What Are The Best Options When It Comes To Buying Land In California?

There are some great options for buying land in California, and those who want to get a good price for their land have several ways of doing that. Those determined to get a good size piece of land in the state can find what they are looking for, for any purpose that they need it for, as well. Below are some of the best options and tips for buying land in California.

Check Out The Land Auctions

Many land auctions happen in California, and those who want to get a good price on the land can check them out. The land auctions are put on by private parties and the government. The auctions can become a bit intense, but as long as someone knows what they are getting into when they go to one and have a budget in mind, they can bid on the land.

Consider Farmland And How Much Is Available

Those who want a large piece of land will find the best option in farmland. They can check out Humboldt County rural land and see how open it is. If they know what they want to do with the piece of land, and they feel that a blank space is all that they need, then they can buy any type of large, rural property and make it work.

Buying With Cash Is The Better Option

Another thing for people to consider when buying land is how they are going to pay for it. If they have enough money saved up to buy the land outright, then the best way to pay for it is with cash. They can get a better deal on the land when they buy with cash, and they might need it if they are going to look into land at auctions. They can also convince a property owner to sell their property to them instead of another bidder when they offer them cash, and they will want to have this advantage so they can get what they want.

Look Into Using The Internet To Buy Land

The internet is a great resource to use for buying land as it will help someone consider all of their options and also help them if they want to buy it directly through it. They might feel more comfortable with seeing the land in person before they decide whether or not to buy it, or they might want to get it immediately before someone else decides they want it. Buying the land online is one of the easier options, and if they are stuck at home or have too much else going on, then they might want to do that.

Keep An Eye Out For Land In Every Location

One of the best things to do when shopping for the land is to be open-minded about it and where it is located. If someone wants a large piece of land, then they need to think about all of the Humboldt County rural land and all kinds of options in the area. They need to think about how large the land needs to be for the things they will do with it, and they need to consider where they want it to be located. If they want to get as far into the country as possible, then they will enjoy some of the more rural areas. They will also get a better deal on the land the further they go from cities and towns.

Ten Best Places to Retire in Florida


Orlando will always have a soft spot in many people’s hearts.

In Orlando, you obviously have all the major theme parks there. They have all know that, but it’s just like a very cool city but the vibe there is very modern, and it’s also very affordable.


Tampa is also a very cool place to live because, similarly to Orlando, they also have a lot of stuff. They have their own fair share of themes parts there as well, like Busch Gardens and some of the water parks, and that is so beautiful. Regardless of the theme parts, it’s also one of the affordable places in Florida to live.


Naples, Florida. Why is Naples? Well, because it definitely is a quiet town and it’s a lovely town. The city has fantastic restaurants and spot centers that attract retirees.


Miami Beach.it is the best place in Florida to live as a retiree. Miami Beach is a tiny town. Believe it or not, it’s only about seven miles long. They have plenty of great restaurants in South Beach parks everywhere. The views and sceneries are beautiful. Miami Beach has a boardwalk out here that goes along the beach, and pretty soon, it’s going to stretch all the way from North Beach to South Beach so you can literally walk or ride all the way from North Beach to South Beach.


Coral Gables has a lovely place to live, and they have some of the coolest and affordable houses there too. They also have the famous Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, a very iconic spot down here in South Florida.


Sarasota is a city with a high and retiree population, but now they have young families moving to the area, and it’s kind of juicing the neighborhood up a little bit and making things more modern. it’s making it a great place to move if you’re just starting a family or want to have a good job and still live in a very affordable Florida area.


Palm Beach is one of the wealthiest parts of Florida. Palm Beach has an adorable stores and restaurants to visit frequently, and just being there gives a banging good time as a retiree.


Inglewood enjoys an average of 257 sunny days year-round. Residents in Inglewood enjoy temperatures that go as high as the 90s in summer and as low as the lower 50s and winter.


Six timber pines is an area in western-Central Florida with a population of just under 6000.

They have sporting areas available for residents, including golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, and water recreation. Since timber pine is a gated community. Citizens are aware that there is a constant security system aimed at keeping them safe, and hence, it is a great city for retirees.

