A Guideline on Recovering from Addiction

Human life is a paradox — it has both good times and hard seasons. It is easier to remain positive and focused during happy times, but hard seasons are disappointing and sometimes unmanageable. According to psychologists, an unmanageable season in human life is the biggest cause of addictions and sadly disruption of human life.

Pundits believe that it is crucial to identify the cause of addictions and stress in your life. The assessment, either by a professional or self-diagnosis, must determine if your current life is a product of relationships, financial situations, job, or early life experiences. Identifying the causes is ideal as it dictates the treatment method and more importantly, the treatment period.

This article addresses some of the best and most efficient ways of getting life back on the right path.

  1. Medical detoxification 

Recovery starts with medical detoxification because of the following reasons. People suffering from addiction have two types of injuries, both physical and psychological. For an effective healing process, medical detoxification should be the first step, followed by physiological treatment. Starting the detoxification process with physiological treatment is not advisable since mental health is a product of perception and not the other way round.

Medical detoxification prepares the person to see life from another perspective. Mental healing, according to professionals, is 60% realigning one’s view of life and more importantly, about themselves. It is impossible to change one’s view of life if the body is still suffering from addiction. Thanks to advancements in medical detoxification, entities are now offering a comprehensive approach to medical detoxification with a significant emphasis on counseling.

  1. Control your thoughts

After medical detoxification, the next important step of getting back your life is controlling your thoughts. Psychologists argue that we are products of our thoughts and with the right approach to thoughts,  a healthy life is not farfetched. The following are some of the areas you should change, as far as controlling your thinking pattern is concerned.

How do you view yourself? This is an essential question in the healing journey. After medical detoxification, it is critical to change how you view your life. If you had a skewed view about your life, your abilities, or your future, it is time to change. Studies have shown that a positive look on oneself is the gateway to self-healing and more importantly getting life together.

How do you view the people around you? Perception of people around you is one of the significant determiners of your life direction. Do you value the people around you? If you value people around you, it is impossible to do things they are against, compared to when you do not appreciate them. Among the monks, this is a critical lesson as all the monks view every life decision from a communal perspective.

Finally, you must change your perception of your surroundings. Psychologists point out that the final step of changing your mind and perception is by viewing your surrounding from a different perception. Healing means you have a deeper appreciation about your community, environment, and, more importantly, authorities. Realigning your thoughts to this mode of thinking is vital for self-healing.

  1. Replace addictions with productive routines

This is the final step to healing and detoxification. Addiction is energy and time consuming. In most cases, life depends on satisfying our addictions. However, replacing the addiction with a productive routine is essential. The following is a guideline of finding a productive routine.

First, find something you can enjoy doing. Are you interested in sports? Do you have a passion for the arts? If yes, do a background search on what you need to start. If you have an interest in photography, find which genre of photography is the more eye-catching for you. It is also advisable to consult with professionals in that niche. Selecting a productive routine may sound a simple activity, but it requires a lot of research and consultation.

Second, join an active club specializing in your routine of choice. There are many groups and professional associations on different social media platforms. Select a dynamic group that has mentorship programs or encourage people with different abilities. The main reason you should join an enthusiastic group is for accountability and more importantly for sustaining the passion.

Finally, finding professionals you can be accountable to is essential. The world is full of people willing to help and using this chance is critical. Choose somebody who understands your aspirations and your journey out of addictions. If possible, both you and the accountability partner should draft an outline to follow for a specific period.