How To Know Your Vehicle Needs A New Diesel Injector

“Take care of your car in the garage, and the car will take care of you on the road.”

This statement by a famous professional mentalist, Amit Kalantri tells us how we should be taking care and servicing our vehicles from time to time for their smooth functioning on the road.

We all know the importance of a good engine for your vehicle, and how much care and service it needs at regular intervals of time. Every vehicle needs maintenance at a regular time period, and you need to get it serviced every few months to get everything checked. One of the important components of a vehicle’s engine is the fuel injector. A fuel injector is a component that delivers fuel and assures clean and efficient combustion. It helps in the good performance of the engine. 

What is a diesel fuel injector and how does it work?

A diesel fuel injector is a component present in the engine of the vehicle that is responsible for fuel delivery to the engine using a valve. The valve is electronically controlled and opens & closes quite frequently in a minute. The major functions include:

  • Providing fuel to the engine,
  • Controlling the quantity of fuel,
  • Adjusting the time of injection, and
  • Converting the fuel into the spray. 

A fuel injector has a nozzle and injector body. The injector body consists of combustion chambers, where the fuel is pressurized and then sent to the nozzle. The nozzle is very small, therefore the fuel is atomized and efficiently burnt. 

Symptoms Of A Faulty Fuel Injector

Fuel or diesel injectors are prone to get damaged after continuous usage and no maintenance. Once your vehicle reaches a milestone of 150,000 kilometers, you need to get the injector changed. However, if you find something troubling your car engine, here are some signs that might help you figure out the fault in the injector. 

  1. Engine Misfiring

When the combustion in your injector is not happening properly, it might lead to an engine misfire. When you face it frequently, it is probably high time you get your injector replaced.

  1. Rough Idle

If you find your vehicle cranky and making some weird noises, the fuel injectors might not be delivering the fuel properly. 

  1. Check Engine Warning Light

The least you can do to check the engine warning light frequently. There might be various reasons for the blipping light, and one of those could be because of a faulty fuel injector.

  1. Smell Of Fuel

If you find the smell of fuel inside your car, it might be because of some leakage, which can be inside the injector. 

  1. Improper Emission

When a vehicle emits too much smoke, it might be because of incomplete combustion. This can happen because of clogged filters and deposits in the injector.

  1. Poor Fuel Economy

A faulty injector may cause poor fuel economy for your vehicle.


To conclude, if you find any of these symptoms or signs, take your car to the mechanic and get the injector replaced because it is one of the important components of a car engine.