Top-rated attractions in Maryland

The small but historical state of Maryland is separated by the Chesapeake Bay, which cuts the state in half. In all these years of its existence, it has experienced the enormous changes that have taken place in its region from all the wars that have taken place and changed the course of history. Its territories also underwent enormous changes during the Industrial Revolution and every critical period in all the years of the nation.

Despite the small size of the state, inside it, one can find many natural attractions such as rocky mountains and beautiful coastal areas. In between, you will find lakes, rivers, and beautiful trails in the American countryside that guarantee unique moments of exploration and discovery. The state of Maryland can please any kind of visitor because with its rich history, its special morphology, and its excellent natural environment, it will not leave anyone unsatisfied.

Fort McHenry National Monument

Walk the fortress walls, tour all areas of the building, and experience all the historicity that overflows inside them. Built-in 1803 to protect the entrance to Baltimore Harbor, it is a historic fortress of the state and the entire nation.

National Aquarium

In Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, the building houses countless species of the marine ecosystem and more. A huge range of birds, mammals, and various plant species are waiting for you in their spaces to discover all the magic of the planet earth. The name may deceive you, but the place offers much more than a presence of marine life, as, in its premises, it can discover a general picture of the available flora and fauna.

The Walters Art Museum

The Walters Art Museum has the reputation of being an excellent museum that showcases all aspects of world art over time. The ancient art of Egypt, Greece, the Roman Empire, and Byzantium are all available to study indoors. The excellent work that has been done in the interpretive material of the museum allows its visitors to learn details about the ancient civilizations, which they probably did not know until now, enriching their knowledge with important works and discoveries of the past.

Baltimore Museum of Art

Continuing with another art museum, this time with the Baltimore Museum, with a huge range of works of art totaling 95,000 works by artists, including works by the great Pablo Picasso, Paul Cezanne, Vincent van Gogh, and Andy Warhol, and many more. The works of art are not limited to paintings, as inside the museum, there are exhibits from all periods of humanity, covering a large percentage of cultures, through various fabrics, ceramic and jewelry constructions, even furniture that continue to impress even today visitors. In addition, inside the building, you can enjoy a wonderful meal overlooking the Chesapeake Bay in one of the state’s most famous restaurants, Gertrudes.

Ocean City Boardwalk

We could not miss the 3-mile wooden walk in Ocean City, which is rightly considered the best in the country of America. But in addition to the walk, you can enjoy it. You can also climb the historic Ferris wheel, the special shops of the area with tourist items and wonderful tasty options. There is also a tram used to transport visitors between the sights, while on the beach you can enjoy various cultural events for free.

In closing, we would say that the state of Maryland, despite its small size, can impress any visitor who is lucky enough to pass through its parts. To be able to visit all the above-mentioned places, you should solve your transportation problem by using a rental car, which will offer you a permanent solution throughout your visit to the state. You can go to one of the dozens of Enjoy Travel stores to get the vehicle of your choice at the lowest market price, so you can get a complete picture of this tiny state, but significant in cultural and historical value.