What Can I Expect on a Rhine River Cruise in 2022?

The Rhine is a magnificent river that begins in Switzerland and drains into the North Sea. It passes through old castles, terraced vineyards, riverside villages and many other interesting attraction sites. It is among the most popular cruising locations in the world. During your voyage along this river, there are several scenic vistas you can expect to see:


While on a Rhine River cruise, you will experience sailing through the gorge, which is a 40-mile-long UNESCO site that has quaint little villages, rolling vineyards and picturesque cliffs. The location has over 40 fortresses and castles that stand on hilltops. It was declared a UNESCO site. It also has different flora and fauna that thrives in the area. You will also see the Lorelei Rock, which also has a scary myth about it. It is said that a siren plunged to her death from the rock and now haunts the area. The siren lures the sailors with her beautiful voice, and they perish in the waters below.

Cologne Cathedral

This is a major landmark in Cologne and is a world heritage site. It has an impressive gothic structure that makes it very conspicuous. Moreover, inside, it has stained glass windows and arched ceilings. Moreover, there are over 100 galleries and 36 museums in Cologne.


This city is situated between three international borders: France, Germany and Switzerland. Therefore, be ready to explore the convergence of languages, cultures, and cuisines. You can see many historical sites which are close to one another in Basel. While there, visit the Botanical Gardens.

Basel has over 30 museums. You can visit the Paper Mill Museum that highlights the history of paper throughout the decades. Visitors can also be allowed to assist in their workshops to get hands-on experience. The most famous landmark in the city is the Basel Munster, which was constructed using red sandstone. If you want to see wild animals, visit the Basel Zoo, which has Cheetahs, Kangaroos, Snow Leopards, Elephants and Spider Monkeys.


This is a popular Christmas stop while cruising. It is situated in Germany and is an amazing place to shop, walk, sample wine, enjoy the local treats and visit castles. One of the local treats you can sample is Rüdesheimer Kaffee which is an alcoholic beverage made from flambé brandy and whipped cream. It is placed in a specific type of cup and was invented in 1957. It is loved by everyone.

Neuschwanstein Castle

This castle is situated in the heart of Germany and is a famous tourist attraction site. It is located in the Black Forest and was an inspiration used by Walt Disney on their popular animation movie, Sleeping Beauty castle.


This town is known for World War II Nazi rallies and the trials of war crime suspects. Visitors can explore the documentation centre which highlights the history of Nazi.


There are so many cities, towns and countries that you can explore while cruising. Some attraction sites you can expect to see are castles, vineyards, big metropolitan cities, quaint little towns, many historically rich attraction sites, delicious cuisines of over 50 cultures and traditions and many more. The list goes on. If you desire to go on a vacation where there are endless things to explore, try a river cruise in Europe!