Seven Sanibel Island stainable is an island on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Sanibel Island has many wildlife refuges, including the J ending darling National Wildlife Refuge, which is the column Seen a place to see many different Floridian animals.


Jacksonville is a perfect retirement location for seniors who want to continue living the bustling big city lifestyle. It is the most widely populated city in Florida, with over 800,000 residents. Jacksonville city is home to the second-largest Jazz Festival and country that runs annually in April. Weather in Jacksonville remains mild in the winter, so residents do not have to worry about temperature extremes. Their community has several opportunities for volunteer works. When it comes to transportation, Jacksonville is accessible in terms of traffic since there are public transport and an airport in the city. This is one of the major reasons why it has remained one of the best retirement communities in Florida for a decade now.


Nine Boca Raton is a city with almost 90,000 people in southeastern Florida. Boca Raton is known for its sandy beaches and yearlong warm weather that grabs a significant appeal for lovers. The city is especially attractive to all retirees. Besides, it is one of the Jewish communities nationwide and one of the best retirement communities in Florida.

11 Travel Hacks You Need to Know Before You Go

The only thing that is nice about travelling is reaching its destination. Other than that, every other thing that comes before it is a nuisance. Whether it is the process of packing or sitting next to strangers or going through the TSA’s security checks, where you are required to take everything off that is remotely metal related. But with a few simple hacks, travelling can become fun again. 123 write my essay prepared eleven such hacks that would make your travelling experience better than before.

1. Clear your browser history before booking the tickets

The travel sites monitor the visit of their customers to their websites. They usually increase the price of the tickets if they realize that you are interested in the ticket or are planning on buying the ticket. Therefore, the best solution is to clear up your browser history, cache and even the cookies to cheat the system. Due to this, you will be saved from buying expensive tickets.

2. Book the window and aisle seats

Try to book the window and aisle seats if you are travelling with a family member or a friend. Due to this hack, you will be able to get the entire row if no one books the middle seat. But if someone does book the middle seat, you can always request them to exchange their seat with yours, so that you can sit with you, family member or friend.

3. Take a picture of the car

You must take a picture of your car before leaving your car in the long-stay car park. The reason behind this is to avoid any confusion about the location of your car after you come back from the holiday. You should also take a picture of something nearby your car as identification so that it is easier for you to find out your car when you come back from your travel.

4. Keep your essentials in carry-on luggage

You must keep your essentials in the carry-on luggage to avoid any kind of problem if your main suitcase goes missing. You should keep important things like spare underwear, toiletries, socks, a pair of jeans and a few T-shirts in the carry-on luggage.

5. Do not fold your clothes

Instead of folding your clothes and spending hours doing it, you should rather roll your clothes. This is easier as compared to folding the clothes, and it also takes less space.

6. Fill up your shoes

One of the biggest problems faced during the packing process is not having enough space. Therefore, putting your undergarments in the shoes can solve this problem. You can also put your socks in the shoes too.

7. Put a Fragile sticker on your suitcase

Another hack is to paste the fragile sticker on your suitcase. This would keep your suitcase safe, as the airline staff would handle your suitcase with care. They might also keep it on the top of the pile, and hopefully, it would be among the first ones to come out at the arrival belt.

8. Put a colourful tag on your suitcase

Sometimes another suitcase exactly like yours comes out on the arrivals belt. The best solution to avoid any confusion at that point is to put a colourful tag on your suitcase so that you can identify it when it comes on the arrival belt from far away.

9. Use your pill container for valuable items

Put your earring and other jewellery in the pill container. This would also make it easy to find your jewellery when you open your suitcase after a long flight. This would also avoid the jewellery to get mixed with the other clothing items in the suitcase.

10. Put your money in sun cream bottle

To keep your money safe from the thieves, either carry it with you or put them in an empty sun cream bottle. You can also keep some cash in your empty lip balm.

