Taking your Events Management Business from Freelance to Full Time

Taking your Events Management Business from Freelance to Full Time

Looking to go from a freelance event management business to full-time? This article will help you through the steps needed to achieve your goal.

Understanding What You Need to Do First

A lot of events management business owners believe that they can simply stop taking events and become a full-time events management company immediately.

If you try to do it this way, you may upset your current list of clients by rescheduling or missing crucial dates. The workload alone could be crippling.

Instead, you need to take on some events that will allow you to transition slowly.

This allows you to build up your events management company’s client base while also allowing you time to develop systems for managing the events yourself instead of working on them as a freelancer.

Getting Your Own Clients

If you’re looking to take your business full-time, you’ll need to start filling up that pipeline with an abundance of clients.

Start to take bookings that are months away. Of course, doing this means having to touch base to make sure you’re tracking well and they don’t cancel, but that’s much easier than finding new clients.

If you’re struggling to find clients, consider working with events management companies to help build your portfolio. I’d recommend offering a little kickback if you decide to do this.

Developing Systems for Managing Events

You may want to consider developing systems now so that your events management company’s processes are much smoother when you begin taking events full-time.

This website gives you a good example of what it takes to succeed as a full-time event management company.

You should have an events calendar, task managers, a time management system, and other systems in place to help you take events quicker without feeling overwhelmed or missing deadlines.

Developing these systems now will save you a lot of headaches later.

Build industry-relevant relationships

Statistics show that a high percentage of events management company owners have less than one year in the industry.

Learn more about industrial growth and failures by clicking the link.

It’s important to start building strong professional relationships now so that when the day comes that you do decide to go full-time, you have a solid foundation with events management companies and planners.

If you’re looking for events management events, events industry conferences are a great way to make connections.

Let’s say you’re based in San Diego, it would be advantageous to start building relationships with some San Diego movers now so that if you need to move any large set’s they know who’s calling.

Gaining Experience Managing Events

While events management companies should be focusing on developing systems and gaining events management business clients, you can also start looking for events to take over.

By taking events that aren’t too overwhelming, you’ll begin to discover what it’s like managing events full-time. You may even discover areas where you’re lacking event management skills.

You should be gaining as much event management experience now so you can transition smoothly when the time comes!