Winter vacations: what to pack for your baby

Are you planning to take a vacation with your toddler or baby during the winter season? If the answer is yes, you need to be creative when selecting the baby’s essentials. The cold weather should not limit you from having a nice vacation with your baby. Therefore, the article will focus on some of the most important baby items you must have for your trip.

Most of these essentials for babies during the winter season can fit in a small pack, while others need a bigger bag. Not only will you use these essential traveling clothes during winter but also at home during cold weather. Therefore, you can make good use of the below tips to keep your baby warm at home and when travelling during winter.

Important items for winter vacation

Base layer

To ensure your baby is warm during the winter vacation, dress him or her in layers. The perfect base layer for your baby is wool since it is soft, warm and breathable. On top of your baby’s boys pyjamas, add a wool base layer to absorb any moisture.

Baby’s socks

A pair of warm socks is one of the essentials for babies in cold weather. It is recommended to pack wool socks to maximum warmth. You should add extra layers of extremities, especially when carrying your child outside your jacket.

Remember that your baby is not walking much, so no generation of enough body heat.

Jacket extender

One of the best ways to ensure your baby is warm during winter is installing a jacket extender on the baby carrier. A jacket extender allows you to wear the same favourite jacket when pregnant and on your baby carrier.

Jacket extenders are also good for fall days or chilly spring since they can block the wind using the softshell. The good thing about it is that it takes a small space and no need to carry another jacket.

Baby-wearing jacket

Jackets are not always compatible with jacket extenders. To enjoy the same benefits of winter babywearing while keeping your baby warm, you should buy a babywearing jacket. You can put your baby inside a babywearing jacket when on his boys pyjamas, and still maintain the warmth.

Stroller bunting bag

The best way to keep your baby warm when you replace babywearing with a stroller is to use a stroller footmuff. You can use a stroller bag in three different ways:

• Hiking backpack

• In a skating sledge

• In the stroller

Stroller bags come in larger sizes, enough to be the best toddlers’ winter gear. Just indoor clothes like boys pyjamas can be good on warmer days. However, you should use a weather shield and snowsuit for the stroller in extra cold weather.

In a nutshell

It is important to dress your baby in layers since it is the easiest way to dress your baby on your winter vacation and easy to make adjustment. Regardless of the method of carrying your baby, ensure you keep on checking and adjusting the layers based on too cold or too warm conditions.