4 Special Spots to Visit in Greece

Greece is the ultimate dream destination for many. With those untouched beaches, rich history, and delectable dishes, it is one of the most extraordinary tourist places. So, whether you are headed for a thrilling experience or planning to spend some time in solitude by the beach, Greece has it all for you. If you have packed up your bags and are all set to explore Greece, we would suggest you stop by the following five spots and make your sojourn extra special:

Ambrosia Restaurant

If you are planning for a luxurious mall in Lindos, you should definitely head to the Ambrosia restaurant. Located directly over the exhibition hall, Ambrosia is one of the most sought-after eateries in the area. The place offers you an opulent ambiance and a tasteful décor that gives the whole space a very aesthetic look and feel. But more than the vibe of the place, it is known for its amazing food and wine. No wonder this is a place that is celebrated across Greece and the entire world.

Tudor Hall

Located by the Kind Lord George Hotel, Tudor Hall is one of the most prominent restaurants in Greece. The place offers an expansive view of the Acropolis, nestled on the seventh floor. So, you would be able to adore the stunning vistas while having some amazing meals here. Tudor Hall is another magnificent place offering some of the best signature cocktails and contemporary Greek food. This is a place that you cannot miss out on when in Greece.


With the status of 2 Michelin star restaurant, you can get an idea of how famous Spondi is in Greece. The place offers a historic and rustic feel as the structure is designed using bricks and stones. Other than the stunning interiors and ambiance of the place, Spondi offers some of the most delectable dishes that make for an extraordinary dining experience. The entire restaurant has a very positive feel to it, thanks to its brightly-lit atmosphere.

Bostani Restaurant Sifnos

Situated in the Verina Astra Hotel, the Bostani Restaurant Sifnos lies right in the middle of a garden that is filled with sweet-smelling herbs and plants. You also get to enjoy the Aegean Sea from the bar and restaurant while you savor your delectable meal. Now, that is an amazing way to put all your senses to work. Bostani restaurant is the perfect place to learn more about Sifnos’s culinary heritage and the Aegean region. So, if you are planning to indulge in Sifnos food, this is the perfect place to be at.


Greece is everything that you can ever yearn for. With some of the most spectacular vistas, extraordinary eating joints, and a relaxed vibe, Greece is where you can have the most amazing vacations. And it can get even better if you visit these iconic spots where you will be able to have a remarkable gastronomical experience and make your vacation a lot more memorable.