Five Struggles of Existing As the Healthy Pal


It can prove a difficult task to live and operate by a specific standard of rules including, eating habits, especially if you have friends with opposite standards. You can find a lot of documented issues about friendships on diverse platforms, including the My Paper Done. But, nothing can compare to the challenges you can face when you maintain a healthy lifestyle amid a group of friends who care none about it.

So, in cases where you find yourself as the only healthy friend among your group, how can you cope? Considering the pressure that amounts when it comes to what you should eat and drink, matters exercise, etc. when you attend sleepovers, school parties, and sweet sixteens’, among others. The other frustrating aspect also involves your friends lacking any considered reason about your stand on matters of health.

To properly understand the struggles you can undergo as a healthy pal, have a look at the following.

The Healthy Friend Struggles

  • The question about the little quantity of your lunch

It comprises among the worst questions. However, you have to stick to a small lunch to reduce the need for packing your lunchbox full of sugary drinks and processed junk. Further, by packing nutritious and healthy foods besides clean drinking water, you will always feel full and energized.

  • The situation of eating once. It can always crop up when friends ask about your lack of eating when food gets brought to your lunch table. But, to avoid the awkwardness that accompanies such a question, you have to brush it off as something that cannot hurt in as much as you can never consider eating lunch.
  • The question about skipping a gym question

Routines have to get set and stuck with at all costs. Therefore, when attending a sleepover or a party, friends can ask you about the need to abscond a gym session when you tell them of your gym plans the following day. Despite the lack of understanding, never deviate from your gym and exercise routine if you can help it.

  • The question about caring very much about the type of food you consume

You can always get this type of question from your friends at a restaurant or a house party. Well, it can prove irritating since they don’t have a care in the world about their health, and similarly, try to intrude on how you manage your health affairs. Everyone should mind their business. Further, anyone who asks why you don’t eat something lacks the moral authority to do so since they cannot ask those who eat things like cookies why they eat them.

  • The question about not exhibiting any signs of becoming fat

Most people prove reactionary to events happening to or around them. It doesn’t make sense to wait and eat healthily after becoming obese rather, you should eat healthy to maintain your health. So choose between living a healthy life instead of waiting for a doctor’s prescription.


Leading a good and healthy lifestyle should become an aspect that you proudly hold on to despite your friend’s take. It’s good enough to make a conscious decision, but sticking and priding yourself with the decision makes it an achievement. So despite the struggles, hold on and stay healthy.