How People Choose New Places to Live

Where we choose to live can affect so many facets of our life.  Bigger cities have more commodities and job opportunities, while smaller towns can offer more affordable lifestyles and easier traffic.  Simultaneously, many people choose where to live based on where they can find like-minded people or even where they have a family.  There’s no one right place where everyone should live, and because of that, it can be a very personal decision to make.

Here’s the thought process many people go through when picking a place to live and how you can make that decision for yourself.

Consider The Financial Side

Money is the number one reason that people move.  Either they’re moving towards a new job or moving to live in a less financially straining area.  Look at what locations make sense for your career path, and consider if they’re areas you can see yourself.

A great example of this would be a musician moving to Minnesota or Tennessee to get studio time or a writer moving to Connecticut or Nevada, where writers are paid the best.  If you want to avoid paying too much in taxes, you could even consider a state that doesn’t charge personal income tax or doesn’t have a sales tax.

Do You Want To Have Kids or Further your Education?

Schools are another top reason people consider moving.  Do you think you’ll want to go back to school?  Do you have kids and are thinking about their education?  Researching which areas specialize in what you want from an educational system is a great reason to move.  Moving, for this reason, gives you the chance to have a goal and dream in mind that will make a living there worth it.

Where Do Those You Care About Live?

Some people never move away from their family, while others spend their lives wishing they could move further away.  Think about those you want in your daily life and if you’d be willing to move to where they are for that connection.  Although you should still keep your financial and other needs in mind for your move, it’s okay to move somewhere strictly because the people that you like are there.

What Scenery Makes You Feel The Best?

If you love open water and beautiful architecture, you should be looking at Vancouver homes for sale.  Likewise, if you’re into snowy mountains and beautiful plains, Calgary is the place to go.  Think heavily about what scenery makes you feel at home and what you’ll be excited to see every day when you live out your life.  Sometimes that can mean living a short distance to a beautiful beach or surrounded by beautiful plains and open land.  Consider what makes you happy and where you can go to find that.

How Long Do You Want To Live There

Sometimes the most straightforward answer is one many people don’t think about.  If you only had to stay somewhere for a couple of years, where would you want to go?  No move has to be permanent, and you don’t have to feel like any answer has to be your final answer.  The average person moves eleven times in their life, think about what place would be a great stepping stone to enjoy for now.