5 Tips for setting up a mini golf venue in London

Mini golf is undoubtedly a highly entertaining activity, especially in the city of London and its northern side, where this business is gaining more and more supporters, with dozens of venues appearing in its entirety and new businesses starting their financial activities. People who try to enter this industry try to create youthful, modern, and exciting venues to attract as many people as possible.

Minigolf does not meet the needs of regular golf, using smaller venues but deepening the creation of imaginative venues that can offer a complete experience to all visitors. It is a game based mainly on the fun but also the atmosphere created by the game itself. But how can you, as a young businessman who wants to open his own venue for mini golf in London, stand out from the crowd? Let’s discover together the five most important tips:

Do your own research

Every new business idea should be preceded by extensive and detailed market research, whether we are talking about a company that sells products or we are talking about a venue where people can enjoy a game of mini-golf. Being passionate about the idea of ​​creating a venue is not enough to make it happen. From the first steps of your actions, you should make sure that there is this gap in the market and that you can present and implement this idea. Research the London market, which companies will be your competitors and which innovative ideas you are able to offer to the public. All this and even more you should consider long before you are in the implementation of your project.

Get to know your market

Get to know the market you are targeting. This means that you need to identify all the needs and desires of your customers regarding mini golf activity. With this critical information in mind, you will be able to “build” your entire business plan on it. A venue that caters to all ages without any restrictions is definitely a safe tactic to follow. But as it breaks away, you can also try pioneering ideas that will set you apart from the competition and offer you this coveted business advantage over your competition.

Choose the right location

You have to remember that the location of your venue will play a significant role in its success. This determinant will greatly affect the success of this business because, in such a business, you will always have to operate with the most accessible service to your customers. And of course, a convenient and affordable location of your venue in the city of London will give you quite a few positive points in its overall success. So it would be best if you looked for a place that allows you to put into practice all those business ventures that you have in mind while at the same time giving you a strategic advantage.

Ticket pricing

Pricing your services is one of the most important things you should consider when running your business. Of course, this is a rather complicated issue, which should consider the attraction of your customers, the size of the venue and the prices of your competitors. You can gain a competitive advantage solely by your price, but make sure you cover all your expenses. Consider your competitors’ pricing and tailor it to your business needs.

Course’s size

The overall size of your venue determines the number of factors, such as the total amount of your investment, the pricing of your services and the final number of your customers. Of course, we do not ignore the fact that the size of the area that you will use is, in fact, the size to which your business should be “limited”. But even in a seemingly more little space, you can use all your existing space with the right design, adding the proper facilities, modern equipment, and a youthful design that automatically adds value to your business. After all, we are talking about the most critical part of your business: the stadium itself. For such a necessary process, you should trust the best of the kind, such as the team of Plonk Golf Studios, who are ready to create a space that will satisfy your every desire. A place where young people will come to have fun and create memories.