6 Practical Ways to Help Prepare Your Kids for Big School Abroad

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Going to the big school can be a big adjustment for kids since preparatory schools and kindergartens are usually like a playground where they play with other kids. However, going to primary school abroad can be really big adjustment for them. It is important for parents to guide the kids to prepare them not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Also, make sure you don’t show to your kids that you are freaking out even though you truly are. Seeing you anxious can make them even more nervous. In this article, we will share some tips that will help you prepare your kids going to primary school.

  1. Explain to them the importance of education –first of all, you should have a heart to heart talk with your kid. You should explain that education is very important for the future. You should explain that going to grade school is another step to learning more things in life.
  2. Try to explain why you needed to move – it is important that you explain to your kids why you decided to move abroad. You should explain how you want your family to stay together so they need to study in a new school.
  3. Excite them with fun stories about school – after you discussed the importance of education, you should also excite them about the idea of school. You should explain to them that they will meet new friends, teachers and they will experience a lot more. It would be great to share some of your personal stories when you were in school. Kids love to hear these kinds of stories and this will make them look forward to experience the same thing.
  4. Bring them when touring school prospects – there are International schools in Singapore and other South East Asian countries that really encourages touring around the campus. This is good because choosing the best school for your kid requires thorough research. What you can do is you can visit schools on your own so you can ask all questions that you have and inspect thoroughly. Now, when you have shortlisted all potential schools, you can bring along your kid so they can also see the school and maybe prepare themselves mentally.
  5. Shop school supplies with them – another fun activity that will make kids excited is shopping for school supplies. They will surely love to choose their favourite cartoon character design for their bag, notebooks, pencil cases, erasers and others. Once they have their school supplies, they will feel excited about going to school, which is great.
  6. Pack delicious and healthy lunches for them – lastly, be sure to pack snacks and lunch for the kids. This is to ensure that they are eating healthy and clean foods. Also, you can give them treats like their favourite dessert or chocolates once in a while.

It is best if kids will enter primary school with positive attitude and thinking. This will make things a lot easier and fun for them. As parents, you want them to have the best education for a good future but of course you want your kids to enjoy too. Always make sure to ask them how they are so they know that you are interested to listen. This way, they will be more open to you about the things that happen to them outside the house or if they are getting along well with other kids especially in school.

How to Become a Travel Nurse


If you ever wanted to travel and stay in the healthcare industry at the same time, you should consider a career as a travel nurse. Depending on its nature, the length of each assignment may vary, but generally, it’s around the 13 weeks mark. If you are willing to put in the necessary work, even international travel might not be out of question in the long run. Now, the question is how to become a travel nurse? Let’s find out.

The Necessary Education

As is obvious, you will need the proper education and for that, you will have to become a registered nurse first by completing an accredited college nursing program after high school. In case you are already a registered nurse, it is recommended that you complete your RN to MSN as well. While even BSN is not always a requirement for working as a travel nurse, it will most definitely help during appointment if you have the higher qualifications on your resumé. In case you can’t leave your job as a nurse at the moment, you can complete your MSN online because the program is much more flexible and economic when done on the internet.

Obtain Experience

Experience is another necessity if you want to be a travel nurse and although the requirements may vary, check out the following general requirements that usually apply in case of most jobs.

  • You must have the experience of being a nurse at a registered institution for at least a year or preferably more
  • You may also need to have specialization in certain fieldslike critical care, emergency and trauma, cardiac nursing, etc.


Nursing licenses are necessary to practice in any location and in the US, a nurse practitioner’s license from one state isn’t valid in another. The good news is that you don’t need to apply for a license each time you change a state as a travel nurse if your home state is a part of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). If it isn’t though, your employer will likely have to take care of the temporary licenses necessary for you to practice in a particular US state.

Tax Home

Tax free stipends are a big incentive for working as a traveling nurse, but you need to first understand how that works. Consider the points below to take full advantage of what’s in place.

  • You will have to establish and maintain a “tax home” first
  • You will have to establish that your office or place of employment is sufficiently distant enough for you to stay there overnight
  • If you do not have a tax home established, your stipends will become taxable

Basically, these four are all that you need to concern yourself with in order to work as a traveling nurse. However, just like any other job that is a bit out of the ordinary, there are a lot of other details as well, which you will come to know with time. Nevertheless, as long as you have your degrees, experience and license, there’s little that can stop you from becoming a travel nurse.