How to Make Travel Videos for YouTube (And Grow Your Channel)

YouTube is a popular platform with a vast library of videos on different topics. The platform has opened many opportunities for creative people who wish to make a living from their passion. For instance, if you spend most of your time exploring new places on the globe, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could earn while you travel? YouTube is seeing a massive boost in travel videos. So, to ensure that your content gets maximum views, you must understand the nuances of creating videos for YouTube. This blog will show how you can make the best travel videos. 

Let’s begin with understanding why one should make travel videos.

Why make travel videos?

Why travel videos? You can have a travel blog instead, right? The fact is, videos, in general, have many more viewers and more engagement than a blog. Reading about a place isn’t as immersive as watching that place in a video. Videos allow you to engage with your viewer’s visual and auditory senses.

When people view travel content, they expect accuracy because they attempt to live through the traveler’s experience, making travel videos superior to a blog. A travel video gives viewers visual and auditory inputs and a taste of a place’s culture. It is an effortless way of getting familiar with the social customs, cuisine, casual fashion, architecture, and the overall environment. On the other hand, if you read about a place, there is a risk of missing tiny details or describing something inaccurately, which may disrupt readers’ “travel experience.” 

How to Make Travel Videos?

When creating videos for your YouTube channel, remember that you are a one-person show. You are the director, cameraman, producer, scriptwriter, and video editor. Here are some basic steps on how to make travel videos.

  1. Storytell: Everyone loves a good story. People tend to pay more attention to stories too! Ensure your video narrates a story. It could be a story of your entire trip too! This will guide you with the direction of the video too.
  2. Film the Video: Now that you have decided on a place, you can film the video. It is recommended to take scenic shots using a wide lens. You can even take drone shots. All of this will enhance the aesthetic of your video.
  3. Edit the Video: Editing is an integral part of the video. It neatly brings together the video. Ensure to use high-quality video editing tools. Buggy editing applications can make the editing experience worse and overall worse content.
  4. Upload and Promote: After the “create videos” step, all you need to do is upload it onto your YouTube channel for viewers to see! Promote these videos on other social media platforms for an extra boost.

Types of Traveling Videos

Every person who loves to travel knows there is much more to traveling than simply “traveling.” This is reflected on YouTube as well. There are many subparts under the traveling video categories. It allows you to create a variety of content while traveling to one particular place!

All of this can be a bit overwhelming. We’ll give you a few examples of the subparts under traveling videos you can make!

  • Travel Vlogs: These traditional travel vlogs touch upon every aspect of traveling in one video. They generally include brief details on housing, food, and sightseeing. Vlogs also bring you closer to your viewers. They see you unfiltered, and you share your treasured moments with them.
  • Travel Guide: Many people might be planning to travel to the places you go to. However, tourist spots, especially famous ones, have tourist traps! They rip gullible travelers off by overpricing them. But most travelers want the “local” experience. They want to have the street food and live like the locals for a few days. You can make videos with your expert knowledge on guiding them through the streets of the destination!
  • Niche Videos: There are specific experiences unique to particular cultures. Many people are interested in these one-of-a-kind experiences too! One could make videos like- “Best Neapolitan Pizza in Rome!” or “Best Places to find Geishas in Japan!”. You could even choose to stick with particular niches throughout your channel too! Many content creators create videos on street foods from different countries.

You might be a little uncomfortable while filming these videos in the beginning. However, as you continue creating videos, you will find your flow and understand which videos are best suited to your channel.


While the story planning of your videos is the essential part, you cannot neglect the technical part of your videos. Camera, mic, and editing quality enhance the overall content of your videos.

You don’t need to purchase any fancy equipment when you are starting. We all know they can burn holes into your budget. Invest in simple and durable camera equipment and slowly upgrade as your channel grows. Many people even film from their phone cameras! If your phone is good enough, we encourage you to do the same.

Once you have the raw footage, you can start editing. Video editing is notorious for being time-consuming and heavy. However, if you use the proper application, your workload can be cut in half while enhancing your video content. Here is a general guide of how your videos should be edited:

  1. Introduction (10-15 secs): This is your first impression of your viewers. You must engage them, or else you will lose their interest. Many people like to show snippets of the main content or even narrate a gist of the entire video.
  2. Brand Introduction (5 secs): A clip showing your brand name with an attractive animation makes your new viewers familiar with your channel. This clip will give them an idea of the aesthetic of your channel.
  3. Body of Video (5-10 mins): This part will hold the actual content of your video. Keep it light and fun since people generally want to watch stress-relieving videos.
  4. Call To Action (10 secs): This is your outro. Here you will encourage people to continue watching your videos. You can even remind them to like, comment, and share your video. It will allow viewers to engage with the video best.

Now simply post the video on YouTube and voíla! You are a video closer to growing your YouTube channel! Follow the given instructions above to enhance your travel YouTube channel today! So what are you waiting for? Go, grab your camera and start filming!