8 Shocking Benefits of iPhone Over Everything Other Smartphone Brand

Are you considering investing into an iPhone over another smartphone brand? Here are eight benefits of iPhone that may surprise you!

The lowest-priced phone in Apple’s product line currently retails at $399 in the United States. However, if you want to purchase the most-priced iPhone, you need to part with around $1,499 for the iPhone XS Max. While most people decry the exorbitant pricing of Apple’s iPhone phones, so much value addition goes into these gadgets, making them a must-have for any phone lover.

Are you looking to buy a good phone with impeccable specs and unmatched functionality? Nothing comes close to Apple’s iPhone. Here’re some benefits of the iPhone that often surprise many users.

  1. iPhones Have Enhanced Security

In the year 2015 alone, hackers compromised over 159 million sensitive records in the United States. Part of the reason for the rise in incidents of cybercrime is due to low-end inbuilt security at the development stage. Compared to android and other phones, the iPhone has commendable security features.

Part of the reason you should own an iPhone is for your safety. You’ll effectively have the protection you need against malware, viruses, and other threats that could compromise your security. Your iPhone ensures adequate safeguards against data duplication and data theft.

The high-end security features also ensure data encryption. This helps to keep your data safe at all times. If you’re looking for a phone system that provides data privacy and user identity protection, then the iPhone is the to-go-to phone.

  1. Better User Experience

Are you wondering, “What is the advantage of the iPhone over android? User experience is at the heart of the matter. The user experience should always be a deal-breaker when looking for a phone. You don’t want to end up with a phone that has numerous compatibility concerns.

iPhones have carved their niche in the mobile phone market due to the impeccable standards set for user experience. You won’t have to worry about hardware, customer support, or software functions with your iPhone. The majority of iPhone customers attest to this fascinating aspect of ease of use.

The best thing about the iPhone is its compatibility with most apps. This is when compared to android phones, which often fail the compatibility test when downloaded on specific phone models.

  1. Secure Payments With Apple Pay

Mobile money transactions are slowly replacing conventional banks. With such advances, finding a mobile developer capable of integrating new payment apps that enable mobile payments is vital. iPhone offers the Apple Pay option that introduces additional safety options through digital payments.

Apple pay is now available on the Safari browser. This makes financial transactions across multiple platforms easy and secure.

You can learn more about how to use Apple Pay here and start your journey towards financial freedom. Apple Pay is among the benefits of the iPhone that are worth your every dime.

  1. Variety of Accessories and the Apple Store

Are you wondering what benefits of the iPhone make it a unique brand? iPhone has a unique blend of accessories that include replaceable backs and batteries. With an iPhone, you also get to enjoy built-in inductive charging that’s unmatched.

Further, the iPhone still has a wide range of more fabulous add-ons, accessories and wireless scales. Imagine a phone that’s able to provide blood pressure monitors or even wireless pulse oximeters. Well, the iPhone has all these and more.

You can enjoy a wide range of attachable camera lenses with most of the recent iPhone editions. This makes photography with your iPhone an excellent experience.

You’ll indeed not find these fantastic add-ons on most other Android phones. The other important aspect of iPhones is the productive integration of apps in the Apple Store. These quality apps make the user experience for most iPhone users to be pure bliss.

  1. Accessibility and Settings

A quality phone has to be one that ensures unique accessibility and settings for users. Today, 76% of the population in advanced economies own smartphones. However, these individuals may have visual and motor challenges, which might require better accessibility tools to ensure ease of use.

IPhones ensure secure accessibility options for users with low-vision or those with less accurate motor functions. Such a wide variety of accessibility features makes the iPhone a considered choice for most people. iPhones have spectacular accessibility features for the blind, making the phone considerate of people with special needs.

  1. Integration With Office 365 Support

Microsoft Office 365 is a leading platform for both individual and business-related processes, with its wide range of platforms, including Outlook, spreadsheets, and Word. Owning a phone model that can incorporate an active 365 subscription is a big plus. With your iPhone, you now have the luxury of viewing, accessing, and editing files on the Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365 is a product line under the Microsoft umbrella, which offers subscription services. While this option is available on Windows and macOS, it’s more superior on the IOS. The integration of Microsoft 365 introduces a critical aspect of agility through application innovation.

  1. Less Unnecessary Features

One critical aspect evident with the iPhone is the focus on the essential features. While the iPhone incorporates certain rather unnecessary elements, the developers did a commendable job limiting unnecessary features. This is in comparison with the number of ridiculously useless features on most Android phones.

Compared to the features added by Samsung, Verizon, or Google Play, Apple has done well in limiting the inclusion to the most necessary apps. This is a critical part of ensuring ease of use.

  1. Fast Upgrades

All iPhones run on the iOS system. Compared to the Android system, it’s easy to make upgrades on your iPhone. This makes it easy for most iPhone users to achieve recurrent updates on their systems.

If you have used the Android system in the past, you know how rare it is to get such updates. Most Android phone users still have to make do with older versions of the Android OS. However, if you’re keen on using an updated version of your operating system, then you best settle for the iPhone.

Buy Apple and Get to Enjoy These Benefits of iPhone

Most people lament the premium pricing when buying Apple products. However, most Apple products, including iPhone, ensure value for your money due to the broad range of iPhone features and benefits in the accessories that make these products worth the cost.

With these eight benefits of the iPhone, you can now proceed to buy your smartphone with the confidence of value addition.

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