5 Best Beach Wedding Destinations

Many couples dream of tying the knot in a beautiful location away from home. However, destination weddings can be extremely costly, which makes them nearly impossible to execute. It becomes especially challenging when you have a huge guest list.

The good news is that you can host a beach wedding to make your dream a reality. Beach weddings don’t break the bank, yet offer a unique venue and an opportunity to make incredible memories for a lifetime.

Nature does most of the jobs for you, free of cost. All couples look breathtakingly gorgeous when the ocean is their backdrop. Additionally, the beach offers the ultimate romantic atmosphere for saying your vows. Not to mention, you don’t need to pay expensive rent to book your wedding venue when you’re getting married on the shore.

If having a destination wedding at the beach sounds pleasing to you, you will need to pick a beach. Let’s look at your top options.

1. Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

Jamaica is an exquisitely beautiful island country famous for its gorgeous landscapes and tropical vibes. The island sees thousands of tourists yearly, while many couples pick Jamaica for private elopement. Other times, couples travel from across the globe to get married in one of the beautiful Montego Bay wedding venues.

The Seven Mile Beach is the longest Jamaican beach, most popularly known for its spectacular sunsets. The glistening waters and romantic luxury resorts make it a famous spot for beach destination weddings. However, Jamaica is a beautiful place where you can explore different all-inclusive destination wedding packages.

2. Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas

Located northwest of Eleuthera Island, Harbour Island has some of the most jaw-dropping views in the Atlantic. In the Bahamas, it is locally known as “Briland,” famous for its pink sand beaches. Tourists from across the globe travel to Briland to experience the beauty of the beaches firsthand. Not to mention, it is a popular resort destination- further attracting more visitors.

You’ll find the famed pink sand beaches on the east side of Harbour Island. These blushing beaches get their eye-widening hues from the foraminifera living in the waters. These are small creatures with pinkish-red coverings or shells.

A few things match the level of romance and soft vibes of exchanging rings on a beautiful, soft pink sand beach. Are you all about the quiet romantic atmosphere, pastel colours, and laidback vibe? If so, you shouldn’t think twice before finalizing Harbour Island’s Pink Sand Beach.

3. Makena Cove Beach, Hawaii

Hawaii is famous for its active volcanoes, pristine rainforests, and world-class beaches. Recently, it has become of the most happening hotspots for travellers. Thousands of tourists visit Hawaii throughout the year. It is filled with adventure and luxury, besides the beautiful natural landscapes and exotic Hawaiian cuisine.

Hawaii is an island country with eight islands. Oahu, Kauai, and Maui are the most famous Hawaiian islands. Maui is especially a fan-favourite among visitors for its laid-back vibe, while it’s relatively less crowded than other Hawaiian islands like the more touristy Oahu.

Given its ultra-soft golden sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters, Makena Cove Beach won’t disappoint as a wedding destination. It is a magnificent beach with a small, walled-in cove that gives it a dramatic visual effect.

4. Bavaro Beach, Dominican Republic

The Caribbean has some of the best beaches, making it the most popular region among beach lovers. Not to mention, many people choose from one of the Caribbean beaches to make their special day even more memorable.

If you’re looking for an affordable Caribbean beach for your destination wedding, Dominican Republic makes a great choice. Punta Cana’s Bavaro Beach is an incredible choice for those who dream of saying “I do” on a beautiful, white-sand beach. It is a budget-friendly option, especially during the off-season months from June through September. You can avail of cheap flights and book resorts and hotels at a much cheaper rate.

5. Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Although the Caribbean island is home to numerous beaches, Seven Mile Beach tops the list when a beach wedding is in question. It is a lengthy island stretch lined with Casuarina trees. The champagne-coloured land and turquoise sea make the perfect backdrop for incredible pictures.

While Grand Cayman makes an ideal destination to kick back and relax alone or with friends and family, that is not all. Its stunning coastline makes it a romantic destination wedding spot for couples planning to host a small, intimate wedding.

Bottom Line

Beach weddings continue to gain popularity, even today. The beaches mentioned above allow couples to sink their toes in the soft powdery sands as they tie the knot in front of the crystal clear waters. Also, they’re huge, offering plenty of space to accommodate guests.