Travel ideas for gamblers: from Canada to Latin America

Lovers of casino games are always looking for new experiences. It is true that man is a creature of habit but discovering new opportunities to do what he likes best is always a huge satisfaction.

Therefore, visiting new casino halls is something fascinating because the experience combines a trip and the favorite activity when it comes to recreation. In that sense, a good option is to see new spaces that offer casino games in Latin America. And if it is with free time, so much the better.

Why? In the last two decades, gambling has achieved in Latin America a more ordered framework, although not definitive. This is also replicated in the number of new gambling rooms on the Internet and online casino bonuses in Canada available, with players also willing to travel around the world. Yes, online casinos have flourished in Mexico and the rest of the region thanks to Internet penetration in homes first and through mobile devices later.

In this way, and before starting with the tour of the best physical casinos in the region, we can emphasize that any player of online games can access these days the best entertainment offers. However, it’s worth taking into account that to fully enjoy this type of entertainment it’s advisable to register exclusively in legal casinos. To do so, we emphasize the importance of choosing an online casino to play safely.

Let’s go to the tour: when choosing a casino abroad, you should bear in mind some issues: distance, budget, patience and confidence. Most of the first level sites that offer gambling in Latin America are linked to hotels.

Thus, the facilities can be very attractive for travelers because many accommodations have, for example, swimming pools, sea outlets, VIP lounges, first class food and more than comfortable rooms.

Below, we will list 3 of the best casinos in Latin America based on their own experiences and reviews of players who have traveled especially to different parts of the region to simply do what they love most, play in a safe environment:

1. City Center Rosario – Argentina

Located in the center-east of the Republic of Argentina, the City Center Casino of Rosario has everything you need to spend an incredible few days there. With barely a decade of life, this space is one of the most recommended at TripAdvisor.

The casino has dozens of slots, a wide range of table games such as blackjack and ‘punto y banca’ – known as baccarat -, roulette tables and a special room for Bingo. The hotel is luxurious, 5 star, and has restaurants, a convention hall and even a shopping centre.

2. Sun Monticello – Chile

On the other side of the Andes Mountains in the Southern Cone, in Chile, is the renowned Sun Monticello. There, travelers can start by enjoying a good wine and then move on to the impressive gaming room with more than 1,500 slot machines, nearly 90 table games such as roulette, very exclusive VIP lounges and bingo tables.

The gastronomic offer is also very rich and, of course, everyone speaks Spanish but also English.

3. Ocean Sun Casino – Panama

If the idea is not to travel so far, half the continent offers an incredible gaming room: the Ocean Sun Casino in Panama. Unlike the South American casinos listed above, this option has an extra, the proximity to the sea.

Located on the Bay of Panama, this exclusive casino games room is housed in a 70-story tower overlooking the Pacific Ocean. While its facilities are not incredibly huge, the casino has 600 machines, dozens of tables to play cards and roulette, a rooftop restaurant and bar, and dream rooms.

The casinos are designed to immerse the customer in a safe and welcoming environment. That world is different from the one outside. Even the sounds of the machines are designed to make the players feel like they are constantly being handed out prizes. Everything is designed to keep you playing.

For many it can be certainly curious that professional casino players prefer to play at tables full of people. There are many reasons to make this decision, the more people at the tables the slower you play and the more time there is to think about each move. Let’s not forget that courtesy prizes are linked to the time a player spends at the casino.

This is our proposal to travel around Latin America in search of the best casinos to have fun.