11. Put a smile on a homeless person’s face

Do not irritate the shop keepers by paying for something in 1 cent coins, rather do a good deed and give the spare change to a homeless person.

Must-See Places to Visit in Brisbane

Make the most of your trip to the Queensland capital with all the best Brisbane attractions.

Streets Beach

Australia’s only man-made beach is right in the middle of Brisbane, combining all the fun of the sea with the excitement of the city. The beach may be man-made but it is no less wonderful. The sand is soft and white, and the water is cool and blue. Right next to the beach you’ll find the Boat Pool and Aquativity—an interactive water play park for kids. If you’re keen to enjoy Australian beaches without leaving the city, Streets Beach is one of the Brisbane attractions you’ll want to visit.

The Brisbane Powerhouse

If you’re looking for arts and cultural attractions in Brisbane, the Powerhouse is a must-visit establishment. The building was once a power station, which is where the Powerhouse gets its name. Inside though, you’ll only find electric performances. The Powerhouse has several entertainment spaces that play host to comedy shows, markets, cabaret performances, live music, and more.

Museum of Brisbane

Whether you’re travelling with children, adults, or by yourself, a trip to the museum is a great afternoon activity. If you’re interested in experiencing art, culture, and history, the Museum of Brisbane is ready to engage you. There are several exhibitions on at any one time, and each stays in the museum for a limited time only, meaning there is always a new experience on offer for visitors. There’s plenty to take in and learn from the museum and always something new to see.

Brisbane Nightlife

Like any city, one of the big Brisbane attractions is its nightlife. Whether you’re the type to enjoy a fine meal with a glass of wine, the type to sit down and enjoy a cocktail or two, or the type to party the night away, you’ll find something fun to do on your evenings in Brisbane as well.

Mount Coot-Tha

A mountain and a suburb of Brisbane, Mount Coot-Tha overlooks and gives views of the city. On the mountain, you can find the Mt. Coot-Tha forest, where there are hiking and walking tracks, mountain bike trails, and some horse-riding trails. If you’re the type who enjoys getting out and getting active, you won’t want to skip a trip to this Brisbane attraction.

Wheel of Brisbane

Sometimes you need to get a little higher up to take in a city. In Brisbane, you can do this by jumping on the city’s Ferris wheel, the Wheel of Brisbane. The wheel itself is one of Brisbane’s best attractions, but from the top, you can see across the Brisbane River and take in the city to spy the next must-see attraction you want to visit.

Plan out your trip to Brisbane and visit all your must-see attractions.

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Real Estate Marketing Techniques That Work In 2020

As a real estate agent, you constantly need to look for ways to grow your business with marketing ploys that to grab potential customers’ attention.

A study done by the NAEA Propertymarket, the UK’s leading professional body for estate agents, found that more than 75% of property buyers buy through a real estate agency. These results confirm that there is a big market for real estate agencies in 2020. But the dilemma is how to get these prospects to your agency, and not that of the competition.

In this post, we look at some of the best marketing methods and real estate advertising methods to use.

Build a Great Business Website

The world is becoming more digitalised every day, and customers are researching and buying all kinds of things digitally. So you should not be sticking with conventional selling methods.

It is necessary to be successful that every business type needs an online presence because most of the target markets are spending time on Internet platforms. It is estimated that as many as 80% of customers search online before making a purchasing decision.

Building a website for your property business is the first move towards creating an online presence to contact prospective clients.

Write Blog Posts

You can add a blog to your site with SEO optimised posts. This is a cheap way to increase your online presence. When SEO is done correctly, it will help you get visitors to your content who are genuinely interested in your products.

Using keywords and key phrases correctly makes it easy for your target audience to find you online. SEO tools like AHREFs and Google Analytics will help you find relevant keywords for your content.

Use Email Marketing

Through your website and social media, you can build an email list, and send monthly newsletters to your subscribers offering your latest properties and services.

This is one of the best property marketing methods, as it is practically free, and enables you to engage with your readers personally.

Collaborate With Local Businesses

Partnering with local shops and other businesses will help promote your properties and get your target audience to engage with you. You can also ask your business partners to display notices for your upcoming open house events.

