3 Compelling Reasons To Choose Costa Rica For Your Next Vacation

Costa Rica has become an extremely popular tourist destination for people who love hiking in national parks. The country houses Cocos Island, a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site. The nation is also famous for those who love extreme adventures, like canyoning, rafting, zip-lining, and cave tubing. Aside from extreme sports, the country is also known for its relaxing beaches and interesting campsites. People would flock to the Osa Peninsula to experience recluse in secluded beaches and enjoy surf camp costa rica. Visitors also come to the country to be surrounded by lush rainforests and be one with nature.

If you are planning your next getaway to relax your mind from your usual grind, you may consider Costa Rica as your destination. Here are several reasons why you must visit the country as soon as possible.

Reason #1: To Experience The Happiest Place On Earth

Costa Rica is often included in the top ranks of the happiest places on Earth. According to reports, the tropical country topped the list of places in the Happy Planet Index. The report claimed that the country takes advantage of a privileged place as a middle-income country where the residents have enough spare time to spend with their loved ones. Since they belong to the middle-income economy, the citizens can still satisfy their everyday needs and have adequate access to health, education, and nutrition services from the government.

Because of these provisions, more Costa Ricans are happier and experience less stress and pressure. This happiness can rub off on any individual who plans to stay in the country for a few days.

Reason #2: To Frolic In The Beach 

Plenty of people dream of waking up to the sound of the waves from a nearby beach. Fortunately, it is very easy to find a luxurious surf camp costa rica to fulfill this dream.

You may find many places in the country where the lush rainforest and scenic beaches collide. Local resorts often provide comfortable and unforgettable accommodation options in these picturesque areas to let you enjoy your stay further. Some resorts even promise complete privacy and seclusion if you want to enjoy the beautiful beach without the crowd.

Reason #3: Enjoy Exotic Food 

It is very difficult not to fall in love with Costa Rican cuisine. One of the most popular dishes that you must try in the country is the Casado. It is a dish made with rice, plantains, black beans, salad, and tortilla with your choice of meat or fish. You must also never let the opportunity pass to try the gallo pinto, a simple and unassuming chicken and beans dish that you will never forget.

But when in Costa Rica, you must eat as many tropical fruits as possible. You will be spoiled with the sweetest pineapples and papaya during your stay in the country. Coconuts are also very popular in all areas of Costa Rica, so make sure that you take a drink or two of the sweet coconut water opened fresh from the tree by the locals.

Costa Rica is one of the best destinations to choose when looking for a good place to visit for your next getaway. The country has everything that you need for the most memorable vacation. So book the next flight available from your country to enjoy what Costa Ricans can offer for their visitors.