10 Ways We Can Keep the Beaches Clean

Whether you live nearby or are on vacation, the beach is a popular destination. From the lulling sound of the waves to the radiant sunshine to the chance of whale sightings San Diego, there is something about being by the ocean that everyone loves. A beach trip can turn unpleasant, however, when the shoreline is full of trash, most of which is plastic that doesn’t degrade. Here are 10 simple things you can do to help keep the beach clean and protect sea life.

1. Clean Up After Your Visit

Trash cans may not be conveniently close, but that’s no reason to leave garbage behind. Take the time to gather all trash, including pet waste, and ensure it gets inside the garbage can. If there is no bin nearby, take trash with you to throw away later.

2. Do More Than Eat and Drink

An easy way to reduce how much trash you produce at the beach is to make your visit more about doing something fun, like playing volleyball or going on a San Diego sailboat tour, than about eating and drinking.

3. Save Smoking for Later

Cigarette butts are a common and dangerous pollutant. Refrain from smoking at the beach, but if you must, properly dispose of the cigarette butt.

4. Pick Up Litter

Every time you go to the beach, commit to picking up litter before you leave. You can even make it a contest for your kids to see who can pick up the most.

5. Volunteer at a Beach Cleanup

Finding the motivation to clean can be easier when there are many others helping out. Participate in a local cleanup event to be around likeminded people who care.

6. Use Less Plastic

Most ocean pollution doesn’t happen from beach visitors. It’s the result of the overwhelming worldwide use of plastic products in general. Try to weed out the plastics in your life, such as single-use water bottles, disposable straws, and grocery bags. Buy reusable products and bulk items to reduce plastic packaging.

7. Recycle Whenever Possible

When you must use plastic, recycle whenever possible. Most businesses, restaurants, and parks have recycling bins. If not, take the stuff home to recycle or drop it off at a facility if there is no pickup in your community.

8. Buy Local

As you enjoy your beach trip, buy from local food and craft vendors. This not only supports small businesses in the community but also eliminates the need for packaging of shipped goods.

9. Get Involved

Want to make a bigger impact? Get involved in spreading the word:

  • Talk to businesses about offering sustainable options.
  • Share facts on social media to raise awareness.
  • Support bans and taxes on plastic products.
  • Donate to charities that preserve oceans.
  • Reach out to govenment representatives on conservation issues.

10. Grow Your Love for the Ocean

Some of these things can be hard to want to do, so learning more about the ocean ecosystem can increase your desire to save it. Watch videos, visit aquariums, or go snorkeling to discover more about sea life. Sign up today for a sailboat tour or whale watching for an educational yet entertaining experience.