Use Drone Photography

Property images taken from the sky provide some amazing shots. Drone photography is the latest strategy savvy real estate agents use to give a different perspective to potential buyers. So use drone photos and video to add a thrill factor to your ads and social media posts.

Make Videos

Video is a powerful vehicle for all types of marketing objectives, and these days it does not cost a lot. Whether you are creating high-quality videos to showcase your properties or explainer videos for your services, video footage can be the additional push you need to stand out above the rest.

Host Webinars

You can create awareness among potential clients by hosting an online webinar to educate people about what’s currently available in the market, and its investment potential. During the webinar, discuss various topics on the real estate market in your area.

Try Local Tours

Inviting your prospects to tour the local area and show them the positive side of the town, will help them decide that a property in the region is just what they are looking for.

Run Paid Ads

Running a PPC Google campaign, or paid Facebook Ads will generate visitors to your site immediately. Advertising on social media will also help with social networking.

Also, you can run paid ad campaigns to boost your social media presence.

In your ads, use the most stunning pictures of your property portfolio to capture attention.

The good thing about social media marketing is you can customise your ads to your target audience. Therefore, your ad will only reach the relevant audience.


When marketing your real estate agency, your primary goal should be to create a perception that the homes on your books can provide a great lifestyle. Building that perception requires efficient marketing tactics.

Brexit Effects on Buying a Spanish Property

Before, purchasing a property in Spain was a straightforward seamless process for UK citizens. However, since the Brexit referendum, things have changed. It’s therefore essential that buyers assess the impact of this referendum before buying as the process can be more complicated.

Brexit and International Property

The Association of International Property Association (AIPP) predicts a huge impact on the international property sector following Brexit. It is why they want certainty that British owner’s rights of a foreign property will be considered and included during Brexit negotiations. Without this, purchasing a house in Spain will be a painful investment. That said let’s look at how Brexit will affect buying of properties for UK nationals.

Will Brexit Hinder One from Buying a Second House in Spain?

Although in the short term, changes in currency due to Brexit have made it hard for buyers to afford to buy a house in popular locations. As a result, purchasing second-holiday homes seems difficult compared to buying retirement homes. Studies found that currency volatility impact sales negatively.

Before the global financial crisis in 2008, the exchange rate of pound-euro was profitable. A UK pound at times could be as high as 1.56 euros. However, as of May 1st, 2020, it trades at 1.15 euros. There have been significant fluctuations for exchange rates of GBP-EUR after Brexit, but now, the Covid-19 pandemic is worsening things.

Many individuals thinking of buying a property in Spain might be put off with the low currency exchange rates. But, non-EU nationals like Americans and Scandinavians can continue buying property as they have always done without any problems even during low exchange rates.

Brexit Influence on the Overall International Real Estate Cost

Since there are some limitations of movement, it can cause some restrictions or visa requirements. But, because British citizens with property on Spain contribute to this country’s economy, they will not be denied entry visas to visit their houses.

Will More UK Citizens Emigrate Due to Brexit?

Well, recent research says that there has been an increase in online searches on the number of UK nationals who want to migrate to countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand following Brexit. While often the reasons for migrating are personal, the fact that Britain is out of the EU will encourage some people to move to different countries. However, this will be mostly an incentive for those who had been thinking about moving anyway.

Brexit Impact on Passports, Visas, Currency, and Migration

Brexit will likely cause many and significant political changes considering that the UK opted for a system of immigration points like that in Australia. There will be limited movements between UK and EU from January 2021. Additionally, while it is still not clear on how Britain’s immigration point system will work, it’ll likely result in an exit from the single market.

Note that, the UK and EU had a scheme that gave British nationals the freedom to live, start businesses or study in any European country they have migrated to. However, Brexit does not include freedom of movement which means things could also change for British citizens in terms of social security benefits, accessing health care, and working rights. As a result, it also reduces the number of Brits who want to work or buy a property abroad.

