Glo’s Yoga Online Classes Provide Clarity in a Busy World

Today’s modern world is defined by being busy. There are friends to keep up with, families to spend time with, a job to constantly improve at, hobbies to explore, and so much more. It can often feel overwhelming. You are also supposed to stay healthy in some way. Glo’s yoga online is a great way for busy people to incorporate more movement into their day.

Glo’s yoga online has thousands of different classes for all fitness levels as well as lifestyles. They have classes in meditation and Pilates too to help you strengthen your whole body and get your mind fit to conquer the world.

What are some of the yoga classes that are available through the yoga online platform?

Yoga Nidra for Total Well-Being

Yoga Nidra is all about consciousness and getting to the state between sleeping and waking. This practice will help you discover your inner self while also helping you get the benefits of relaxing. The whole practice is done while in the pose savasana. Jo Tastula leads this three-week class to help you reach your five layers of being to create an essential self. It was designed to create better sleep, a greater sense of well-being, and reduce your stress.

Week 1

The first week of this yoga online class has two classes that last fifteen minutes each. You will begin by approaching the densest layer of the self, the physical being. This is called the annamaya kosha. AS you lie in savasana, you will do a complete body scan, becoming aware of every sensation as you breathe through your entire body. You will begin to experience a sense of peace as you create the greatest awareness of your body.

The second class of the week focuses on discovering the life force within your body, otherwise known as the pranayama kosha. The energy force will drive your awareness to the sensations during a body scan but you will also be bringing more awareness to your vital energy throughout your body. The energy is closely related to your breath. Jo will lead you to light up your entire body and infuse it with light to help you go about your day with a relaxed and positive attitude.

Week 2

Week two begins with a class dedicated to encountering your mental self. As you explore the manomaya kosha, you will explore your thoughts, senses, and feelings. Deep relaxation of the body will allow you to focus on your breathing as you dive into the next layer of self. You will focus on helping your mind heal by resting and restoring your best thoughts. Jo will lead you through a class of imagining your thoughts without judgment or reaction.

Next, you will journey to connect with your intuition and intelligence. The vijnanamaya kosha will allow you to focus on connecting to the constant stream of thought. You will begin with a 61 point body scan, relaxing each point of the body. As you experience and connect to your intuition, you will gain a greater understanding of who you are at your core.

Week 3

Next, Jo will lead you through a class to experience the blissful body, known as the anandamaya kosha. The subtlest body represents your highest self and it is the final layer of self. Jo will lead you through a practice to have more expansive joy and internal freedom as you release yourself from judgment and guild. You will move progressively through each body and complete the journey in the center of the self, the heart. As you begin to grow the sense of love in your body, you will connect truly with your whole being.

The final class focuses on bringing the knowledge all together to connect to your most authentic self. The yoga Nidra will encourage you to choose a statement that connects to your truest self.