6 Books That Every Student Should Read

The idea of reading books that teaches vital lessons of life appears to be fading. A number of students now believe that it’s an archaic practice to spend several hours reading a book to learn lessons of life. It’s an erroneous belief which students must reverse. Every student that aspires for greatness in life must cultivate the habit of reading books from great authors. Some books exist that every student should read for vital lessons. Admission Land prepared a list of 6 great books:

1. This side of paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

An outstanding student at Princeton becomes confused and lost after graduation. He realizes that life outside his college is very different from the one inside his college. And now, he has to find himself again. More than that, he has to find out where he fits in his new world.

The content of this book has a remarkable ability to weave emotions of empathy into the heart of readers. Also, it prepares students for those moments when changes occur and teach them how to face challenges of life with confidence.

2. Northwegian wood by Haruki Murakami

It’s a story of love and friendship. In this story, one student has to forget all his principles that he upholds. He has to take up new attitudes to fit into everything that surrounds him.

It is a book that challenges people to love unreservedly. It opens the eyes of readers to see why it’s important to appreciate friendship and love from people.

3. Lolita by Vladamir Nobokov

This novel presents the love between a young man and an attractive lady. The kind of love that this novel portrays is a forbidden one. Its content is fascinating and full of wittiness.

The novel emphasizes the importance of forgiveness, understanding and sacrifice. A lot of students have forgotten these traits. But this novel has the ability to instil these traits into them once again.

4. Hamlet by William Shakespeare

In this book, Prince Hamlet seeks revenge for his dead father. His vengeful spirit couldn’t subside after he realizes that his uncle murdered his father to get to the throne.

This book teaches readers to take full responsibility for all their actions.

5. The Stranger by Albert Camus

This book depicts the story of Meursault: a man who didn’t grieve at his mother’s funeral. In this story, Meursault killed an innocent Arab man and had to face trial in court.

This book makes the young minds to realize how heartless the world can be at times. It also teaches them to measure the ripple effect of their thoughts before they carry it out.

6. To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Jean Louis Finch: a little girl narrates this story. Louis, with her brother and her friend grew curiosity for a man named Boo Radly who lives within their neighbourhood. Boo never comes out of his house, but these three children are ready to know him at all cost. This adventurous story reveals how life treats kids and weak people.

It’s a story that teaches people to show kindness to others regardless of their social status or skin colour.


The secrets of success, wisdom and greatness are all in special books from great minds. To tap into these secrets, grab a copy of each book that we’ve mentioned above and read them.