How Will Brexit Impact International Property Owners

Well, it’s not exactly clear how this referendum will affect those who own international properties. However, it would be impractical to limit cash flow from British expats. Think about it. Over 1.2 million British expats are living in France, Spain, and Ireland. And more than 1 million UK residents own a property in the EU and visit regularly for holidays. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wise to limit these over 2.2 million people from spending their cash in EU countries.

Brexit Influence on Exchange Rates

We’ve already said that the low exchange rates have already negatively affected some perceptions about buying a property abroad or migrating to these countries. But, according to a recent survey, there has been an increased demand for currency exchange services since Brexit. This demand is mostly from British businesses who want to balance market shifts and protect their investments by controlling their currency risk.

Final Thoughts

Well, as we have earlier said Brexit will have a huge impact on buying or living abroad for UK nationals. It is therefore wise that you weigh out the effects before making any decision. Also, experts urge buyers to work with a real estate agent, an attorney, and financial experts when buying a Spanish property.

5 Questions a Travel or Rota Nanny Should Consider

Being a Travel Nanny or working as a Rota Nanny certainly has its perks. Indeed, becoming a travel or rota nanny is a coveted profession thanks to the opportunities and financial rewards that come with it. Nannies for high net worth families may be invited to 5 star beach locations, or to go sailing on a 50-metre superyacht. Generally, the most professional nannies are hired through a Nanny Agency who ensures they have undergone proper background and reference checks and check that they are able to deliver the best service to families.

However, as much as this job promises a lot of excitement and can be financially rewarding, it is also important to put certain things in place. Before you agree to travel with a family as their nanny, there are certain questions you should ask, and we will share five of them with you in this article.

1. How do the Family Spend Time with the Children?

Every family is different, and how one family brings up their children could be different from another. It is important that you know how the parents spend time with their children, as it could help you to work more effectively. What kind of activities do they do with their children? How do they communicate as a family with each other? And most importantly, how do the parents manage the misbehavior of their children? Try and get a general understanding of family life and see how you would fit into it as their nanny.

2. Who is in Charge When Everyone is Together?

The duties of a rota nanny are slightly different from that of a typical nanny. During a family vacation, everyone is present and no one is at work. This is why you should be clear on when you are expected to be with the kids or when you should step aside. Try and define your schedule clearly.

3. What Exactly are my Roles?

The roles of a travel nanny differ with each family, so you may have to ask the parents directly what they expect of you. While some families would see their nannies as a part of their family, some others would rather the nanny stays professional. Some families may request that nannies wear a uniform. Make sure your duties and responsibilities are clearly defined, even if it involves getting a detailed schedule and routine for each day.

4. Will there be Extra Responsibilities?

As a travel nanny, you will likely be faced with unexpected situations, regardless of what is written in your working agreement. While this is to be expected, it’s always best to still ask the parents if they might require you to take some extra responsibilities at some point. Flexibility is key from both parties in this type of role and you should be ready for anything!

5. Will I Have Any Free Time?

While this is a family vacation and you are expected to focus on the children, you may also want to take some time out for yourself. Don’t assume that you will be given the luxury of free time if you didn’t discuss it in advance. Ask the family if you will have free time for yourself, whether it is a few hours per day or a day off during the week. If you are working as a rota nanny, you should always try to agree on a set shift pattern. 2 weeks working followed by 2 weeks off is a very popular working schedule for rota nannies in HNW families.


Always ask questions if you are unsure, and be ready for anything. Don’t let things catch you by surprise. These are vital questions every travel nanny should ask to keep them on course.

Tips on Getting Beautiful, And Fast

Beauty as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, but let’s be honest, most of us really don’t subscribe to that and whilst it is most definitely important that you feel beautiful no matter what you look like, there are always some ways in which we can boost that beauty. Nobody is saying that you have to follow what society says about looking great, but simply for you, there are some easy tips which you can employ that will enhance the way that you look, and most importantly the way that you feel.

If you are looking for a beauty boost then here are some top tips on how to do just, with speed.


