International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2019

Avast ye, bucko! September 19th marks Talk Like A Pirate Day. This parodic holiday is the perfect excuse for landlubbers and seadogs alike to don an eyepatch, pull on some breeches, and have fun talking like a treasure-hunting buccaneer!

How Talk Like A Pirate Day started

Talk Like A Pirate Day started out as a joke between John Baurs and Mark Summers. They were two ordinary guys from the States, who thought it would be funny to speak to each other in pirate slang for one day of every year.

When comic and author Dave Barry got wind of the joke in 2002, he worked his magic to help turn Talk Like A Pirate Day into an official holiday. Every year since, people across the world have been having fun dressing up and speaking like Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow and other popular pirates.

Ways to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day

There are plenty of ways to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day – and, believe it or not, they don’t just involve speaking in pirate slang.

You could throw a hearty feast for your friends, featuring pirate favourites like fish, pickled eggs and cheese. You could stay in for a movie night with buccaneer-themed blockbusters, such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Hook. Or you might even choose to play swashbuckling slot games online, such as Pirates Plenty and Captain’s Treasure.

For a full list of ways to get involved in Talk Like A Pirate Day, check out the guide below, brought to you by the crew at bgo.