How much Does it Cost to Stay in London for a Month?

That is actually a very difficult question to answer specifically. There is a perception that London is an expensive city and it’s true. The most revered and accepted index (published annually by Global mobility company ECA International) puts London as the world’s Third Most Expensive City to Live in 2022.

Although the ECA Index looks at living rather than visiting, there is a direct correlation that makes them equal.

The issue in trying to provide a cost for a month’s stay in London (as in pretty much any major town or city), is that there are different types of accommodation, and many options for each, so the average cost could be wildly inaccurate. There is such a huge difference between the cheapest and the most expensive. You only have to visit a booking app or website to see just how wide the range can be. It’s not only the type of accommodation but the standard will also influence the price.

One of the key things to know about staying in London is that being close to a tube station adds a premium. Everyone wants to be near the Tube! There is often a good compromise to be found by staying outside of zone one or two for cheaper accommodation. If you’re staying in the city for a month, there are travelcards that will reduce the cost of travel so it’s usually a saving overall.

The types of accommodation in London are

  • Hostel
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Hotel
  • Short stay apartment
  • Air BnB

Taking a look at the most popular booking app, a search for a one-month stay in October in Central London reveals you could spend as little as £579 but this is for a bunk bed in a 12-berth dormitory room and shared facilities that do not include a kitchen. Moving up the scale, a double bedroom with a shared bathroom has a cost of £1,770. At the opposite end, a 30-night stay in a luxury king room at The Savoy comes in at £30,117.

Short Stay Apartment

The most cost-effective way to stay a month in the capital is in a short-stay apartment. It’s not only cheaper but there are benefits over both hotels and bed and breakfasts. A short-stay apartment is a true home away from home. You have all the freedom of your own place and can come and go as you please.

One of the main expenses other than accommodation costs is food. In your own apartment, you are able to self-cater exactly as you would at home as every apartment has a fully-equipped kitchen. This is significantly cheaper than if you stay in a bed and breakfast where only breakfast is provided. It also works out cheaper than a hotel on a half-board or full-board basis.

You may find that the savings and benefits are significant enough to enable you to choose an apartment in an inner zone or closer to where you desire to be. Search short stay apartments in London here for accommodation all over the city.