Have you ever heard of a love spell? A spell which can help bring your ex partner back to you? Well if so then you may not have realised that these spells can also be used to increase your beauty. If this is something that you would consider then head to this website to find out more https://magickalspot.com/beauty-spells/, if you want quick results then there really is no better option than to conjure up an enchanting and beauty packed spell.


Believe it or not one of the easiest ways to increase your beauty at high speed is to ensure that you are drinking as much water as is recommended, in doing this you will be able to properly hydrate your skin which will ensure that you glow with all of the beauty which you have. As if this wasn’t enough, when you drink the right amount of water you can also significantly increase the strength and the overall appearance of your hair and nails. This of course only adds to that beautiful and glossy veneer which you will be able to show off to the world. The recommended water intake for females is 3 litres, and 4 litres for men.


Much like hydration your body is also going to need plenty of rest and that is why ensuring that you get enough high quality sleep is absolutely essential. When we sleep it is our body’s time to rest and recover and to rebuild broken cells. The result of getting a great night’s sleep is no saggy eyes and a complexion which you will be proud to show off to the world, easy peasy.

Make Up Course

If you wear make-up then you should always entertain the possibility that there is a better way in which you can do it for your particular facial complexion. For example you may find that contouring brings out the best shape of your face and ultimately will mean that more heads turn when you walk down the street. There are make up tutorials which you can follow online, alternatively you can head to a department store where they have in-store classes which will help you find the right style and tone for your make up.

There are lots of options to get pretty quick, and if you really want to look great, why not do all at once?

Top Tips for Building Your Luxury Dream Home in Spain

While buying an already built home is a more straightforward option, building your own home has many advantages, mainly that you can design every aspect of the home from scratch leading to a finished project that has every room exactly as you want it.

It is also a popular choice for those who prefer to be away from the hustle and bustle of summer resort life. The basics of building your own home are you buy a parcela, which is Spanish for a plot of land, and hire an architect who will create plans to your specifications. Another option is to go with a standard design supplied by a builder.

However, it must be said the taking the route of building a home on the Costa Blanca is not a path for the timid. Spanish red tape and the often-bizarre business dealings can make building a home from scratch a nightmare. But having said that, there are many outstanding builders on the Costa Blanca who will build a uniquely designed house on your plot or will provide a plot and build a property selected from a choice of standard designs. Here, real estate and construction company Valuvillas, based in Javea on the North Costa Blanca offers an insight as to what to look into if you are considering designing your own perfect villa in Spain.


When you are looking at a specific area, it is important to look into plans for infrastructure for the area, with both national and regional government departments. In certain parts of the Costa Blanca, roads and railways need upgrading, and there may be projects to do so underway. This could lead to a quiet rural plot ending up next to a main road or even an autopista.

When buying a plot, it is important to take the same precautions as if you were buying a property. Make sure it is approved for a building permit (if it is classed as a finca urbana it will most likely be approved for construction, but always check with the town hall first).

Make sure the plot is large enough for the type of property you want to build, as some areas require that there be a certain number of metres between the property wall and the perimeter of the plot. The minimum size plot for building varies from area to area, so again check with the townhall to make sure the plot size is correct relating to the property size you have in mind.

Spanish building regulations

It is normal to assume you can build a similar type of property as that on a neighbouring plot. However, this is not always the case as your plot may be subject to different regulations, or the regulations could have changed since your neighbour’s home was built. Also, consider that some plots are just not suitable for building on; it could be that they are too steep, or they would need ridiculously expensive foundations or retaining walls.

It is wise to talk with an architect before buying anything. A professional can inform you if the plot you are considering is fit for construction, and estimate the costs related to foundations and retaining walls.

Furthermore, it is also prudent to pay for a land survey which although is fairly expensive (expect to pay anywhere from €1800-€4200) but a survey will verify the boundaries and rights to water usage. It will also confirm that there are not any limitations with regards to electricity lines, water pipes, or public right of way that could affect your building plans.


