Relocating your home office to Los Angeles

A home office is a great option for anyone who has to be home with their kids or for those who enjoy the freedom that working from home offers.

If you’re looking to take advantage of that freedom and move to a new city, there are few things you’ll need to consider before making the move.

Choose the right moving company

One of the most important considerations when relocating to a new city is choosing the right removal company.

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways for you to find the best Los Angeles moving company and one that will be perfect for your needs.

Firstly, you’ll want to narrow it down to three options (usually based on location, price, and size of their fleet) and give them a call and get a quote.

One of my deciding factors is the service I get when talking to them on the phone, but mainly it comes down to price. Don’t forget to ask if they offer any insurance with the move. 

Don’t overpack

This tip seems like common sense, but it’s worth pointing out that you should only take home office equipment with you to your new home that you really need.

Don’t overload yourself with too much “stuff” to move.

No one wants to move something only to throw it out when they arrive at the new home. 

Invest in a lockable filing cabinet

Even if you are going to be renting, it’s worth investing in a locking filing cabinet for your home office.

You should store important documents in a safe place to avoid any issues with your home insurance provider.

It’s also a great way to stay organized and get those pesky papers off your desk and into the cabinet. 

Make sure the location works well for business contacts

If your work means that you will have business contacts coming into or calling your home address then having somewhere suitable to entertain them is important.

This doesn’t mean you have to splash out on a home office with a sofa and coffee machine. Actually, talking about coffee machines, let’s be honest, no home office is complete without one.

If you don’t have a coffee machine you’ll definitely need one for your new space. You can learn more about espresso machines by clicking the link.

Make sure your location suits the type of work you do

Similar to the above, when choosing where to base yourself, consider the types of new clients you’re likely to meet.

For example, if you run a supply management company you’ll need a space suitable to go oversupply planning, production planning, inventory planning, capacity planning, and distribution planning.

Hint, you might need more space than you initially thought. 

Click here to learn more about supply chain management procedures.

Don’t give up.

Los Angeles home offices can be great

With some careful planning and consideration, you should be able to have a home office that suits your needs. When thinking about home office equipment remember that you should only take what you need with you.  

Most importantly, take your time when deciding on the final destination.