5 Secrets of the Carp Fishing Masters

There is a wonderful quote in the Wikipedia article about carp, referring to them as “the queen of rivers”. The article goes on to describe just how highly prized this fish breed is when it comes to coarse sports fishing. This is, apparently, the fastest growing market when it comes to angling and there are good reasons for its popularity. The thrill of the chase and the incredible specimens that can be landed in our local waters and elsewhere.

Every angler or coarse fisherman is always after improving their experience and skills. We all look to learn from the masters. The equipment and baits used are certainly foundations of the experience, more information available here for example, but the very top sportsmen have some other tips and secrets of their success that may not be so immediately obvious. We will take a look at just five of the top recommendations you can use to upskill.

1. Be organised

Before you take on a venue do your research, what have others said about that patch of water? Is there a time that is more crowded with other anglers and so should be avoided?

When it comes to your equipment the last thing you want to do is find you do not have the spare hook you now desperately need, or it turns out you would love to lay some ground bait but you just do not have any. Think about the way you are going to execute your campaign and ensure you have everything you require for it.

2. Be observant

Take your time to walk around the pond or lake. Try to read the water and look for signs of fish or routes they may take. Where are the weeds and shady areas? Look for any signs of fish feeding, places where insects are in abundance, insect eating birds can give an indication for example. Are any of the bank areas churned up from other anglers before you? Have the flexibility to station yourself where you note the fish are.

3. Keep a tight enough clutch

The last thing you want is for the big one to just power away from you, have a clutch that is tight enough that you can control or stop the initial run and bring the fish in the direction you want. Be in control of what is happening.

4. Get creative with your bait

As well as glugging your boilies to make them more attractive consider other options such as adding some maggots on alongside your pop-up boilie for that extra appeal on difficult catch days.

5. Select the right equipment

This includes making sure you have a rod with sufficient flex to cast the lead far enough out to meet your needs yet still stiff enough to control the fight of the biggest fish you are likely to land in the water of your choice.

Make sure your hooks are not just of the right size for both fish and boilie/bait but also the shape and style. Wide gape is best for surface fishing or pop ups but if you are bottom fishing then you will want a long shank hook.

We hope these additions to your arsenal will bring you the luck you deserve. Happy fishing!