The Best Golden Dorado Fishing of 2022

The best golden dorado fishing of 2022 is closer than you think. If you’re tired of run-of-the-mill trout and looking for a new adventure, look no further than the golden dorado. Their unique style and breathtaking habitat are exactly what you need to round off 2022.

Read on to find out all about this one-of-a-kind experience and where you can find the best golden dorado fishing.

The Difference Between Golden Dorado and Trout

The golden dorado is trout-like but it has several differences from its brown cousin.

Coloring is the first differentiation. Dorado actually means “golden” in Spanish, so you can imagine how the golden dorado got its name.

Both fish are excellent and efficient hunters, waiting for prey and then eating it all at once. Because they do not expend much energy hunting, it can be hard to spot them out looking for food. They both eat smaller fish, frogs, lizards, or mice if they are lucky. The best golden dorado fishing is primarily in East-Central and Central South America’s freshwater rivers.

Unlike brown trout, the golden dorado has a very bony, hard mouth. You must strip-set your fly and be ready for that split-second dorado strike. Another marvel of the golden dorado is that a half-pound dorado can eat a 2 – 4 lb meal. Use bigger flies and a stiffer fly rod if you want to keep them on the line and don’t underestimate their sharp teeth and stronger jaws.

Why Golden Dorado Fly Fishing

You have thousands of choices when it comes to fly fishing. Rainbow trout in the Madison River, brown trout in the Yellowstone river. But go further south to find a treasure trove of gold. What makes this dorado so intriguing?

The average golden dorado weighs in at about 8 lbs but, for their size, they are one of the most powerful and hardest-hitting fish in the world. There is nothing like the aggressive strike of this regional apex predator.

If you haven’t fished them yet, this is the year to do it. And if you think you’ve seen the best golden dorado fishing in the past, come meet them today in their natural habitat for a real challenge. Some say the golden dorado aerials are the best in the world.

Where to Find the Best Golden Dorado Fishing

Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay offer year-round golden dorado fly fishing. October to April marks the peak fishing season for this species so a North American winter break is the perfect time for your next fishing trip.

Likely, you’ll fly into Buenos Aires, a phenomenal metropolis with access to the most beautiful and remote wildlife areas, like Patagonia. This gem tucked amid Argentina and Chile has some of the most amazing golden dorado fishing locations.

Look no further than Rio de la Plata. This basin weaves through Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, and Bolivia. Because it goes from rivers to marshes and doesn’t touch the sea, it is freshwater throughout. And the golden dorado loves it here. Otherwise known as “The Sweet Sea,” golden dorados are the rulers of this ecosystem.

What is Needed to Go Golden Dorado Fishing?

In some parts of Patagonia, golden dorado can weigh up to 60 lb. Imagine those behemoths at the end of your line. Let’s take a look at the equipment you’ll need for these strong-jawed fish, as you’ll be blind-casting for golden dorado in the delta.

Bring a rod with a smooth cast but, due to the size of the fish, make sure it’s strong enough to cast large flies.

Because temperatures get high in Argentina, pack or buy tropical floating fly lines. Aggressive front tapers that can turn over large weighted flies are preferred. It doesn’t hurt to bring spools of 30 and 40 lb fluorocarbon or monofilament leader material. Though some golden dorado respond to brighter colors, usually a black dominant, bold silhouette works best.

If a spirited fly fishing experience is calling you, book your trip to fish the golden dorado. A trip to Rio de la Plata and a few days with this apex treasure are the perfect escape to round out 2022.