surfaces. The sole is made of wear-resistant hard rubber with many small spikes 5-6 mm long.

MG (Multi Ground)

Such boots have 24 spikes and are designed for different types of coverings. Due to a larger number of spikes than in other models, the load on the foot is distributed more evenly.

MG boots are convenient for training children’s teams.

AG (Artificial Grass)

These boots were developed for use on synthetic lawns. They have up to 24 conical spikes 8-10 mm long. They show excellent grip on third generation synthetic materials. Excellent load distribution on the foot due to a large number of studs.

AG boots can be used on natural lawns. They provide stability on hard surfaces.

SG (Soft Ground)

Boots for playing on natural lawns with soft ground. They have 6-8 round spikes with metal tips. The tips can be detachable.

SG boots are often chosen by defenders and goalkeepers. The excellent grip is essential.

All in all, it doesn’t matter if you are a professional or amateur you need to be careful while choosing boots. So, you will avoid pain and forget about tiredness after a long workout.