7 Unique Things to Put in Your Home

Whether you are building your home or already have a home and are renovating it, it is important to make it your own. This can be done by adding unique features and items throughout your home. Continue reading below for seven unique things to put in your home to make it truly and uniquely yours.

1. A New Door

One of the best ways to showcase the uniqueness of your home from the moment that you arrive is to add custom made doors. Guests will notice these doors as soon as they arrive at your home and will see the design that you are able to give. Custom made doors are also very high quality, and they are available in almost any style. These include interior doors, front doors, barn doors that are decorative, French doors for the interior of your home, and more.

2. New Hardware

You can choose new and unique hardware throughout your home to showcase your personality as well. Using the same generic hardware is boring and can seem a bit dated. Visit thrifty hardware stores to find unique door handles, cabinet handles, and more to decorate your home throughout. You can also even make your own hardware for your home from a piece of silverware, rope, or even a wooden shape that you design just for you.

3. Dark Paint or Unique Paint Patterns

Using dark-colored paint is not commonplace in homes throughout the country today. Dark wall color can give a moody vibe to the room in your home. You could also create a patterned look on a wall in your home using paint. This can be done with stencils or by using painter’s tape to put out the design of your choice on a wall before starting to paint.

4. Interior Plants or a Garden

Plants can relieve stress and can bring about a sense of peace and tranquility wherever they are located. Add hanging plants throughout your home, whether that be in the office, living room, or bedroom to add a decorative item and to offer stress relief. You can also design your own unique garden utilizing various ornamental grasses and florals to give a welcoming environment in the front lawn and a relaxing environment in the back. You can sit and enjoy this garden space either way.

5. A Gallery Wall

One easy way to decorate a common area in your home that will also bring up precious memories that are uniquely yours is to design a gallery wall. Add framed photos of various members of your family, canvases, and meaningful pieces of wall decor. Make sure they are organized in a way that reflects your personality and ensures that each piece is able to be displayed for others to enjoy. This will invite others in and will invite them to learn more about you.

6. A Styled Ceiling

The ceiling in your home is probably either a popcorn ceiling or just a basic flat ceiling that is in your home. A ceiling can be a great style point for your home, as long as it follows the style of the rest of the room that it is located in. You can reveal the shiplap and the wooden beams, add a medallion detail that the chandelier hangs from, or do a number of other options.

7. Swinging Furniture

The final option to truly make your home unique on a whole other level is to integrate swinging furniture throughout. There are swinging beds, swinging chairs, and more, that will take you back to your childhood memories. Make sure that any swings that you put into your home are able to be supported by the ceiling before you cause damage to your home. These are truly relaxing and inviting to anyone who enters your home and they are a great option for your own relaxation as well.

If you want a home unlike anyone else’s, consider integrating one of the above options. These will all showcase your own personality and your own design skills. They each allow you to customize in a way that is unlike any other to showcase your unique style.