Some folks have a soft spot for very eco-conscious cities. These are cities that show concern for their environments. Therefore, folks who appreciate such an environment must take note of these cities that have adopted the environmental-friendly approach.


This was established as the first European Green Capital in 2010 and is one city that pleasures eco-conscious visitors. The hotels in the city adopt earth-friendly housekeeping and energy conservation programs. Some restaurants choose to grow their herbs whilst organizing courses on organic cultivation.

It is said that the recycling plants in Stockholm are running out of rubbish. The city comprises parks and natural reserves such as the Royal National City Park which boasts some of Europe’s densest oak forests which are surrounded by oceans, lakes, and islands.


This Asian city has been adopting the green plan for over 25 years in a bid to ensure that the energy efficiency and quality of the water and air in the city are addressed. The city has a goal of having zero landfill waste by 2050.

Singapore carved a niche as one of the first cities to introduce a traffic congestion toll, and this is alongside a very famous top-notch public transport system. Regardless of its compact size, new parks and green corridors are created occasionally, alongside its four nature reserves.


For a city with a rapidly increasing population, it is one of the world’s cleanest cities to behold. Things like thorough recycling, bicycle networks and green energy are promoted in the city.

Vancouver boasts a supposed 200 parks, as well as an aquarium where whales can be heard interacting as they pass by underwater microphones which are placed very close to offshore.

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There was no way one city in God’s own country wasn’t making this list. San Fransisco has proven to be progressive in leading the way through initiatives that promote green and cleanliness. The city boasts one of the world’s highest rates of composting and recycling.

Restaurants that operate in the city smile on local and organic products while the farmers’ markets in the city are one of a kind. Bicycle riders are bound to have an exciting time in San Francisco as they can travel whilst exploring waterfronts and the green-laden Golden Gate Park.


Adelaide can easily pass for the greenest city in Australia and they are on the right path. This is because they’ve vowed to address climate change by introducing an electrically powered transport system and a street lighting system that will conserve energy.

They have a goal to make the city carbon neutral by 2015 whilst channeling 1% of its rate to a fund for climate change. The state government has put measures in place to help out citizens in their installation of solar panels and other energy-efficient devices.


Helsinki is the capital of Finland and it can be recalled that the government launched a sustainability action plan 25 years ago and has been implementing it ever since. Helsinki sits top in the European Green City index and there are plans to make it carbon neutral in 25 years.

The city boasts a very low pollution rate and almost all the land area is covered in nature reserves and parks.


This is a megacity but they’ve made significant efforts to reduce the effect of greenhouse gases and eliminate traffic congestion. London’s public bike system is top-notch and boasts about 10,000 bicycles which can be found at 700 docking stations scattered across the city.

It must be known that about 47% of the city is now green and blue space and this is a major plus hence its inclusion in the list.