What British buyers should know about property in Costa Blanca

About Costa Blanca

One of Britain’s favourite holiday spots in the world is Spain. It’s reasonably close to home, yet it’s filled with sunshine and beautiful beaches.

One particular area of Spain that has proven to be increasingly popular is Costa Blanca, located on the south-eastern coast.

Costa Blanca Beaches

When it comes to stunning beaches and jaw-dropping natural beauty, there is no shortage of it in Costa Blanca. You can spend all day relaxing on the sandy beaches, by the crystal clear waters. If you’re more of an adventurer than a relaxer, Costa Blanca has plenty of mountains, valleys, and forests for you to explore.

Costa Blanca History

Being a Spanish coastal area, Costa Blanca has loads of history that tourists enjoy coming along to learn about. In the past, Spain wasn’t one country but was a collection of smaller kingdoms.

Throughout its history, Spain has done plenty of invading, but also plenty of being invaded- much like Great Britain.

As a result, history that you can explore fills the area. This includes castles, ruins, museums, and much more.

Costa Blanca Modern Culture

In the present day, the high concentration of immigrants combined with the locals who have placed a high value on tradition, provides everyone with a melting pot of cultures, enabling you to have a wide selection of activities and food.

If you don’t want to cook, there is no shortage of restaurants at Costa Blanca.

When you visit Costa Blanca, one thing you’re likely to notice is just how friendly and welcoming all the local people are. People will welcome you with open arms, and make you feel like you are a part of their community and not just a visitor.

Be sure to treat Costa Blanca like it’s a part of you. Embrace it, and make the most of it, but be sure to treat it with respect.

Spanish vs British House Prices

I respect that buying a whole house can seem rather extravagant to some. But it’s important to remember that house prices in Spain are significantly lower than they are in the UK.

Apart from Monaco, the UK has the highest house prices in Europe. Over here a house of 120m2 will average around €21,179.

Spanish House Prices

In Spain, a house of the same size is closer to €4978.

If you’re buying a house to be used as a holiday home, you can save even more money by just buying an apartment rather than a whole house.

However, just because homes in Spain are cheaper on average, that’s not to say all Spanish houses are in the same price bracket!

Costa Blanca House Prices (Vs the rest of Spain)

The average cost of property in Costa Blanca is €1557 per square metre.

Of course, you can buy property in this country for a much lower cost, but if you do so, you won’t have access to the incredible beaches that Costa Blanca has to offer.

There are several reasons why houses are more expensive in Costa Blanca than they are in other parts of Spain. Coastal towns are usually more expensive, plus this particular area is incredibly popular with tourists, and the crime rates are remarkably low.

Types of property in Costa Blanca

What type of property you should buy will depend on why you wish to move to Costa Blanca.

Holiday Homes

If you only wish to go there once or twice a year for your holiday, it can be best just to buy a single apartment, they can be either one or two bedrooms, depending on the size of your family.

Such a place will cost you between €50k and €200k, depending on how luxurious you want it to be, and what part of Costa Blanca it’s located.


Should you wish to move to Costa Blanca permanently for retirement, it will be wise to purchase a property close to one of the town centres. You will want to be close to shops, doctors, and other facilities that can make your life more comfortable.

In this situation, you might not need a big house, particularly if you will be living alone. €100k is an average price that you can expect to pay for such a property.

Family Homes

The only demographic who will be almost certain to require a whole house are people who wish to move there to start a family.

A house in Costa Blanca will be between €200k and €700k. The cost of the house will vary depending on the number of bedrooms, location, and facilities within the home.

People who choose to move to Costa Blanca to begin a family should make sure to locate themselves close to a good school, and places to work.

Recent Events

Recently, certain world events might have changed how easy it is to buy a property in Costa Blanca. The two biggest ones are the Corona Virus and Brexit.


Due to the Coronavirus, travel between Spain and the UK isn’t as easy as it used to be. As a result, buying property over there is also more difficult.

However, this is a temporary issue. Once the vaccine has become mainstream, it’s almost certain that within a year or two, the situation will be back to how it was before.


Brexit, on the other hand, is slightly more complicated.

Immigration to Spain will not be as simple as it was in the past, and whether or not you’re eligible to live there will be up to Spanish Home Office.


Costa Blanca is a massive place. One town that we would highly recommend is Jaeva, located in the North of Costa Blanca.

The lack of high rise buildings makes Jaeva a picturesque and relaxing place to live or visit. You’ll be able to look out at sea, and not have to worry about your view being obstructed by large buildings.

In Jaeva, a large mountain protects the town from storms that come from other parts of Spain. As a result, people who live there get to enjoy the sun and the gentle air all year round.


Hopefully, now, you have a better idea of what it’s like to buy a house in the Costa Blanca area of Spain.

Whether you wish to start a family, retire, or just have a holiday home, it’s a lovely area to have a property.