If they only access to a property is a non-tarred dirt track, be very aware that on the Costa Blanca rainfall can be torrential – particularly in winter. In just a few hours, tracks can change from accessible pathways into treacherous mud banks, with huge cracks or could even be washed away entirely, meaning the only way to get to your house is by foot or on two wheels.


Before you sign anything concerning buying a plot, particularly if you are looking at rural areas, it really is advisable to hire a professional such as a lawyer who will carefully look into the regulations and conditions that may affect the land.

Do not believe everything the landowner or even an estate agent tells you, because they will be keen to sell the plot and declare that getting planning permission is straightforward when in fact the opposite is true.

Being the new owner of a plot of land that you cannot build on is no fun, and a very expensive mistake, so ask your lawyer to get written confirmation from the town hall that corresponds to your land stating the land can be built on and is approved for road access.

Guaranteeing a building licence in Spain

Before you buy a plot of land you intend to build on, you need to make sure that the purchase contract depends on being granted the necessary licencia de obras (building license). You can check with the local property registry and confirm for yourself that planning permission has been granted. Do not leave this task with the builder, because if the planning information is incorrect in any way, it could lead to you being responsible for improving the nearby infrastructure, or the property could even be demolished. Also, be aware that planning permission can take some time to be granted.

You will find building firms on the Costa Blanca offering packages that include a plot and the cost of constructing a property. This may not turn out to be such a good deal as it originally looks, so shop around and find out how much it would cost to buy a plot separately and then hire a builder. If you do opt for a package construction deal, make sure you get separate contracts for the building and for the purchase of the land, and before signing the building contract obtain the title deeds. If building on an existing urbanisation, make sure the urbanization is approved as there are still some on the cost of Blanca that are illegal.


The cost of a plot depends largely on the area and also if it is level. You can expect to pay between €50 and €400 m². As a rule of the thumb, the cost of the land usually equates around 50% of the cost of building the home, but having said this is still possible to buy a plot and build a better and larger property at a lower cost than that of a second-hand resale property. And remember when you design your own home you can make sure the materials and the labour you are top-quality.

As a ballpark figure, expect to pay around €700-€1500 per square meter depending on the quality of the materials and the area you choose. It is always a good idea to add around 10 to 15% to your original estimated costs, as frequently building your own home turns out to be more expensive than initially expected.


If you would ideally like a swimming pool or garage, it is a good idea to build it at the same time as the house if possible, because if built separately the applicable IVA is 16% compared to 7% when built together.

Finding a Costa Blanca architect & builder

When looking for professionals to help you obtain your dream home it is advisable to get suggestions from local people whose opinion you can trust. Note, that estate agents or other professionals are not always to be relied upon, as they may earn a commission. You can obtain useful information from expats who have lived long-term in an area that you particularly like.

Many Spanish architects on the Costa Blanca speak English and you will find architects from other EU countries such as Holland and Germany working in resort areas. Architects’ payments are typically assessed as a percentage of the total cost of the build, normally between 5 and 10 per cent, which unfortunately does not inspire them to reduce costs. In Spain, however, there are no longer compulsory minimum fees for architects, so it is worth trying to reach a deal.

A good architect will know of dependable builders, but also do your own enquiries, considering the reputation and financial status of the builder. Be careful of an architect who comes with his ‘own’ builder (or vice versa, a constructor with his own architect), as it is up to the architect to make sure the constructor carries out the job according to plan, so you don’t want them to be too friendly.

Before hiring anyone, always check out other houses the builder has worked on, if possible, ask the owners if they had any issues. Building standards in Spain differ significantly and you should not presume the lowest offer you get is the best value. Your best protection when constructing a property is the character of the builder and his financial resources.

It is important a builder provides a ‘termination’ guarantee which is supported by a bank or insurance company to protect you if he goes bust before completing the work, This must be stipulated in the contract.

If you want a home built precisely to your requirements, you must expect to supervise every step or employ a professional to do it for you, otherwise it has highly likely your directions won’t be exactly followed.

Around 70 per cent of an architect’s fees are due when building commences, and the balance payable upon completion when all applicable certificates have been issued by the town hall.


