Jack Elway – Famous Sporting Families


It seems only right that if you have a famous sporting mother or father, that some of the magic dust DNA will get passed on to you. Despite the fact that a sporting child may have the gifts which are required to make it in the world of sports, the pressure which is placed on their shoulders can often be too hard to bear. There are however some exceptions to this rule and today we are going to take a look at some of the most amazing sporting families to have ever graced sport.

The Elways

Think Denver Broncos and you immediately think of John Elway, one of the greatest QBs to ever play football and a man who dedicated his career and life to his beloved Broncos. Elway not only became a back-to-back Super Bowl winner, he would also go on to break almost every franchise trowing record that there was. After his career, Elway went on to become the general manager at the Broncos and once again lead them to Super Bowl success. Much of John’s inspiration would ave come from father Jack Elway who’s career in football came from a coaching position after a knee injury forced him out of the game. A college coach with an incredible record and a man responsible for the development of the European football league, with a father like that, it is no surprise that John Elway reached such dizzying heights.


The Bryants

The conversation as to whether Kobe, MJ, or Lebron is the best player to have ever graced a basketball court is one that will rumble on for decades. Kobe catapulted himself into stardom on the court thanks to his 5 Championship titles which he won as the talisman of the LA Lakers. Kobe is Mr Clutch and for at least 15 years he has been regarded as the best player in the world. Kobe’s influence no doubt came from his father Joe ‘Jellybean’ Bryant who lead a strong NBA career in the 70s for the Philadelphia 76ers. Bryant senior may not have earned the status that his son did but ether is no doubt that without Jellybean, young Kobe could never have achieved what he has in the sport.

The Hulls

You cannot talk about legends of hockey without mentioning the Hull family, a surname that will be synonymous with the sport for the rest of time. Father Bobby Hull was nicknamed the ‘Golden Jet’ and throughout his career the left winger won two league MVPs and collected the Hart Trophy on two occasions. such is the love for Hull senior, there is a statue of him outside the home of the Chicago Blackhawks. Son Brett somehow managed to live up to the legend of his father and in 2009 the young Hull was inducted into the Hall of Fame after boasting a career that was similar to his father’s and despite only winning 1 MVP compared to his dad’s 2, Hull junior would win the Stanley Cup twice, double the amount of times as his father.