Before signing any contracts, you need to get several written quotes from a number of building companies. Make sure the contract includes insulation against heat and cold and also protection against dampness. The contract should include a comprehensive description of the quality of materials to be used referring to your architect’s plans, the precise location of where the building will be developed within the plot, and the building and payment schedules which should be done in stages. It ideally should also include a penalty in the event of late completion, a retention of 5 to 10% of building costs to guarantee against faults, and details of how any disagreements will be resolved. However, it could be difficult for the builder to accept a late completion penalty clause as construction work is very rarely finished on time.

As the owner, you will be liable for a tax on the construction installation and work, which is imposed on any work which requires a municipal license. This ranges from 2 to 4% of the total cost and you will probably be asked to pay it when the local authorities deliver the building permit.

Before you accept an estimate have it checked by a building consultant to make sure it is a fair quote. The quote should include 7% IVA. Make sure if the estimate is simply an estimate or a fixed price because costs can rise considerably during building work. It is especially important you get a lawyer to check the contract, as typically building contracts are prejudiced to favour the builder with very few rights for the client.


Under Spanish law, a builder is required to guarantee the property against structural problems for 10 years, known is Spanish as the Seguro Decenal. This increases to 15 years if the constructor failed to conform to any specific clauses in the contract. The architect will also be responsible for up to 10 years for flaws due to inadequate supervision, incorrect instructions, or issues due to weak foundations such as subsidence.

Be aware that if you do encounter any problems, you will require a lot of patience and persistence before they will be resolved. When the building is completed, make sure it is checked by a structural surveyor for any faults and that a report is made which determines who is responsible.

Serviced Apartments: The Ideal Accommodation Choice for Digital Nomads

The life of a digital nomad can be a very exciting one. If you’re lucky enough to have work that you can do from anywhere, whether you run your own business, operate as a freelancer or work remotely for a company, travelling the world as you go makes a lot of sense. You don’t need to worry about booking holidays as you can take your work with you, and making money as you go means there’s no need to be concerned about running out of cash.

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But when it comes to choosing accommodation, every option tends to have both benefits and downfalls. Hotel rooms are often quieter for getting work done, but if you’re travelling solo, they can get quite boring, and pricey too. On the other hand, hostels are a great choice since they’re cheap and social, but on the downside, it’s easy to get distracted and difficult to find somewhere suitable to work. Serviced apartments are an ideal choice for digital nomads and working travellers for a whole host of reasons, including:

They’re Cost-Effective

You can book a stay in a serviced apartment for around the same price as an average hotel room. Dream Apartments, featured here in Love Belfast, start at just £40 per night, which is a bargain when you think about everything that’s included. It’s more than a hostel for sure, but with a serviced apartment, you’ve got space and amenities to comfortably stay there as a group, so get together with some other digital nomads who are planning to travel to the same place, split the cost and suddenly it gets a whole lot cheaper – and you’ve got company.

You’ve Got Everything You Need

Staying in a hostel can be fun and entertaining, and there’s certainly no shortage of things to do in most hostels around the world, but you also tend to have very limited personal space. This can make them difficult to stay in long-term, so if you’ve decided to stick around in a certain destination for a longer amount of time, consider upgrading to an apartment. Here, you’ll have your own kitchen so you can prepare your favourite meals and save money on eating out. And, most apartments come with fast, reliable Wi-Fi which you definitely can’t do without. But you’ll also have all the comforts of staying at a hotel like daily cleaning and linen changes. Many serviced apartments also have 24-hour reception desks, on-site gyms, pools, spas, meeting rooms and everything else you’d expect.

They’re Widely Available

As serviced apartments become more popular, they are cropping up in destinations all over the world. Since they are so popular with business travellers, you can often find them in major cities, but there might also be options in quieter areas, depending on where you want to stay. One main benefit of serviced apartments is that they tend to be located in close proximity to local amenities and attractions, so if you want an afternoon of sightseeing after a hard morning at work, you won’t have far to travel.

If you’re enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle and working as you travel, a serviced apartment can be the perfect base.